This I Promise You

Promise ring, is that what you call rings for couples these days? Hmmm… me likey. I was browsing for some promise rings for couples, probably looking for good ideas as well. A good friend of mine are planning to tie the knot like next year, so I’m helping her to check out good deals for their wedding. And I’m really loving the details on each rings I’m looking at right now. But the prices are quiet expensive. I guess, it’s not bad to just take a look and see what a jeweler can do to create a good design from it.

I guess promise ring are not just for couples. Can be for a daughter/mother relationship. Or sisters. Because I noticed that they can do dual birth stones for each designs. I love the ones below.

Duality Birthstone Ring Sterling SilverSterling Silver Love Script RingCorazon Birthstone Ring

Here are sterling silver that are good as well.

Sterling Silver & Gold-plated X & O CZ Ring1/3 CT TW Cubic Zirconia Heart RingSterling Silver CZ Eternity Three Ring Set

Sigh. It’s a nice feeling to get married.

Will You Marry Me?

Not for me, for a friend. Her fiancé arrived from Japan a few days ago and gave her a new engagement ring. I wonder if he looked over those dazzling designer engagement ring for her. I’m so happy for this couple. They will tie the knot by tomorrow. I will just wait for the wedding pictures to be posted on their Facebook account since our presence will not be possible. I made this layout for them by the way. And I’m glad that the bride to be loved it. It’s the only gift I can gave them aside from lots of best wishes.

LO49 - I Do

“I do…”

Will you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?
Will you love honour and keep him with you as long as you both shall live?

I made this layout for a friend who are about to exchange their vows by next month. Good thing I found a wedding kit for them.

LO49 - I Do

Isn’t it exciting to go back in the past and reminisce your wedding vows with your other half? I wish I could turn back those days when I married my soul mate. And I’m pretty sure that once the day finally for these two person to exchange their vows, the next layout that I’ll give them is for their upcoming baby. Weeee! Congratulations Isias and Bianca. Best wishes :)

My Ideal Sophisticated Wedding Gown

I couldn’t help myself to not talk about weddings with my husband. We got married in a civil court last 2007. Our families weren’t with us when we said our vows to each other. We were just with another friend of ours who got married the same day, and just 2 witnesses who were close friends of Hubby. So every time I attend a wedding celebration with my MIL and SILs, I couldn’t help myself to not cry whenever the girl meets her husband to be on the door of the hall way. I always say to Hubby that one of the most thing I like in an Arab Culture Wedding are the elegant gowns that the bride and guests are wearing. I wish I could share some photos with you but it’s not allowed to take photos during the celebration. Except the official video and photographer.

If I were to be the bride again, what would I wear? I would love to wear a simple off shoulder gown. I don’t want to show up my arms that much. A hair dress will be worn when the male guests who are not related to the bride comes in to congratulate the couple, so I might as well choose a lace or somewhat see through arm length gown. I don’t know. I can’t picture myself.  So I browsed some photos of my ideal Wedding gown.

I love this design most especially. I’m petite so I think a shoulder type like this will be fine. Right? Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown. Source.

 Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown

This is the 2nd one. I love the simplicity and the design of the lace over the shoulder. Empire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal Gown. Source.

Empire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal GownEmpire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal Gown

This is my 3rd choice. I’m not sure if I have the same “V” thing they call in this dress, LOL! They call it Empire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal Gown. Source.

Empire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal GownEmpire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal Gown

Now this is the last design I would pick. I’m not sure if this one will be good on me since I don’t have the that much in front to flaunt. LOL! A-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal Gown. Source.

A-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal GownA-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal Gown

The color will be Champagne since I don’t like to wear an all white or an ivory colored wedding gown – hahaha! As if it’s real. Sigh… in time, I’ll have my dream wedding. Insha Allah, by God’s will it’ll happen. Which one do you think will look good on me?

A Special Bouquet

A friend of ours will tie the knot tomorrow. But I will not be able to attend her special day since tomorrow we plan to bring baby J for her monthly check-up.

My friends will be there though to witness her walking down the aisle. I’m sure that they’ve already made special arrangements with all the wedding details. And that they’ve made something elegant just like what people from ProFlowers home page are doing with their flower arrangements.

This one caught my eye. A white Calla Lily. So elegant.

281/365–Old Ring

DAY 281

I was arranging my jewelry set (nah! All silver, no gold!) hahaha! Anyway, I saw this old wedding ring of ours. This was our first wedding ring and this one was mine. I’m planning to buy a paired one. Me and Hubby don’t have a particular wedding band actually. Men in Islam are not recommended to wear gold jewelries. Our wedding bands is a pair of gold and silver as a matter of fact, but since I don’t wear gold most of the times, I opted to wear a silver one like his – but it’s not a pair. Insha Allah, God willing, I can find a good deal soon.

Comment on JessicaIverson Maternity Wedding Dresses

imageTruly elegant! A perfect way to go down the aisle on the way.’s designs not just makes a bride beautiful, she will look stunningly blessed walking down the aisle with a gift on the way as well. Thanks for sharing us this review. A friend who’s on the way are planning to tie the knot soon with her baby bump showing off, I’m sure she’ll get a idea now on how to do her wedding gown now.

Wedding Prep

My sister in law will get married this September, Insha Allah God willing. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to come on her wedding day. Me and my husband need to check on our schedule by that time. This afternoon, she showed me some photos and idea for her wedding gown and make-up design as well. I’m pretty sure she’ll look dazzling whatever she wear.
This is one photo I showed her as an idea. Simple yet elegant. But she has some photos with good designs as well. Her motiff is light purple. Oh dear! Oh my! I can’t wait for her big day.

She’ll be changing her dress as well, so we gathered some arab dresses that she can get an ideas from. It’ll be a 4 hours party as per her. 2 hours is set for the women and the remaining 2 hours will be for the bride and groom.

We’ve already adviced her as well to take prenatal vitamins once she get pregnant. We’re hoping for her to be on the way before the end of this year. Julia will be so happy to have another playmate once we have our vacation to Syria by next year. Insha Allah, God willing.

Best Wishes

I recently made an wedding invites for our dear friends who recently got engaged and will get married by next month. Right now, I’m looking over some ideas for their wedding favors. I promised the bride that I will send her tips for her wedding. We will not be able to witness their vows by next month but I’m pretty sure that everything will run smoothly.

By November, my college friend will tie the knot as well. I missed 2 weddings for the past 2 years. Karen and Nat, tied the knot last 2008. I was in the Philippines that year but they got married on 08-08-08. We left for vacation 25th of July *sniff. Tina and Dinno on the other hand tied the knot also last July but apparently, last year was our turn to have our annual vacation in Lebanon which falls last October, so again, I wasn’t around for their special day. This year, I’m looking so forward to see them all for Ruby and his future husband’s wedding. I hope they make Julia as a flower girl, he-he!

Anyways, wedding here wedding there, wedding everywhere, it only means one thing… LOVE is all around.

A Pre-Wedding Celebration for Wael and Soumaya

DAY 142Congratulations to the future MR & MRS CHERIF-RAHIMA. We had fun dancing and fooling around their pre-wedding celebration. We left the party around 2 o’clock this morning. Since Julia was whining already since she was so sleepy. Got tired dancing around on the dance floor I guess.


I wish I could have a flickr Pro account so that I could’ve uploaded all the picture there. So for the meantime, I uploaded all photos over my FB account. All my friends tagged themselves up already. I got around 6 friend request as well from people I’m working with that haven’t got an idea that they all have an FB account, he-he!


Sweets from Opera Cafe – which I haven’t got the chance to taste. Ugh! I’m so bad with food. I took a photo of it but I was busy following our little one around that I forgot to eat. Tsk tsk!



I love this shot.

Reminds me of Madonna’s rendition of “Hang-Up”.

Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly

DAY 142(2)


Of course our little one will not be left behind. She was amazed with the confetti all around her. 



And here’s me and my treasures in life, my loving husband and our toddler Julia (who was looking as if she’ll eat up her dad, he-he!)

Thanks Leah for this shot.



And these are my dear friends. Mojo, Ezel and Jen.



And here are the couples, Wael and Souamaya.

Soumaya wore a Blue Lavander dress which is her favorite color. She’s so pretty in her gown and Wael at the same time looked so manly with his shining Black suit.DAY 142(1)DAY 142 – THE  365 DAYS PROJECT


This was just a pre-wedding celebration. Both will have their wedding in Syria by July during their vacation. We wish them both all the best.

W&S Wedding (Part 2)

imageJust came home from Wael and Soumaya’s wedding celebration.


All of us had fun on the dance floor. The food was great and the most important thing of all, was that the couple looked so happy together. I wasn’t able to take too much photos because a lot of them brought their own cameras so I’m sure they could get a copy for tonight. And I was running over my little one every once in a while since she herself wanted to dance the night away.


This was her first outfit. We went to visit a dear friend who just gave birth a week ago. The weather was so humid tonight, Julia was sweating hard. See her shoes? I bought it last night, with a 20% off the original price. Her first Mary Jane shoes. We’re telling her that she’s going to school and she would act that she will go out of the door, haha!


I ate too much tonight, so I need to check out those natural fat burner in town.


To the newly weds, CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES! Will upload the photos on my FB account by tomorrow. Need to get some rest for now.

W&S Wedding

One of Hubby’s closest friend is getting married today, and they asked me to make the invites for them. They’ll be sending this invites thru email. Last night, I made this layout for both of them in just 2 hours. I made it as a draft actually, but right after sending the outcome of their invitation. Soumaya’s favorite color is Purple, so I tried my best to find the simplest color I could find and she chose this background.



CREDITS: Oopsie Daisies, Bon Scrapatit! Papers and embellishments.


I still have a few hours to rest before the late party tonight. It’ll be a long night for us for sure. One of our managers offered to make the party at his villa. It’s going to be a pool party as well. I’ll be busy for a while, because I’m checking out a review on the best anti wrinkle cream treatment there is in the market. Aside from that, I need to do some house hold chores as well. Will be going to work again by Sunday so I need to hurry up tidying things up.