Just don’t give up…
~Tracy, Mommytography’s 365 Days Project

I’m super duper late for posting my project 365. But my Flickr is always up to date. It’s just that after giving birth and with so much things to do, I can’t manage my time properly these past few days. Aside from missing blogging mojo, I had to balance my time as well as a mother to 2 now. So, here are my entries for the last few weeks. Click the image below to view my set over Flickr.


Day 118 – Peek-a-Boo!
Day 119 – The Royal Wedding.
Day 120 – Kussa Mashi. Our lunch prepared by SIL.
Day 121 – Me now at 33wks. 1 more month then the real countdown begins.
Day 122 – A quiet afternoon delight with the husband.
Day 123 – Our sleeping beauty. Still asleep as of 3pm.
Day 124 – Our lunch for today: all fried up vegetables.
Day 125 – I baked for the first time, Buttered “PUTO”.
Day 126 – The kids in the veranda. Enjoying a good weather. TGIF.
Day 127 – Our dearest big sister.
Day 128 – Greetings for the Mother’s day over IG.
Day 129 – 3 left. Thanks ate Rana for the delicous dessert.
Day 130 – Goofing around ate Julia in the bed on a lazy afternoon.
Day 131 – Chicken and egg Noodle Soup for midnight snack.
Day 133 – MIL’s gift for baby Julie. Thank you so much Mama!
Day 134 – Migraine attack. Maltesers to the rescue. Spoiled preggy!
Day 135 – And since the big day is coming near, time to pack this tummy binder. Thank you Mama for buying this for me.
Day 136 – Praying with Mama.
Day 137 – Downloaded "Viber" app for a free calls/text. Very useful.
Day 138 – Lunch for today: "Mansaf Shami" – Rice and Lamb.
Day 139 – Farwell party for SIL. My lunch, Philadephia Beef and Cheese.
Day 140 – Got caught taking a photo of her.
Day 141 – Our view while sitting down at the park taking a rest.
Day 142 – Ate Julia’s 2nd time to have a booboo. She was running fast and accidentally fell on her knees.
Day 143 – May this be the last week?
Day 144 – Strolling around the city with my Red LC Cabas.
Day 145 – Taken last Thursday: 39Weeks
Day 146 – Now, which is which? Hmmm…
Day 147 – From Damascus Syria with LOVE
Day 148 – JULIA: I’m not hungry Mama…
Day 149 – Choco Ice Cream Coated
Day 150 – Chips and mayo dip for midnight snack.
Day 151 – We bought a crib for baby Julie.
Day 152 – Lunch for today: Beschamelle and Tabbule (Parsley Salad). Prepared by Mama dearest. Yummylicious!
Day 153 – Watching "Beauty and the Beast”.
Day 154 – A sunny day at the veranda.
Day 155 – Hi everyone! My Julie’s here. Born: 4th of June.
Day 156 – Grabbing everything she can after taking a bath.
Day 157 – Clear Your Mind, a cup of coffee.
Day 158 – A script from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.
Day 159 – Officially a GIRL. Went this morning for her check-up and booster shots too.
Day 160 – 2oz of breast milk. Hooray for the milk Mama.
Day 161 – It’s the season for "Batteekh" means Watermelon!!! My favorite!!!
Day 162 – Time flies so fast. Today is her 1st week.
Day 163 – Happy Independence day Philippines! From Julie & Julia w lots of love.
Day 164 – MIL gave this to Lily. A hand, A Cedar tree (for being Lebanese), the Kabah and some random circle to get the the attention of those who can and may ennvince her.
Day 165 – Our precious girls.

I would like to thank Tracy and the whole gang for forever holding on to me with this project.


If you’re interested to join us with the 365 Days Project for this year, click on the image below to know the mechanics.


Tracy and the whole group can still welcome you even if we’re on the 2nd quarter of this year already. So go go go!

I don’t want to have too much blog back log on my 365 project so here goes the rest of the photos that was not included before.

Day 113Day 114Day 115Day 116My first EHD. I love it. Kakatapos lang nya mag clean-up.

Day 113 – The big sister’s gift for her baby sister.
Day 114 – My little girl all ready to take a nap.
Day 115 – Nesting mode on my 32nd week. Julie’s infants clothes are all ready. Her bag going to the hospital as well. But for my hospital clothes, not yet.
Day 116 – Feverish that morning due to running nose. Poor baby of mine.
Day 117 – My first EHD. Just finished reformatting it last night. It has a bug. Good thing that all files were not affected. It’s back to a new start w the same old content.


Day 103Day 104Day 105Day 106Day 107Day 108Day 109Day 110Day 111Day 112

And here’s my update for this week’s 365 Days Project.

Day 103 – It was a quiet day for the big sister. She played with her fishing game that my SIL gave her during her vacation.
Day 104 – When I was browsing my phone gallery, I saw a shot of Mr. Teddy. A stolen shot by the big sister.
Day 105 – And here are the infant clothes for Julie from big sister Julia.
Day 106 – I cooked for the first time “Beef Kare-Kare” also known as “Peanut Butter Stew”. Thanks to a friend’s recipe.
Day 107 – Julie at 31 Weeks
Day 108 – Lunch for today: Friend Chicken ala Jhari. Yummy!
Day 109 – Our 4th Year Together
Day 110 – Lunch for today: “Nilagang Baka” or “Beef Stew”, Beef with Okra and Tomato sauce.
Day 111 – A treat for myself, a cone of delicious yummy Chocolate.
Day 112 – It was raining this afternoon. May God Allah bless and protect Syria.


And here’s an update with my 365 Days Project. So delayed because of my previous problem with the internet connection. All photos are clickable and will open a new page for you on my Flickr 365 Days Set.

Day 86Day 87Day 88Day 89Day 90 
Day 91Day 92Day 93Day 94Day 95
Day 96Day 97Day 98Day 99Day 100
Day 101Day 102

Day 86 – Here’s Hubby with silly smile and pose pretending to be an Asian person.
Day 87 – Milk for Julia, Turkish coffee for Hubby and a hot Choco for me.
Day 88 – Another lazy afternoon milk time for the little one.
Day 89 – Watching “Tangled” for the Nth time.
Day 90 – Missing my BB service. I’m using this phone with my roaming SIM in it.
Day 91 – Quietly smiling watching her favorite Dora to catch Stars.
Day 92 – The Fairest of them all.
Day 93 – A quiet time.
Day 94 – My My 2nd Home, Lebanon at Spring time.
Day 95 – McArabia! I love McDonalds!
Day 96 – OGT Test Results. Glucose passed. Hemoglobin and Calcium low 1% with the normal range.
Day 97 – My little motahajeba (meaning a girl/woman who covers her hair with a hair dress or also know as Hijab).
Day 98 – Just an update from myself now a days.
Day 99 – Julia copying Rapunzel. This was the time when Rapunzel was checking on a new wall to paint at. That’s where she painted the lanterns.
Day 100 – Bump, bump, and a bump @ 30 wks.
Day 101 – Self Service Gasoline.
Day 102 – Our lunch for today is Fried Eggplant and French Fries.


And here’s the continuation of my previous post. I had to publish it before WLW went down again on me. Better to be sure.


Day 79 – Here’s Julia showing off a big smile. Happy with her new writing board.
Day 80 – Two thumbs up from the big sister.
Day 81 – And here’s a photo of the cake for Mother’s Day for the GCC region.
Day 82 – Just a little fun with how they write down “Milk Chik” here. It’s actually “Milk Shake” :D
Day 83 – Julia and her cousins waiting for SIL to arrive from the airport.
Day 84 – Wake up sleepy head. She just woke up when I took this picture.

Day 85

And finally, Day 85 – this was grabbed from one of my Flickr albums when we treat MIL for a late Mother’s Day celebration at Swiss House Restaurant. My little girl’s growing up so fast. Time flies so fast.


Now it’s time to update my overdue post for the 365 days project. Sorry it took me a long time to post it here. I had to configure how to share photos from Instagram to Flickr. Clicking the image will bring you to the set where I posted all of images.


Day 67 – Julia’s bed marks on her face. It’s funny house babies and toddlers sleep. A friend said that probably she fell into a deep sleep that’s why she woke up with these marks. I’m so glad she did. Well, if so I’m so glad she did.
Day 68 – Banana Crepe made my SIL with lots of love.
Day 69 – Julia and her cousins, Yara and Yazan.
Day 70 – Me at 26 weeks with lots of peanuts on my side.
Day 71 – Look at who has an eye for Julia?
Day 72 – Another set of banana crepe from SIL. This time custard inside.
Day 73 – Peanut overload.
Day 74 – Bored Julia.
Day 75 – Krispy Crème for breakfast when we arrived in Beirut.
Day 76 – Me and my crave for McDonalds – a dream come true, finally!
Day 77 – M&M’s addiction. Counting down 94 days to go.
Day 78 – When Instagram made their recent update, me and my friends over Twitter got addicted with the Tilt+Shift features of it. It made it look like it’s a shot from a DSLR camera. Cool right? We heart Instagram.


And now for the weekly round up. Need to make sure that I’m up to date with my 365 Project. I’m happy that I’m keeping up with it. I’m much better than last year. I guess because using my iPhone cam was much easier for me this year. I can’t make the best shots for each photo, but the sense of taking shots every day is always there. It’s like a diary for me to remember as each day passes by. I’m crossing my fingers that I can scrap one day for this photo project. Insha Allah, God willing.


Day 60 – My Arroz Caldo also known as Rice Congee. During the first trimester of my pregnancy, I craved for this meal. I had to run down and visit my aunt when we were still on vacation just to taste her preparation for this food. I ate 4 bowls that time, imagine that? It’s meal prepared with rice, chicken and lots of ginger. Topped with fried minced garlic and scallions.
Day 61 – Dearest big sister ate Julia sleeping like a log.
Day 62 – Nutella + Chocolate drink and bread is loved.
Day 63 – 25 weeks
Day 64 – Showing off a big smile for this week from the big sister.
Day 65 – Chicken Tinola also known as Chicken Stew served with garlic, zucchini and, chicken and cabbage. I can say that this is MIL’s one of her favorite Filipino dish so far. She loves the ginger soup and the taste of the chicken.


And just to update you with my 365 project for this week. View all photos over my Flickr account here.


Day 51 – Julia hugging Jollibee getting ready to go out on a cold night.
Day 52 – “Kanafeh” one of my favorite Arab’s sweets.
Day 53 – A stolen shot taken by Julia using Hipstamatic app on my phone, not bad right?
Day 54 – Seriously watching “Beauty and the Beast”
Day 55 – Cooked Chicken “Sopas” or Soup in English. A famous Filipino dish cooked with shredded chicken, carrots, cabbage and milk.
Day 56 – Julia trying on her aunt’s hair cover, hehehe! :D
Day 57 – Cooked Cheese sticks for midnight snack.
Day 58 – Julia with MIL’s treat, Banana crepe.
Day 59 – Me at 24weeks and 2 days. Getting bigger.


Just an update for my project 365/2011.

Day 44
Happy Valentines Day to all.

Day 44Day 45
An aftershock of the valentines day. Don’t forget to still kiss them everyday.
Day 45Day 46
The vintage water heater, bow!
Day 46Day 47
Beschamelle with home made sauce made with love by dearest MIL. Hubby was away this day. MIL asked me what food I want her to prepare for lunch. Since I love her Beschamelle, here it is. So blessed to have a Mother-in-Law like her. I love you Mama!
Day 47Day 48
First attempt to cook Shrimp with Garlic and Butter garnished with Parsley. Hubby came home this afternoon, I prepared a special lunch for all. This is a first for me and I’m gladd that MIL, SIL and BIL liked it. Mama is asking me to cook it again for FIL.
Day 48Day 49
Kabsa” for lunch.
Day 49

Day 50
Today is the last day for BIL to stay most of his time in the house. His last semester in the university will start tomorrow. So for a treat, we went out for a road-trip again. And again we decided to go to Bludan. This time we went to the highest hills. There were too many people enjoying the fun in the snow. I write a note for my dear fellow mommies and friends over Twitter. Sharing a little fun in the snow with them. It says “Bebots” meaning “Girls” in Tagalog.
Day 50
Sorry for the photo overload again. Now it’s time for me to read on some information about lipozene reviews. Signing off for now.


WARNING: Photo overload…
Now time to update and post all my pending photos for this year’s 365 days project. It’s easy for me to upload it in Flickr so that I will not forget. It’s really helpful.

Day 27Day 27 – Sunset overlooking Syria’s beauty.

Day 28Day 28 – Certified Lebanese Citizen. Thanks God Alhamdulillah. Afer a long process, we finally got what we’ve been waiting for a year.

Day 29Day 29 – Corn seeds good for TV Time with family.

Day 30 Day 30 – A rainbow! A sign of hope. Subhana’Allah! God is great! On our way up to Bludan, a rainbow showed up on our trip.

Day 31 Day 31 – Me and baby bump on our 20th weeks together. I really wish though that I can take a maternity photos of myself.

Day 32Day 32 – Cold feet… Brrr…

Day 33Day 33 – First time to experience a flat 0 degrees C. Lucky me I was able to capture it just in time for that night.

Day 34Day 34 – Happy Birthday to my dear niece, Princess “Bless”. We love you and miss you! Julia misses you a lot too.

Day 35Day 35 – Green bell pepper is loved.

Day 36Day 36 – Freshness is a key to good health too.

Day 37(1)Day 37(2)Day 37 – These two photos are save in my gallery. Julia scribbled it using one of her favorite apps on my iPhone, then she save it on my gallery.

Day 38Day 38 – Mabrouk Papa! Congratulations for the new toot…

Day 39Day 39 – Julia loves to massage my feet. Before tucking her up to bed, she asked me if I wanted a massage. She even insisted on putting lotion, hehehe! :D
Day 40Day 40 – Roasted chicken and potatoes for lunch.

Day 41Day 41 – Loved by her older cousin ate Yara. Julia’s wearing her aunt’s cardigan here. She looks like little santa.

Day 42Day 42 – Wedding desserts. We attended a wedding that night. And these are just one of the sweets that was served to the guest. 4 scoops of ice cream on top of these yummy delicious cake. But it’s odd… ice cream on a winter?

Day 43Day 43 – lastly, showing off my first attempt to cook Spaghetti with Mushroom sauce. Almost perfect. We ate fried cauliflower and a healthy salad prepared by MIL too for lunch.


365 Photos Just to make sure that I will not be late with uploading photos for this year’s project 365, I just want to let you know that my photos are all uploaded straight over my flickr account under the “365 Days / 2011” album. I’m so happy that I’ve finally got my flickr under pro (thanks to my Mommy Santa for making my wish come true).

Click on the image above to direct you over my flickr account and view these photos. I love Instagram! I’m gaining friends as well over that application. Before me and dear friend Shey are the only ones on my feeds, now I’m following 10 and have 9 followers. You can follow me too. My name si “Jhari O. or @omjulia”.


DAY 11 – This was taken at the hi-way on our way up to the mountains going to Beirut Lebanon Tuesday morning. The snow tops on top of the mountains are such a wonderful view from afar. So sad though we were not able to come up due to the limited time we had to stay in Lebanon. Probably next time we can go up once more and let Julia experience her first time in the snow.
Day 11
DAY 12 – A very happy Julia while having our lunch at Shrimpy – a sea food restaurant, famous for their delicious shrimps.
Day 12
DAY 13 – Just another sunny afternoon play time with Papa dear. My little girl is such a daddy’s girl indeed.
Day 13
DAY 14 – Our last trip along the Corniche of Beirut. We left early just in time for sunrise and view of their light house.
Day 14


DAY 9 – This is on KESHK AL ‘OMARA meaning “The Sweets of the Princess”. Hubby’s uncle went over to visit and dropped this delicious sweet made of milk and some other ingredients I don’t know in particular actually. But the taste is delicious, it’s the most important thing.