Highlights of 2012

WARNING: Photo overload hehehe!

So here we go. Before I totally forget. Just to summarize the year of 2012.


It was our first family photo to be complete after what happened last 2011. I can’t believe that we’re finally here in UAE and looking forward to start our new life. This was the month that we first see the beauty of Burj Al Khalifa (that still give me jitters up until now whenever I see it in person).

Day 7/366 - Dubai Mall to meet up with friends and to see this amazing building Burj Al Khalifa.01.01.12 - US at Sahara Mall. Our first family photo for this year. Alhamdulillah!


Had the opportunity to finalized or visa. In return, we had to exit UAE and stayed overnight in a hotel in Muscat Oman. Hubby went first and within that week, me and my kids flew to Oman. My MIL arrived as well to stay for a short visit.
It was this month that we experienced life in Dubai through riding the means of transportation: Bus and Metro.

Our flight going to Muscat Oman. Feb28/12MIL's first time in Dubai Aquarium and to see the beauty of Burj Al Khalifa.Our first ride over Dubai Metro w MIL.Nahuli sa parade ng National Day ng UAE ✌✌✌


Everything was back to normal. Hubby started to look for a job while I on the other hand are still coping up with our new life.
Yazan celebrated his 6th birthday too. It was a month of roaming around because MIL was here and then she had to leave and go back to Rabegh that time too.

At Dubai Festival City. Alhamdulillah! To God be the glory.❤Julie & Julia❤Goofing around during their cousin's birthday.


Opportunities come and go. We still don’t have work and we’re still looking for chances as well. But we know that Allah’s with us. We may not have what we’ve always wanted to have, but we’re still blessed that we are complete and we’re together through thick and thin. Met with my cousin and they showed us more of Dubai’s finest places. Burj Al Arab was very beautiful.

While waiting for Papa, me and the kids stroll down along Jumeirah Beach Residence. Nagutom lang ako pano puro restaurants. Mag lu-lunch pa naman. After strolling for 30mins, Julie and Julia's face were so pink. Even when walking under the shades, ang iniTGIF w my cousins at Souq Madinat Jumeirah. First time to see Burj Al Arab.Ansaveh ng Rayban?


It’s my SIL birthday month. We treat her in Applebee’s Dubai and she loved their steaks. But I wasn’t impressed with their service though. Nothing can compare the hospitality of Applebee’s Qatar. Having a SIL like ate Rana is one of the best gift I’ve received from God. My family-in-law are the best and I’m one lucky WIFE indeed. Masha’Allah.

Taken last Friday: (L) Hubby, Yazan, SIL and her husband + their "Still-thinking-what-to-order" faces.Celebrating SIL's birthday. Her Cake topped with the free Syrian flag. We love you ate Rana!!! @ranaowainy5.25.2012 • Julie & Julia • ApplebeesSIL and I


Our dearest Julie turned 1. Hubby’s cousin celebrated her birthday as well for this month. Went out to Zaabeel Park with cousins and Hubby was preparing to leave to Jeddah this month as well. It was a heartbreaking month because we will not be with him for a month.

Julie's Cake

I miss you Sweety! Come home soon.Taken during the last week of June. We visited Hubby and SIL's cousin for a surprise birthday cake. photo snag from SIL @ranaowainyFinally went boat riding at the corniche. Our first boat ride experience was in Doha Corniche last April 20, 2007 (Our first day as husband and wife) Now after 5 years, here we are with our two lovely treasures.TGIF with cousin Cyrille. Naipit ko ata si Lilypot


Hubby left to Jeddah to find work. While his brother, Ahmad arrived and stayed for a week since he’s going to Riyadh to finally Alhamdulillah start working there. Hubby went to make Omrah in Mecca that month as well. Hubby arrived at the end of the month too. You can see the last photo my girls giving him a welcome kiss. They sure miss their dad. Oh by the way, this was the month that ScrapMatters accepted my application as a Guest CT for their store for the month of December. It was a such a happy/sad/exciting month I believe.

All his bags are packed and ready to go...✈ Hubby's leaving again tomorrow. He's off to Jeddah to make Omrah in Macca and to also try his luck to search for a job. He'll be welcomed by my parents-in-law. Kagabi pa ako nagiiiyakBIL is here! We missed him. Sayang hindi sila nagkaabot ni Abed.He's in Mecca now. Alhamdulillah!Sensya na, masaya lang ako talaga. Hehehe!!! Kahit na mali username ko dito ok lang. Basta may JHARI pwede na sa akinBIL's tour at Dubai Mall. First time to see the Waterfall Atrium as well. Gondo lang!And Papa's home


It’s my mom’s birthday month. And Hubby got his gall bladder removed as well. He was confined in the hospital for 3 days for that procedure. Alhamdulillah he’s all fine up until now. Harry died on me the previous month and he was revived after being taken to another local store. Thank God! And August was a month of getting ready for Eid. A job opportunity knocked on my door. I thought that was it. Until now I’m still hoping that they’ll give me a callback. But I guess, it’s not okay to let your hopes up too much.

Mommy and DaddyThank you for praying with us.WB Harry!"I promise... Do you?"C is for Cookie. Stocking up for the Eid.


It’s Yara’s turn to celebrate her birthday. She turned 9 that month. The call that I was waiting for came in that month again. 2nd interview. It’s summer time so we went to Bab Al Shams and a swimming at Dreamland.

Waited for 3hrs and this was my view this afternoon. Sumakit ang fwet ko hahahah!⌚One Monday night at Bab Al Shams.After 2yrs, nakapag swimming rin. Hindi ko na uulitin. Ayoko na mangitim. Huhuhu!!! Yup, that's one of our ways to cover up. Exclusive Muslim Swim wear but there's one i want na Speedo ang tatak. Para may protection talaga sa sun. Hanap kami ni SIL next t


Hubby’s birthday month. Hoorah! He turned 32 last year and Alhamdulillah he’s with us and praying for more years to come. We spent the day along the beach with SIL’s family. Thankful for another year. We brought Julia to her 2nd dental Check-up too for this month. Went up to Green Mubazzarah a well. Picnic with Hubby’s family. And lastly, this month was a hectic month for our dearest Lily. She was nebulized for the first time. Wawa baby. Suffered due to cold and cough.

We're here. Alhamdulillah.2nd Dental Check-upMy ex-boyfriend cc: @abedoweiniMorning kisses from Julie and Julia for dearest Papa. Happy birthday Sweety @abedoweini. I hope you enjoyed your day with us from sunrise to sunset.Went this morning to the health center para pa-checkup si Lily. Nebulize ang bagsak. Ubo, sipon and teething stage nagsabay sabay kasi. Wawa naman sana ako nalang may sakit pag ganito. She cried too much that it hurts seeing her in pain.


The weather started to change this month. I started to arrange our clothes and pull out the winter ones. This was the month for the end of Twilight Saga. And hubby surprised me by buying a ticket for the first day showing here in UAE. I was really surprised and was shouting like crazy LOL! Our pretty Julia turned 4. Alhamdulillah. I couldn’t ask for anything more except for her to be safe and to grow up with full of respect to elders. We experienced our first dine in at the famous Golden Fork in Dubai. Hubby’s cousin and her husband took us there for a treat. Over all, November was  good month.

The celebrant with her birthday cake. Happy 4th birthday ate Julia!!!
A day at the park.Julie & Julia at Al Mamzar Bay. ❤ 11.26.2012Passed by the big tent on our way to the park this afternoon. So excited! Weeeee! It'll be my first time na makakita ng circus live!And there goes the end of Twilight Saga... Forever❤ 11.15.2012Golden Fork. Sarap ng Seafood soup nila. Grilled shrimp, the best! Treat from hubby's cousin.

Finally, December

National Day for UAE falls on the 2nd day of December. We experienced how patriotic Emirati all are. UAE flags are all over the place. And the Corniche was unbelievably crowded. The traffic enforcers had to close the whole street just for all families to be safe to cross back and forth. My birthday month. I was sick and it’s not a good sign at all. Got infected with the stomach flu. Me, my husband and my kids suffered with it for 2 1/2 days. Ugh! We had to move my birthday celebration on the 7th.  We dine in for the 2nd time in Applebee’s with and first time at Chilli’s. Thanks for the generous family of SIL. Oh yeah, this month ended with removing lice and nits. Yup, you heard it right. SIL’s kids got it and 2 of my kids obviously had it too. Good thing we were able to remove them all after 3 weeks of curing and shampooing everyday. Ugh! What a stressful month.

Oh yez! Traffic along Corniche. Saya ng National Day dito sa UAE. Ramdam mo hangang kahapon pa. Parang fiesta sa park dahil ang ingay and super dami ng tao. Families all group together for a picnic. Ang saya lang! Hehehe!Sick at 32Will be blowing my cake for my 32nd birthday. We call this, "dress up party". Kasi wala naman party. Hehehe!With cousin Hiba at Applebee's Dubai. [12.13.12]Untitled

That’s it. 2012 was a tough year for us all. Health, marriage, financial and relationship with each of us here in the house has been challenged a lot. But Alhamdulillah, things are great and Allah never put us down in times of need. We’re striving hard and we’re coping up as well. We can do this and we will not give up until we’re up on our own. We’re blessed and we’re thankful.

Advanced Birthday Gift

My forever sweet husband surprised me with these 2 movie tickets last Wednesday. I woke up and told him that the last part for the Twilight Saga will start showing here in UAE tomorrow. We can book online as to what time and where we can watch the movie. He didn’t react to what I said, but he said not to watch on weekends because it’ll be crowded. He suggested to watch it on Sunday – which is like 4 days after showing worldwide. And I was like “Huwat?!” – but of course, that’s just an initial reaction, because I will for sure agree with his decisions.

He left and said that he’ll buy something from the grocery. And he came back after an 30 minutes holding these two movie tickets.

Surprise! Hubby left this morning. Sabi nya may bibilhin lang daw. I told him last night na showing na BD2 sa cinemas. He said sa Sunday nalang daw kami manood kasi traffic pag weekends. Sabi ko, wala ng thrill (nag drama heheh!) Pagbalik nya, sabi nya "W

Yup. I was like “WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”. I was jumping up and down, up and down like crazy. I’m one lucky wife. I told him last month that I don’t need a grand gift for my birthday this coming December, instead I want to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with him. And here it is, he gave me birthday gift in advance.

Are you a Twilight fan? Have you seen the movie? It’s one of the best part for me.

It’s Renesmee!

I haven’t seen Part 1. Though we have a copy already. Hubby refused to watch it. He don’t like to be left wanting more LOL!!! Dapat magkasunod daw. Hence, we’ll wait for Part 2.

And I can’t hide how extremely excited I am seeing Renesmee in person. I was like “OH. MY. GAWD!”.

Missing Bella

I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn! Darn it! When will they start shooting the 4th book! Or did they start filming it? I’m missing Bella! So for now, I’m just browsing over the news and checking out their Twitter account for activities. Her dress at New York’s screening for Welcome the Rileys the other night was so gorgeous that the E-Online have to say that she’s hotter than ever. And of course, I so agree with that. I love her skin. I’m sure that she’s taking one of the top acne treatment since of course, being on the big screen and fighting with paparazzi is a real thing to look for everyday.

Well, I just need to blog about her today. Sigh… make me want to read Twilight Saga Books once again.

Be Safe

That’s what Edward Cullen (a fictional character in Twilight Saga) wrote in a book for her loved one, Isabella Swan. Oh my! I can’t wait for the third part to come out by next month.


Well the subject above is for a all the worker out there who uses work gloves  as one of the essential part of their day jobs. We were outside the city yesterday and I was really amazed because the city where we went to was like 90% populated by males. Well that’s because 100% of the occupants on that city are working as construction or a laborer here in Qatar. I salute them actually. They deserved a better compensation if I were to ask because they are all working hard and for me, they are being paid less than the usual. Anyway, I’ll talk about it in a latter time. For now, let’s all be safe and have a happy weekend everyone.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Can’t wait for it! This was originally shared by an online friend thru my tweeter account. I snubbed on it the first time because I first thought that it was one of those fan made trailer, but then after the first 10 seconds of the trailer, that’s the time I realized that “OH. MY. GAWD. IT’S. REALLY. EDWARD. AND. BELLA!”. 3 months more to go, and you’ll sure see me again in the movie line up.

Are You Ready?


Edward’s soft voice came from behind me. I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again.

This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine—like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us.




The countdown begins! I’m excited as always. Can’t wait to see how they will make the battle between the vigilant new born vampires VS Jacob Black’s wolf pack. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

Twilight Saga: New Moon

After a long wait, last week me, friend Mojo and shop-mate Adnan went out the Friday night to have a date with the Cullens. Sigh! It was worth the wait since it showed up a year after Twilight.

We’re happy because it was shown here earlier. I was expecting that it’ll be shown in the cinema first week of December just like Twilight, but I guess they changed their minds since it was officially stated that it will be shown 26th of November in UAE. I guess they don’t like to be left behind that’s why they showed it earlier. Good thinking.


Adnan and I arrived at the cinema past 7:30pm and we took a reservation for 11pm. While waiting for Mojo, we went roaming around for 2 hours. He was forced to treat me at Haggen Daaz, a delicious dessert waffle Ice cream was served. Hehe! Thanks Adnune for the advance birthday treat.

So what’s the feedback with the movie? Of course, if I were to rate from 10, I’ll give twice the stars. I’m so biased noh? Hehehe!

A year of waiting for it is worth it. I so love every scene! I can easilly relate to the story this time since I’ve read the book already unlike before, I was still asking questions about the story. On why and how and who. Because I read the book after seeing the movie. It made me think and asked too much from friends who knows a lot from it. But this time, all gears are ready to go. That I’m even telling my dates on how and why they have to that and those. Haha!

Can’t wait for Eclipse. Countdown starts now. June 2010, save the date fellow Twilighters.

This is me and Mojo + her caramel popcorn, hehe!

This is me and Adnune before the start of the movie. Peace to all daw, hehe!

Grand Slam Popcorn Taker

I’m so proud that our all time favorite Vampire movie won most of the awards for this year’s MTV Music Awards 2009. Here’s the link. They took 5 out of 12 awards. Totally not bad!


Best Movie Winner

Best Female Performance Winner

Breakthrough Performance Male Winner

Best Kiss Winner

Best Fight Winner

And here’s a shot where they launch the official New Moon Trailer. Saying this the Kristen way “It’s awesome!”

New Moon

It’s official! I’m so over excited for this! For sure, it will come out December 2009 here in Qatar. Even if, it’s worth the wait! What I just don’t like about this poster is that Jacob is in-between Bella and Edward. They made it too obvious that there will really be a love triangle in this story. I don’t like the first 4 or 6 chapters of the book – I think, coz “Fafa” Edward is not in the scene. Ugh! I hate Jacob for this, but I guess it’s part of the story. Who am I to judge the book anyway? Hehe!


Breaking Dawn

Well, I’m on last book as we speak. Breaking Dawn really did it this time! For the last 3 books, I’ve cried only once – Eclipse, the part where Edward left Bella and she was left alone in the forest, until of course Sam found her. But now, shucks! The first chapter where Bella narrated the story on how sweet (oh my!) Edward asked the permission of Bella’s father – Charlie, for marriage! My heart melted. My tears just chop down without me noticing. Good thing Hubby’s not around, or else he will totally cackle at me, hihi!

Second part was during the wedding. Of course all women cries whenever they see someone walking the aisle. I’ve never experienced such thing, reason why I was so emotional with that part. Bella saying her goodbyes to her parents and friends. Shucks! Edward kissing her for the first time – oh men! And lastly, so “kilig” when Edward, for the first time – called her “Mrs. Cullen” – ugh! Butterfly stomach to the maximum level!

Third was when Bella found out that she was pregnant. Again, I remember myself the time I found out that I was pregnant. Silly but it’s true. It scares the hell out of me. Afraid of course of the responsibility, but with Bella – once more it’s totally different of course. Who would ever think a vampire can still produce those things? No one! Haha!

Funny part of me reading this whole Twilight Saga happened last night. I was reading the part of Jacob’s. I got bored obviously. I’m not a Jacob fan! Haller! Anyhow, so when Jacob went to the Cullen’s place to kill them – first plan, I was like “What?!” and when Edward spoke to him about some deals, I was like again “What?!!”. So at once – I really can’t wait for the part, I texted a dear friend all the way down to Canada who have just finished reading the Twilight Saga and right away asked her what will happen next. Questions on my mind floating like denden-denden-denden-den (with a tune of Shark the movie soundtrack). I can’t wait to know what will happen next, and it was like killing me. I needed to know what will happen in order to cool myself. Well, so now I know the ending – kill joy? Of course I will still read the book up until the last page. No thrill? There will still be – for me. At least now, I will not freak out like what’s happening. It came to a point wherein I can’t stop reading until I found out what will happen next that’s why I texted her and waited for her reply.

Last night, I slept 4am – just because of chapter 8, hehe!

Now back to reading mode. Ciao!

My Twilight Saga

I’ve been dying to blog about my first ever collectibles. So proud to have it – though I only have the Soft bound, it’s much better rather than nothing. What matters is the story under the cover, right? A big thanks to my co-workers Joana and Ishlyn and Terette Pamski (all the way from Canada) for sending me a soft copy as well – PDF formats.

Last January 2009, Virgin Megastore called me up to inform me of the Book 4 which is Breaking Dawn. Well, I don’t have the Book 1 yet but I might as well buy it since I know they’ll call me up for it in the future anyway.

February 2009, they called me for Book 1 and 2 – Twilight and New Moon, at the same time. During this time, I’ve already finished with Twilight since Joana lend me hers for the mean time – Thanks Mojo!

March 2009, my Twilight Saga is complete. I just noticed now that I arranged it the way I had the book, hehe!Twilight Saga

Just a fact: it’s so hard to find a PLASTIC COVER for books here in the Middle East especially here in Qatar! All their book covers are not the same in the Philippines – you know the shiny one. Here it’s always adhesive. Guess where I was able to find plastic covers? Believe it or not, I was able to buy it from the Flower Shop! Yes, you read it right. Isn’t it that flowers are being wrapped with a plastic cellophane, well that’s what I used to cover the last 3 books of my Twilight Saga. I covered Breaking Dawn again – just to make all the same. This is what you called – as per Jacob “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, hehe!

I’m currently reading Eclipse now, but since I’m a full time Mommy to Bb Julia, I’m just reading 3 or 4 pages every morning on my way to work. So slow, hehe!

Recently, just before Mom left, Mohammed informed me that Virgin Megastore released their DVD Collection for Twilight with Disc 2 featuring deleted and never before scenes. This is really a must have on my list. So, Mohammed gave me this as a post birthday gift. Thanks Hamude!Twilight DVD

The DVD has Arabic subtitle – so Hubby was able to enjoy watching it for the 2nd time also.Twilight DVD

Here are some photos to share.  Bella & Edward

I’ve seen Twilight for 5 or 6 times already, and I don’t feel bored at all. Even Julia watched with me the last time I played it. I think she likes Bella too – hehe!Disc One Disc Two

My Vintage Ring

I’ve been waiting for these for exactly 1 month and 2 weeks. It arrived yesterday.

Will forever hold in my heart – my vintage gold tone filigree with faux turquoise ring I ordered for the first time at Etsy. I love the style and the unique curve of it. I’ve been keeping in touch with the seller since 1st week of March coz I thought it lost its way here to Qatar. The seller was patient enough to calm me down, hehe! A big thanks to Ms Kristi.vintage1

Just like an imitation of Bella’s cuff in Twilight. Shucks! Twilight fever strikes again!vintage2