Life’s Challenges

Sometimes I feel like life is so unfair.

People all around the world deserves to be happy. People who are helpless deserves to be treated well.

Workers with less salary but has tons of work loads deserves to be paid more.

People who are sitting in the managerial positions engaged with a big company deserves to attend a simple GMRC class in a pre-school class. Sigh… My life’s challenges are these types of people for unfortunately being encountered everyday of my career. Fickle, closed, negative, agnostic, freakish minded people. Ugh! God bless them all.

Okay ~ ranting mode OFF *insert a big grin here, he-he!

Monday Rant

Today is not a good day.




Warning: Ranting mode on.


Received a complain from a customer. Or shall I say, argued with a customer today. But then hey, who is she to call me “stupid” right? She’s not the one paying for my salary and second, she’s not putting food on my mouth. In short, she’s not my mother. She didn’t even bought her phone from us. I owe her nothing! She owe me big time though. I may not be able to fight back. But God knows how much I pity her having a mind of an arrogant. The bad thing that upset me most was that I wasn’t able to defend myself back in her language. Tsk tsk. I really need to learn how to speak their language. But the funny thing here was that she was surprised that I understood that word when she said it to one of my staff. What I told her back? “Excuse me… I’m not stupid… we can’t help you here… get out of my shop and go to other shop who can help you with your concern.” – yup! I kicked her out of my shop. She threatened to call the police. I asked her for what? For the reason that we can’t help her with unlocking her phone? Which is carrier locked from UK and we’re not allowed to unlocked phones because it’s illegal here. Who’s doing the wrong thing here, me or her? Huh! I dare her to call the police. She claimed her claimed “citizenship”. Well, excuse me. She has the title and passport, but not the language and her background personality. Right? This people who acquired a citizenship from other countries think that they belong to that country. I’m not saying all. I have friends who migrated from other countries and I’m so proud of them for still being who they are and still proud of where they came from. But this lady, is on hell of a gaga! Well, excuse me for the word but after death, there’s no even countries at all. A big haller to her face.


She didn’t made an eye contact at me anymore after asking her to get out of our shop. Instead she just continued talking to my staff because she can’t express herself anymore in English – oh yeah! Come to think that she has a citizenship that has English as their first language. Huh! What a person she is. Huh!


Another thing that made me upset (yeah I’m not yet finish, hehe!) that she keeps on emphasizing that this country where both of us is not Philippines. It’s like saying, I’m no one in her native land. Well, excuse me again. Without our “kababayans” or fellow countrymen, no one will clean their houses, no one will drive for them, no one will care for their children and lastly, no one will be there to serve them as a customer. If not because of us workers here in their country, their country is nothing. Right? I have a lot of friends who are thankful for their helpers and other workers. They believe that Filipinos are one of the hardest workers next to other Asian countries.


So, what’s the ending? I let my staff give my manager’s number for her to complain. My manager explained my side. And of course he said to her “With all due respect Madame, no one has the rights to say such mean words to my staff. If you have a complain, call the manager in the charge and tell that person your complain. But don’t tell people that they are stupid. It’s not polite.. not polite at all…” HUH!


God bless her. I thank you. Bow.


I’m not mad at other people. I don’t mean to hurt other people’s feelings. I’m just writing this to rant out my negative feelings *insert a long sigh…………………………………………………………………..* I love my friends. I love my online friends and I respect them all the way.


End or rant.

Bad day!

I’m so not in a good mood!


Everything is not falling into place.


It all started when one of the customers asked assistance with his GPRS connection. It’s not may fault that he’s stupid (sorry for the word) not to know anything about WIFI connectivity. He doesn’t have the right to a mobile at all because he’s that ignorant to use a device with such facilities. The nerve to shout back at me and asking why I disconnected his wifi connection – first of all, he’s accessing OUR secured wifi connection. He doesn’t have the rights at all to use that connection in the first place. May gawd!!! People like him deserve to use NOKIA 1110i or other units which is obsolete already. Grrrrr…


I’m starting a week instead of irate free, irate full!