Changing Batteries

A friend posted this over Facebook and I cried in buckets. I hope you’ll have a spare time watching this short clip. In less than 6 minutes, I hope that it’ll reach your inner core and feel blessed to still have your parents with you.

I so miss my parents back home. And watching this video made me realized that I’m blessed to have them until now. I hope that they are proud of what I’ve become.

Bethenny’s Tips for the New year

Want some simple tips for New Year? Here’s one good advice from Bethenny when she guested at The Ellen Show a few weeks ago. And I’m doing her number 1 suggestion already: “Give Yourself A Break”. It’s nice to have a “Me-Time” every once in while. And I’m so thankful and blessed that my husband and my sister-in-law are pushing me to do this everyday. It’s nice to change in a good and positive way every once in a while. So before you check out best cigar magazine in town, watch this video first. You’ll never regret it.

And of course, I hope it helps you too.

this Made Me Cry!

You should watch this video. I saw it ate Kaje’s blog, and oh dear I was crying till the end. Watch it and see how these group of family and friends brainstorm on such awesome performance just to make this lucky girl say YES!

I love proposals. I love the feeling of excitement and be surprised. Being in-love is such a blessed feeling. Subhan’Allah! God is good!

For All OFW

Jhellai, a dear friend of mine way back college, will soon depart with her family. A new journey ahead for her, and soon she’ll be officially an OFW – just like me, a year ago. She shared me this video that made me cry and missed my family back home. There’s truly nothing more special on a Christmas day, but to be with our family. Watch it, and see for yourself.

I really love how Coca-Cola Philippines made this one. The best! And Jhellai, thanks for sharing this video. Good luck on your adventure. Will be praying for you Kambal. You very well know I’m just a chat away.

Grow Old With You


I saw these over a blogger who recently visited my blog and left me a message on my dashboard. I suddenly felt home sick listening to this song. I remembered a dear friend who changed my life, who was there to lend a helping hand, who was there to support me with my ups and downs, who was there and changed my points of views in life, who guided me for being independent, who was still there to give advice even if it’s a crazy one.

You know who you are. And if you’re reading this – I miss you Bei. Thank you for everything. We’ll see you soon. Birthday gift ko ha!

Waka Waka!



LSS for this Waka Waka song performed by Shakira. Even Julia is in the mood as well to say Waka Waka but for her it’s Baka Baka, he-he! I enjoyed seeing the Kickoff show for the FIFA World Cup 2010 last night. I had goose bumps when they performed Waka Waka. What a great crowd South Africa has. I’m betting for Spain or Argentina to win the cup. Let’s all hope for a fare game.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.


My daughter’s acting up lately. And I noticed that most of the time she wants to spend more time watching TV rather than playing by herself alone. Cartoons basically is one of her favorite. At her age, going 2 is a rough stage for me to handle.


Have you seen "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel”? Well, we just did. Hubby insist of renting a DVD for it since we’ve seen the first part of this animated movie. Advantage? It made our little one focus for at least 2 hours during the entire movie. This second part is much exciting than the first one since there’s a rivalry between the girl chipmunks vs the boys. Hehe!


I remember during the first Alvin and the Chipmunks in Betamax during 90’s. I was still in my elementary days when I first saw the boys. During that time, they were not into singing. They were in a challenge to collect stuff toy that looks like them ending up as bait because inside it, there’s I think gold or something else which I cannot recall anymore. I love that movie. I watched it for more than 10x. Haha! That’s how addicted I am with watching home movies.


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Look what I did making my own chipmunk. Wanna try it? Visit and munk yourself up with your kids. For sure they’ll have fun – just like I did.


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Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Can’t wait for it! This was originally shared by an online friend thru my tweeter account. I snubbed on it the first time because I first thought that it was one of those fan made trailer, but then after the first 10 seconds of the trailer, that’s the time I realized that “OH. MY. GAWD. IT’S. REALLY. EDWARD. AND. BELLA!”. 3 months more to go, and you’ll sure see me again in the movie line up.

Jabba What?

It’s Jabbawockeez


Hmmm… it took me like 5 minutes to perfectly pronounce this group’s name.




Never heard of them – just now.


My friend of mine uploaded – overload, of photos of them over her Facebook account and a lot of people are so in to this dance group. I know that I’m not the last person who have heard about them but not to my surprise, after seeing a couple of their moves, WOW! That’s all I can say.


They are like a replica of the winners of last years’ British Got Talent contestants, The Diversity. Not really a replica but the same ideas of dance steps. Though Diversity’s ideas is less on the break dance or street movements. My eyes went gaga over this group. It was one of Susan Boyle’s contenders for last season. It’s great competition, that I can say it’s really fair that they won for this season. Even Simon was fascinated with their final act. Whoah!


Saddest Commercial

Sharing you one of the saddest ads I’ve seen in my entire life. It made me cry too much that after seeing this, I hugged and kiss my husband and baby Julia. A little creepy but who knows when our lives will end. Sigh! Tinalo ang ads ng Jollibee and McDonalds pagdating sa family.



Saw this link in one of my friends in Facebook, then I reposted it on my wall. I received 14 comments and a lot of violent reactions (good ones actually, not that bad naman) because it’s really touching. Sigh!

Laughter is the Best Medicine

She is our strength, our hope and our joy. She’s our treasure – she’s the reason why I’m waking up so blessed in this world.

Here’s a simple glimpse of how “kikay” our Bb Julia is. LOL with Hubby. Sorry for the mess though, we were about to sleep when she started doing this laughing trip. As you can see around us, lots of her toys. Hehe!

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

The title says it all.

I swear when I watched this for the first, I cried. Mom was still here when Hubby showed this to me. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the famous SUSAN BOYLE, a 47 years old from Scotland. She joined Britain’s Got Talent and showed them off that really she does have a talent.

So what can you say about that?

Won Ho Chung

I just imagine how Julia will look like when she grows up speaking the home language of her father – Arabic.

Watch the video below and for sure you’ll laugh out loud – just like me. He’s so funny! Even though he made fun of Filipinos – no doubt, I’m a witness that some of us really do have that “P & F Defeciency” grammar problem, hehe!

I really recommend watching these clips – just for fun. Can’t wait for Julia to grow up and then I will imagine myself listening to her talking in Arabic and will not be able to understand a SINGLE WORD that she’ll say, hehe! Insha Allah by God’s will, by that time I can speak and relay to Arabic language already, sigh!