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I haven’t shared with you guys where I’m working right now, so just to share – I’m currently working under the Direct Sales Department as a Retails Sales Executive with Starlink. Starlink just started it’s business 2 years ago and proud to say that I’m one of the pioneers.

Starlink is one of the premium distributor of Qtel Telecom – which is the only network provider here in Qatar. We’re like a business center for them – just like back home, Globe / Smart Business Center. And aside from that, we’re the main dealer of Showtime Sattelite TV  as well.

I love my job. Very challenging since everyday we get to meet different people as they inquire with our products – especially with Showtime. So hard to close a deal with this one. Kaya ang english ko, ganun ganun nalang kung mabulol especially if the customer is British. But speaking with Scottish customers are worst. They are eating their words kasi! Hahaha!


Going to work for 12hrs straight per day – here’s my 2nd home. That’s why every off aside from checking blogs, need to focus as well on how to nurture Bb Julia. Hehehe! So bare with me for those who keeps on droppin’ by here. As much as I wanted to blog everday, I can’t – super tired sometimes so instead of sitting infront of the laptop, I’d rather go to sleep – hehehe! Gtg, need to blog hop na.

Starlink Christmas Party 2008

xmasBallsHi everyone! How’s your Christmas celebration? I’ve been checking some of my OL buddies’ blog but seems that they’re still collecting photos of the celebration. No one is updating as of this time. Nabibitin tuloy ako, excited na ako to see what’s up with you mga ate’s ko.

Hubby and I are Muslims so we’re not celebrating the Christmas however me being a Filipino, it’s a tradition already for my family to celebrate and simply get together eating dinner back home. My parents are Christians anyway. Mom’s here with us so we need to make her feel like it’s Christmas here in Qatar as well – para di ma homesick ata baka umiyak na naman si Mudra. For me, it’s not about the religion, it’s about how you get together once a year showing your love thru giving gifts. Besides, it’s the season to be with your family and enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

We were invited over to join our Christmas Party for our company together with our dear friends. The party of course started late since most of the staffs are working late upto 10pm. Our Customer Service work late as well up to 12mn so the game didn’t start with out them – naks! Though we ate already since most of us are starving already.

Thanks to the bright ideas of kuya Angelo and Lyn, the party was as a success. Not that exciting like last year though. Last year, all flat (room) prepared a dance presentation and I guess last year we were more/many compare to this year’s party. A lot of our colleagues left already. Kuya Giovanni decided to continue his uncles’ business back home, kuya Ruel rended his resignation and same to ate Verna who continued her career in Oman. The big boss have bigger plans for next year, so we’re hoping to have more staffs as well and I’m keeping my fingers cross that we’ll have a successful launch to the new workshops that we’ll open in the future.

Anyways, we ate dinner of course. They prepared the all time famous Pansit, Mechado, Cheese sticks {shucks! konti lang nakain ko nito}, Filipino Rice, Beef Steak and Fried Chicken.

Then we played games starting from HepHep Hooray, Banana Eating contest and lastly BINGO! And for the jackpot round of Bingo, the 1st Prize is a 21” TV – oh diba, bonggang bonga!

Here are tons of pictures to share.

WARNING: Photo Overload!

Mommy and Me behind the not so fancy Xmas tree.


The OWEINI’s and our little Angel sleeping again. Hubby bought these wonderful cute Santa House at Daiso (a Japanese store) for only $2/-. Of course with the magic hands of mother dear, she resized the hat of Bb Julia.


Can’t resist taking pictures of Hubby and Julia togetherpapaJulia

{1} Buddies Wael and Hubby; {2} Ninang Ezel and Me with our Bb Julia; {3} with Ezel and Mhon; {4} Our Bingo card who made us win the 2nd Prize – Pressure Cooker! galing ni Mudra, pati dito sa Qatar dala ang swerte sa Bingo; {5} The rest of the girls; {6} Food galore to the max ever which are all covered up, parang ayaw pakain, hehe!

DSC_0031DSC_0033 DSC_0052DSC_0054DSC_0057DSC_0067

The Hosts for the night, sexy sosy Lyn aka Mariel together with Pappy, este kuya AngeloDSC_0071DSC_0089

Hubby and his staff from City Center Shop: Ezel, Rick and Ghassan



Hubby and best buds Wael dacing “GILING-GILING” – I forced him to dance, praktisado yan si Hubby – everyday ba naman nakakanood ng TFC eh, hehehe! The other was with his staff Rick dancing on the tune of “Papa-Boogie”; Hubby don’t dance during parties actually, but I just told him to for fun. He’s such a good sports, hehehe! Kahit parehas kaliwa paa nyan, ok lang sa kanya.

Ezel practicing her “HEP-HEP HOORAY” – talo nga lang!DSC_0109DSC_0115DSC_0118

Kuya Lauro from our Installation team won the prize for HepHep Hooray.

Ninang Joy and I played Pinoy Henyo. Yehey! We won also. And the word to guess was “COCKROACH”. So easy para kay Joy yan kasi marami nyan sa Flat #3, hehehe! Joke lang.




Mojo and Ezel getting ready to play the Banana Eating contest.

However, newly weds Carol and Romel won the game.

Hubby was called to play the game but got disqualified kasi nalaglag yung banana eh, hehehe! Sayang! Pangkabuhayan show case pa naman yung prize, joke!

Eric shouting out the numbers seriously pa ha and the rest just having  a good time



DSC_0139With Eric aka Bolero. Our emcee for the Bingo game. Too bad none of his cards won. Better luck next time bro!

Mommy won the 2nd prize! Yehey!

So much pictures to share but blogger’s giving up on me again. Thank you looking up on this entry and I do hope you had fun as well on the night of the 24th. It’s time for you to show your
holiday parties, leave some love so I may take a peek as well.

Advance Happy New Year everyone