Memories in London

It was Friday when the world stood still to witness the marriage of the Prince and the Commoner. I woke up just in time when my friends over Twitter started to do their updates on what’s on the screen. I wanted to watch online but the site was blocked. I was about to loose hope. Lucky me! I asked Hubby to check the if BBC World is having it live, and tada! It was.

William and Harry just arrived in the Westminster Abbey when we started watching. Then memories all came back to me and my husband because of our trip last year to London. I couldn’t believe that their way was exactly the same way we journeyed by walk when Kate (my friend not the Duchess of Cambridge) and her boyfriend Jun toured us on our last day in London. But for us, we started off our journey that day from the London Bridge, London Eye, then went back to Westminster Abbey, a walk through the House of Guards, then a long stroll at the St. James Park and finally the Buckingham Palace.

Royal wedding: The route on the day

And here are some pictures to share. Let’s start with from the Westminster Abbey going to the Palace instead.

Here’s the front of the Westminster Abbey. The Royal Wedding entrance was at the other side.

Westminster Abbey 2010

And here’s the Horse Guard Parade. This was where they entered from the road of the Buckingham Palace.

Horse Guard Parade 2010
Horse Guard Parade 2010

Then a long walk in the St. James Park – just along the street where the parade passed by in the wedding.

St. James Park 2010

And finally, here I was approaching the Buckingham Palace. A dream come true for me and my husband.

Buckingham Palace 2010

Buckingham Palace 2010

And leaving you by the seal of the Royal Family.  London was lovely indeed! Very lovely!

Buckingham Palace 2010

Scrapping Mojo

Mojo visited me last week. The internet was down for a day. I can’t think of anything to do aside from playing Ranch Rush 2. I’m in the last stage (I think) and it’s giving me a headache to complete the task. I failed twice already. Ugh!

I decided to organize instead my EHD albums. I came across my digital scrapbooking freebies. So I decided to scrap. Below are my layouts for the start of this year 2011. Credits are over my flickr account.

LO25 - Say Cheese
LO26 - Big Ben

It took me a while to think if I need to scrap something about our London visit. But so far, the above one is the first. Photobook for UK visit? Hmmm… we’ll see about that.

Skipping Diet

These is one of the food we ate in London. It was the first meal I tasted UK made. It’s called Wagamama Noodle Soup. The soup was delicious. But halfway the meal, I wasn’t able to fish the meal. I felt full sipping the soup. It’s a mixed meal of shrimp, chicken, and lots of vegetables.

Hubby had a good time eating as well. He said that he’ll be looking for the best fat-burner in town for sure after this trip. I myself needed to gain weight on the other hand.