Ending With 288/365 Days

As you may notice, I stopped posting my 365 days project for this year. I fail to complete the task and I’m so guilty for not being able to comply with the rest of the project. I’m so looking forward for next year. I promised myself to find time and make sure to do this as a habit. I’m praying as well to have an internet access continuously so that I could continually post my photos soon.

I’m so sorry for Tracy and the rest of the team for not completing this year’s project. I’m keeping my fingers cross.

On the other hand, once I’m fully equipped meaning once I have full access to my own PC, I’m planning (crossing my fingers again) to scrap the 288 photos out of my 365 days project. I already bought some cute templates for it. Just waiting for me to start scrapping.

288/365–7 Weeks

DAY 285
Me and baby bump #2 on it’s 7th week. It showing up already at this early. Shucks! I guess what older people say is true. The 2nd baby will show up early and bigger. I’m having a hard time right now. Craving and morning sickness which I’ve never experienced during my first pregnancy. I do hope that I’ll get along fine for another 2 more months.

281/365–Old Ring

DAY 281

I was arranging my jewelry set (nah! All silver, no gold!) hahaha! Anyway, I saw this old wedding ring of ours. This was our first wedding ring and this one was mine. I’m planning to buy a paired one. Me and Hubby don’t have a particular wedding band actually. Men in Islam are not recommended to wear gold jewelries. Our wedding bands is a pair of gold and silver as a matter of fact, but since I don’t wear gold most of the times, I opted to wear a silver one like his – but it’s not a pair. Insha Allah, God willing, I can find a good deal soon.

280/365–Favorite Heels

DAY 280
These are my favorite 4 inches high heels from Milano that I bought last 2008. I wore them (believe it or not) for only 3x! It’s comfortable to wear, but my problem that time was at the 1st quarter of 2008, we got pregnant. No heels for me for 9mos. Then I wore it 2009 twice, and these year only once. And since I’m on the way again, no heels for another 9 months. Hello to flat shoes (as always).

278/365 – Wiki’s Hobby is…

DAY 278

Biting off slipper straps – this is one of Wiki’s hobby. Aside of course from eating his seeds and scratching his beaks. He’s growing up so fast and very gentle. We noticed that every morning, he wants to stay outside our roof while all of us are out at work as well. They don’t feel cold or hot right? I mean their feathers are enough to support their body with the weather, correct?


DAY 277

I couldn’t find a title for today’s entry. We were outside this afternoon sitting at the rooftop while baby J plays with Wiki. We’ve been living here in our flat since 2007 and this is the first time I noticed this antenna. I don’t even know if this one is hooked up with TV or not. Hahaha!

276/365 – Happy Birthday Wael!

DAY 276

A few months ago, Wael and Soumaya celebrated their life together as husband and wife here and here. And now, they have a new home to fulfill their dreams together. We visited invaded their home sweet home to greet Wael a happy birthday. The guys brought 3 cakes and Soumaya prepared finger foods for the guests.

Happy birthday again Wael and congratulations to the two of you! May your new home brings luck and we’re all praying for a good news soon….