Twilight Deleted Scenes

Just want to share some deleted scenes that someone shared from FB.

Oh yes! The kissing scene!

Can’t wait to see New Moon by November 2009.

Reading Twilight

Yes, finally! and No it’s not mine. Just want to share with you dear Twilighters that Mojo lend me her Twilight book last week. Since I’m at work for 4 days, I only get to read Bella and Edward’s story every days off. So now, I’m on page 25 – Chapter 2 “Open Book”.

I’m on the 100th on the list of people who requested for reservation at Virgin Megastore, so for now I borrowed Mojo’s.


Record to beat is Mojo who have read the book for only 3 days. Single with nothing to think so it’s good that she finishes it for a short time lang. ate Mims, finished it in 3 days as well. Pero si Ceejhay ang tagal! Hahaha! What more pa kaya ako?

A Date with the Cullens

When you can live forever, what do you live for?

Finally Finally and another Finally!

We reserved sits for Twilight last 28th of December at 630pm. Umpisa pa lang, super excited na ako. Hubby was not that excited at all since he doesn’t have any single idea on what the movie was all about. Mohammad and lovers Wael and Soumaya joined us. Good thing Hubby’s boyfriends were around, coz at least I know that just in case he gets bored with the movie, there’s someone beside him that he can talk to, hehehe! Naninigurado =)

My ratings? 10 STARS! Love the script, love the rainy effects of the place. Everything’s just fit into the story and of course, I love and so much adore Bella and Edward. Like what a critic said “The most epic romance since Titanic…” – very well said. So so so love the movie. Nakaka-inlove sa wala and yes, sobrang sarap ulit ulitin. Umpisa pa lang ng movie, na-iinlove na ako.

So love the scene where Edward invites Bella to eat lunch with his family and then Bella asked “What if they don’t like me?” and then Edward replied “You’ll be surrounded with Vampires and you’re thinking if they will like you?” – something to that effect, hehehe! Basta parang ganun yung sinabi nya… I can still upto now Edwards breath este the kilabot moments.

Another part that I love was when the 3 bad vampires (parang bata yung term, hehehe!) start to summon the Cullens when they were playing baseball. Shocks! Super protective ng family ni Edward just to save Bella. Omg to the max! Hay naku nagiging OA na ako ha! But really, in reality super sarap ng feeling diba na your FIL are willing to fight for your safety?

What else I will not forget? Umm… ah the time where Bella got so frustrated when Edward advised her to move to another place with her Mom – the hospital bed scene, then Bella started to be so OA by saying “No… No… No…” – and here I am again, another OMG! “Where else shall I go?” sweet reply by Edward.

28122008(001)Hay naku! Naduduling na ko sa wala. When I got home, was able to chat with OL Sis Shey and she referred me to sites where I can purchased OL the Twilight Saga with hardbound cover. Unfortunately, the sites are not allowed shipped it here in Qatar since if I’m not mistaken – I was just told by this, that Amazon or eBay don’t shipped products unless the PO is American company or whatever lalo na pag Middle East. So, I guess I have to contact a friend of mine who can get the goods for me. Gastos ito, pero what to do? Once in a lifetime experience ito, and just in case – these 4 books will be my 1st book collection and I’m planning to collect the DVD of these once it’s available.

Pang HS ang dating, pero what the heck – I love the story! I look stupid in the photo noh? Pinag titinginan nga ako when I asked Hubby to take a picture of me eh, hehe! Keber! Kanya-kanyang addiction ‘to! Like what Edward said “…my type of heroine”

“Next Attraction: TWILIGHT”

Finally! Been waiting for this for a long time. I thought it will not be shown here in Qatar. Yesterday, we went to City Center Mall here in Doha to find something to buy from MANGO store since we heard that they are on sale upto 40%. Was able to buy another bag from a selling price of $27 down to $16. Another bad habit of mine, I have 2 of the same model now but different color. The one that I have before was black and now I bought violet – hahaha!mngbag

Anyways, we found out that Twilight will be shown by next week. Weew! So it’s a date! The problem now is who will look over Bb Julia while I go out with my girlfriends? Hahaha! I’ll cross the road when I get there, for the meantime I’ll keep this booklet with me as a souvenir for one to the most anticipated movie of the year.

Never been so excited like this since Lord of the Rings – Return of the King.


twilight2Edward & Bella, I’ll see you soon! Naks! Close kami noh?