The Love Month

Hello there lovers! It’s the love month. Oh and yes, it’s been a while. I’m really sorry for not updating. I’ve been busy this past few days. Catching up with the store’s new released and did a wedding invite for a friend as well. Will post about it once she confirms that it’s a go.

So anyway, here’s Snoppy’s tweet to inspire us all for this love month.

I hope you all ready for your dates on Vday. Hmmm… I don’t know what my husband is up to this year. Last year we had some visa issues so he went to Oman for change visa and we had to postponed our Vdays date because he flew out February 16 and came back the next day. Then me and the girls had to do the same thing too. So after a few days, we left as well. So Valentines day was not as sweet as we thought it will be. Never the less, we’re still thankful and blessed.

Are you ready for Valentines?

SAve The Date 9.13.2012

Are you ready fellow Gleeks? Save the date! It’s official. It’ll be on air less than a month. I can’t wait to see Finchel on the screen once again. I’ve been following Ryan Murphy over Twitter as well to check every now and then for some Tweet leaks for this Season 4. His account is @MrRPMurphy over Twitter. He also tweets news about the much awaited horror series that me and my husband are addicted too. I’m talking about the American Horror Story. OMG! As you all know, Adam Levine will be on it. Can’t wait! It’ll be a good month to end the 2nd quarter of this year.

Waaaaahhh!!! @aggietha @adacharmed are u ready? Gleek out. Hooot!

Gift Giving

Are you all done with your shopping list for the upcoming exchange gifts with your office mates, friends or families? Well for me and my Twitter friends, we’ve organized a yearly online exchange gifts. This will be my 2nd year to join in. I’m not really sure if my gift will arrive before the deadline, because I just recently updated my shipping address. I was confused between shipping it to SIL’s place (Dubai) or back home (Philippines). But since we’re still stuck up in here, might as well be safe than never – I have it shipped back home. My mom will have it shipped to me I guess. So, if you guys are looking for some good Friends and Family deals, shop now. You don’t want to be in a cramming mode.

Avoid Toxic People

Dear Jhari,

Are there people in your life that aren’t making you a better person?  Avoid toxic people.  Love them, yes, but don’t spend too much time with them.  Life is short!

Be wise,

P.S. Jhari, I’ve provided wonderful people around you to be your friends, teachers, and inspiration.  Look for them.

Yup, I’m following orders. That’s why I stick up with my friends over the blog and Twitter. I haven’t seen them personally (except for Maileen), but I know them by heart. And they don’t treat me like a stranger at all. They are my true friends online to whom I can share with my ups and downs in life. Aside from barkada back home, these are the people which I don’t ever want to avoid in the future. Besides, it’s not right to avoid people who prays for you, who sends you happy thoughts and positive vibes, who encourages you, who inspires you and admire you for your strength. These are people worth sticking with until the end. I just wish that I will have the chance to meet with them. If that happens, I assure you that I will be speechless. I really am a shy type you know – yeah right! ;) THANK YOU BEBOTS FOR EVERYTHING!

Twitter Pregnancies

Earlier this year, I found out that 3 of my Twitter friends are due the same month when I was still pregnant with Julie. Then came 2nd quarter of this year when 2 of them announces that they are on the way. Maileen for her 2nd baby, and Trinity for her 1st baby. And then yesterday, another one is blessed for the second time, my favorite digital scrapper Diane. We’re all so happy for her and we all pray for a safe pregnancy. There’s one more person we’re all waiting to be blessed, hopefully this year these lovely couple will be blessed soon. Always whispering a prayer for her. It’s ironic how we evolved in Twitter. Twitter babies, coming up. Hooray! :D

A Birthday Gift

A friend of ours over Twitter announces the big news to us yesterday. Her son just turned 3 recently. And it’s her birthday as well yesterday. Now she’s pregnant again. She and some friends just arrived from a quick get away from Boracay, and we’re so happy to hear the good news from her aside from their safe trip back home. Congratulations dear Maileen! Another Twitter baby for this year.

Flickr Pro, Yahoo!

I’m dying to upload photos over Flickr. But the broad band’s speed is killing me over here. I wanted to upload Julia’s 2nd birthday celebration and as well our trip for the past few weeks. I haven’t uploaded photos in London as well. There are quite some photos already over my Facebook account but there are some videos too that I wish to back up as well.

Thanks to my Mommy Santa for making my Flickr a Pro. Because of her gift, now it’s my chance to back up my photos as well. I wish though that our internet is that fast enough right now to have it backed up right now. I guess I have to wait for that.

Thank you Mommy Santa for making this big dream possible. Happy Christmas to you. Can’t wait for the Twitter Exchange gift revelation.

Twitter Exchange Gifts 2010

I’m so excited for this one. It’s my first online exchange gifts with people who has been close to me over Twitter. These people are mommies and mommies to be that inspires me almost everyday. Some are there to give an advice, and some are there to just quietly listen to your random twits (or shall I say, random rant mode hehe!). These people are the best online friends I’ve ever had. Most of them (well not all), had been my online friend since 2002. Blogging friends. These people are the reason why I’m earning something through blogging. These are my Angels.

I’m really looking forward to meet some of them during our upcoming vacation to Philippines. I can’t wait to see them all and hear their voices for real. And now, I have the chance to be a part of the biggest online exchange gifts – thanks to ate Glo for coordinating this.

And for my Mommy Santa, I’m sorry I only provided you 2 choices. I really couldn’t think of anything else right now.

And for my baby, well – all the lists you wrote are all noted and saved already.

Got to go for now, need to review something about fetal doppler.