SAve The Date 9.13.2012

Are you ready fellow Gleeks? Save the date! It’s official. It’ll be on air less than a month. I can’t wait to see Finchel on the screen once again. I’ve been following Ryan Murphy over Twitter as well to check every now and then for some Tweet leaks for this Season 4. His account is @MrRPMurphy over Twitter. He also tweets news about the much awaited horror series that me and my husband are addicted too. I’m talking about the American Horror Story. OMG! As you all know, Adam Levine will be on it. Can’t wait! It’ll be a good month to end the 2nd quarter of this year.

Waaaaahhh!!! @aggietha @adacharmed are u ready? Gleek out. Hooot!

80’s TV Series

Let us look back and reminisce the best TV series in the 80’s. Sharing you below my favorites.

One of my favorite medical series back in the 80’s is “Doogie Howswer, M.D.”. Who will forget the genius teenager who pass the board at the age of 14? I used to watch this series when I was still in Saudi. Love those medical computer cart that they use in the hospital.

Another one that I like is “MacGyver”. The secret agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness. This guy can do everything.

Lastly, is this romantic series set up in the 1900s. “Road to Avonlea” is a story about a young girl who was sent to live with relatives in Prince Edward Island. I’m looking forward for Gus and Felicity’s love story.

What’s your favorite TV series? Care to share?