From Skype With Love

I received a good news on the email yesterday from Skype. I thought it was just a spam.

It says:

To our customers impacted by Typhoon Haiyan,


Following the devastation and loss of life brought about by Friday’s typhoon, our thoughts are with everyone affected.

At this time, we know that getting in touch with friends, family and colleagues is vitally important. To help you do this, we’re giving you a credit voucher that will allow you to make up to 60 minutes of calls, depending on where you call in the world. You can also use it to send text messages directly from Skype. This can be redeemed immediately.

Isn’t that so nice?! The overwhelming help from all around the world because of the recent typhoon in the Philippines is one of the many reasons why we should always be thankful and think positive about life.

I know I don’t talk much about current events here on my blog, but just for you to know, I’m aware of everything. It’s just that I feel like things are always not to be blogged about. I’d rather pray for it and talk about it personally with my husband for example, but yeah. I’m aware of everything. We don’t have TFC, but thank God for online browsing/live streaming. Hehehe! ;)

So anyway, I hope that help will find their ways to reach out fast. And we will continue to be strong Filipinos and stand up.

Tulong Na, Taban Na, Tayo Na!

My family are all safe Alhamdulillah. We are living in the city far from where the calamity struck, but my family felt the hit of Ondoy a few years ago. It left our town proper flooded.

Be safe everyone. Stay positive.


I missed seeing views like these. I had the chance to capture them by my phone. Don’t worry I was indoors when I took those shots. Of course I’m that afraid as well to hit by lightning by accident LOL!


Seeing these types of views are very rare in the Middle East. We’re expecting to experience more rainy days soon.

For the mean time, I’ll go ahead and check some english riding pants online.

Winter Is Here

Saying hello to a wonderful weather for the beginning of December. This was our weather for the 1st day of December. And we’re all ready for the cold breeze.

But believe it or not, that was the first and last rain we have so far. I’m wishing for a longer colder breeze because it’s December and it’s nice to feel the cold wind on your face. If we’re in Lebanon right now, I think we’ve already shopped for patagonia jackets men at for winter jackets because I’m sure we’ll be visiting the snow tops for possible skiing experience.

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Rainy Days Ahead

I’m always receiving notification from Artscow regarding promotions with coupon codes. I dream to have all my pictures printed with them but our internet is so slow even with uploading, so as much as I wanted to have them print out, I can’t for now. I’m hoping in the future I can do that in line with ordering a Photo book for my digiscrap layouts.

Rainy Days

Anyway, rainy seasons are here already. You can have your umbrellas customized as you like. Here’s a code for you to use if you want.


Don’t forget to sign up with Artscow as well and check out their services.