Oh So Tired…

I left work with a tongue out due to stress counting our stocks. I have to endorsed the shop to a person with high maintenance and so perfect with all the stocks. So she organized everything from A to Z. I’m living 1 1/2 weeks and we need to make sure everything is perfect. I’m confident that she’ll make a difference in our shop. She’ll get used with the irate and argument from customers from time to time, but I told her to just focused on the showroom matters and not to involve herself with the technical issues. But I’m still so stressed… I have deadlines to meet with online works as well. But right now, my main priority is to leave the shop with a clear record. Oh God help me straighten things up before living. I lift everything to you. Amen.

276/365 – Happy Birthday Wael!

DAY 276

A few months ago, Wael and Soumaya celebrated their life together as husband and wife here and here. And now, they have a new home to fulfill their dreams together. We visited invaded their home sweet home to greet Wael a happy birthday. The guys brought 3 cakes and Soumaya prepared finger foods for the guests.

Happy birthday again Wael and congratulations to the two of you! May your new home brings luck and we’re all praying for a good news soon….

Decision Making

How are you people?

Well, as for me – doing well Alhamdulillah! Thanks be to God! I recently made a big decision. It was a tough one. But I guess, we all come to a point where we need to give up on something we’re used to do or have.

And now, I’m praying for guidance and strength to face another career path. I’m seeking for signs. Hubby said, “don’t ask for a good job, ask God Allah to give you the job right for you. The job that will not just give you financial support, but the job that will give you peace of mind as you come home from work…” Amen.

RESIGN, v.t. To renounce an honor for an advantage. To renounce an advantage for a greater advantage.

Soon to Open

Our boss is on his target to open another branch. So right now, we’re collecting ideas on how to make the shop looks presentable and open to customers. We’re in canvass of looking the best point of purchase displays there is in the market right now. Floor planning are needed as well. Brainstorming that is. We need all the ideas possible to have this shop a success. Well I hope that I’m still with the company by that time.

BBM Ban in UAE and KSA

OMG! This is not a good news at all. We do hope that Qtel the #1 leading service provider for Blackberry service here in Qatar will not be affected with this issue. It will be a big loss for the people and a big loss for our current sales as well. Blackberry handheld phone are top of the list and #1 salable item every month and next is iPhone 3Gs. People are so gaga with the Blackberry Messenger features and I’m one of those people. It’s one of the cost effective way to communicate with my friends. I don’t use text messaging anymore. We all crossed our fingers for this.


Two Gulf states to ban some Blackberry functions

 imageThe UAE denies censorship is involved

Two Gulf states have announced bans on some functions of the Blackberry mobile phone, claiming security concerns.


The United Arab Emirates is to block sending e-mails, accessing the internet, and delivering instant messages to other Blackberry handsets.

Saudi Arabia is to prevent the use of the Blackberry-to-Blackberry instant messaging service.

Both nations are unhappy that they are unable to monitor such communications via the handsets.

This is because the Blackberry handsets automatically send the encrypted data to computer servers outside the two countries. – source

CS & Sales Team Meeting

Last Wednesday, me and the rest of the Sales Department went out to for lunch date with the Customer Service Team. Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances that can’t be explained, only 3 out of 11 from the Sales department was able to join while the rest of the Customer Service team are present.


The plan was to eat lunch at T.G.I.F. then go visit the Gondolandia to play bowling and go for roller coaster ride. I wasn’t able to take photos since I forgot to bring my camera with me. So here are some photos I grabbed from a friend that she posted in FB.


(L): CS Manager – Joy, Logistics Manager – Emily, CS Supervisor – Joana and Direct Sales Supervisor – Me



I don’t know what’s wrong with me here but I think just the usual thing, me telling jokes to everyone, ha-ha!


After eating a big meal, we went inside the Gondolandia a place with all the rides for children. Me and beside me Jee rode the roller coaster. Here I was so amazed with excitement. I felt like a teen ager once again.



I missed this girl! Jee and I both have kids at the same age. Enya was born 10 days earlier though.



Registering ourselves in the counter was such fun. All of us was making jokes here and there. They all had to buy socks though since we have to leave our shoes behind and wear our bowling shoes.



Getting ready to go bowling. Me and Joy took a pose with our bowling shoes on. If the shoe fits, that means it’s good to go.


We got this claim tag for our shoes. So here I was with Joana making ourselves like one of those wanted on the list, haha!



The  day went too fast we didn’t notice that we had to go home. We had fun and we hope to do it again. But we’re hoping to be complete by that time.

Happy 23rd, Adnan!

Last night we celebrated Adnan’s 23rd birthday. It was a quiet and simple celebration. Except of course it could have been quieter if not for the guys shouting for joy because of Germany who won 3rd place for this year’s FIFA World Cup 2010 against Uruguay. They could’ve won (Uruguay) if they continued their defense up to the end. The score was 2-1 when we arrived. But of course the Germany machined kicked off after the 60th minute making it tied 2-2. And then another score ending 3-1. What am I talking about? Ahhh… that’s why the party last night was not that noisy like before. But at least Adnan’s blessings for another year was recognized. Not enough pictures though. I didn’t bring my camera with me because I forgot to plug the battery in the charger.


Adnan is my first model. Last 2008 we made a photo shoot for him. You can find some of his photos here. We had fun taking pictures for his solo. I didn’t know yet how to use Photoshop that time and my hands were still shaking because I don’t have my stand as well. But the photo below was edited now using Photoshop CS3.








And that year as well, we went to the park to unwind 1 Friday afternoon. Me and a friend took photos of Adnan too. This was our 2nd session.






I do hope that we could set a date next time to do his portraits. He’s a very gentle guy with a great pose on and off cam. By the way, he’s an aspiring model. Happy Birthday again to you Adnune.

A Pre-Wedding Celebration for Wael and Soumaya

DAY 142Congratulations to the future MR & MRS CHERIF-RAHIMA. We had fun dancing and fooling around their pre-wedding celebration. We left the party around 2 o’clock this morning. Since Julia was whining already since she was so sleepy. Got tired dancing around on the dance floor I guess.


I wish I could have a flickr Pro account so that I could’ve uploaded all the picture there. So for the meantime, I uploaded all photos over my FB account. All my friends tagged themselves up already. I got around 6 friend request as well from people I’m working with that haven’t got an idea that they all have an FB account, he-he!


Sweets from Opera Cafe – which I haven’t got the chance to taste. Ugh! I’m so bad with food. I took a photo of it but I was busy following our little one around that I forgot to eat. Tsk tsk!



I love this shot.

Reminds me of Madonna’s rendition of “Hang-Up”.

Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly

DAY 142(2)


Of course our little one will not be left behind. She was amazed with the confetti all around her. 



And here’s me and my treasures in life, my loving husband and our toddler Julia (who was looking as if she’ll eat up her dad, he-he!)

Thanks Leah for this shot.



And these are my dear friends. Mojo, Ezel and Jen.



And here are the couples, Wael and Souamaya.

Soumaya wore a Blue Lavander dress which is her favorite color. She’s so pretty in her gown and Wael at the same time looked so manly with his shining Black suit.DAY 142(1)DAY 142 – THE  365 DAYS PROJECT


This was just a pre-wedding celebration. Both will have their wedding in Syria by July during their vacation. We wish them both all the best.

W&S Wedding (Part 2)

imageJust came home from Wael and Soumaya’s wedding celebration.


All of us had fun on the dance floor. The food was great and the most important thing of all, was that the couple looked so happy together. I wasn’t able to take too much photos because a lot of them brought their own cameras so I’m sure they could get a copy for tonight. And I was running over my little one every once in a while since she herself wanted to dance the night away.


This was her first outfit. We went to visit a dear friend who just gave birth a week ago. The weather was so humid tonight, Julia was sweating hard. See her shoes? I bought it last night, with a 20% off the original price. Her first Mary Jane shoes. We’re telling her that she’s going to school and she would act that she will go out of the door, haha!


I ate too much tonight, so I need to check out those natural fat burner in town.


To the newly weds, CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES! Will upload the photos on my FB account by tomorrow. Need to get some rest for now.

W&S Wedding

One of Hubby’s closest friend is getting married today, and they asked me to make the invites for them. They’ll be sending this invites thru email. Last night, I made this layout for both of them in just 2 hours. I made it as a draft actually, but right after sending the outcome of their invitation. Soumaya’s favorite color is Purple, so I tried my best to find the simplest color I could find and she chose this background.



CREDITS: Oopsie Daisies, Bon Scrapatit! Papers and embellishments.


I still have a few hours to rest before the late party tonight. It’ll be a long night for us for sure. One of our managers offered to make the party at his villa. It’s going to be a pool party as well. I’ll be busy for a while, because I’m checking out a review on the best anti wrinkle cream treatment there is in the market. Aside from that, I need to do some house hold chores as well. Will be going to work again by Sunday so I need to hurry up tidying things up.

iTech Qatar Exhibition 2010


DAY 122


And here we are for the last day of our exhibit in Qatar Expo. Me and a colleague was assigned to promote the Starlink Products and services. It was a great exhibit to promote the services that our company has to offer for the people of Qatar.




Day 1 and 2, I wasn’t able to attend since Hubby was so busy with their new project that launched last Thursday. I even brought Julia with me last Saturday at the exhibit and left Maricel work for more than 2 hours alone since a friend who volunteered to baby sit on her failed to do the task. Julia was not cooperative with him that she vomited on his clothes from the time they picked her up from her day baby sitter until they reached us from the exhibit which was a long drive that took them an hour to get to our place. I really thank Sajid for the efforts though. I’m sure he’ll be a great dad in the future.


So back to the exhibit, we had a good sales for day 1, that was yesterday. But today, we closed our sales only around 4k I think. But the good thing was we enjoyed our time and we learned a lot from our competitors in this type of business. I can’t wait to have an exhibit like this. And I hope that next time, the schedule will fit my sched.


Here are some more photos to share with you guys.


This was taken when we were wrapping up and ready to leave.



With big brother kuya Lino, in-charge of the Facilities and drivers.



Looking over his phone, hehe!



This guy is lucky to have us both in his side, haha!

Completely Open

As of today, our business is an official partner for Virgin Mobile Qatar.


This is what I’ve been doing for the past few days. Training and Product knowledge has been given for the staff in preparation for today’s launched.


Last night, after closing our sales, I had to go back to the shop and put the merchandising materials that was sent to us earlier. So here’s the entrance to one of our shops which I’m currently handling.




I’m excited for their products and services that they offer since the rates are very competitive and this is their 8th International Operation. They are open already in UK, Australia, Canada, US, France, South Africa and India.


Have you seen Lady Gaga’s MTV Telephone featuring Beyonce? Well, she’s advertising Virgin Mobile phone on one of the clips.


Day 119 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 119

Now our shop looks more colorful especially with the red designs all over the place. Our CEO is very much excited for this. We all hope for the best. Most especially me since Hubby joined this group 2 months ago. I’m so happy for his success. The success of Virgin Mobile Qatar is his success as well, since he’s in a new journey with them. It’s always good to be a pioneer.



Here’s something I’ve read just now about something in relation to business. It’s called THE PARETO PRINCIPLE:


    • 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of efforts
    • 80 percent of activity will require 20 percent of resources
    • 80 percent of usage is by 20 percent of users
    • 80 percent of the difficulty in achieving something lies in 20 percent of the challenge
    • 80 percent of revenue comes from 20 percent of customers
    • 80 percent of problems come from 20 percent of causes
    • 80 percent of profit comes from 20 percent of the product range
    • 80 percent of complaints come from 20 percent of customers
    • 80 percent of sales will come from 20 percent of sales people
    • 80 percent of corporate pollution comes from 20 percent of corporations
    • 80 percent of work absence is due to 20 percent of staff
    • 80 percent of road traffic accidents are cause by 20 percent of drivers
    • 80 percent of a restaurant’s turnover comes from 20 percent of its menu
    • 80 percent of your time spent on this website will be spent on 20 percent of this website


A Long Huddle

Today has been a long day. 3 consecutive meetings with 3 different groups was so tiring. Thinking too hard that most of the times, my brain has ended up hanging in the air, LOL! I feel like sometimes I’m not in the group at all this afternoon, I feel like I’m floating somewhere else. I was hungry, that’s the problem. My mind was set up every now and to tell a colleague to call up the food delivery, haha!


After 3 hours of exchanging points of views, still I’m happy that I find myself laughing most of the times at work which is a healthy thing to do especially on our field of work. Being on sales is a hard task to do. Reaching target goals and a lot of suggestions, paper works and shop inventories is a big load of work rolled into one. Laughing and having fun with each other as a group somehow helps us motivate ourselves to say “Hey… it’s okay, everything will be alright… we can do it…” – sigh!


I still have 2 consecutive meetings to attend to… sigh…