Happy Holidays!

I hope you guys out there are having a blast with their love ones. I’ll be on an MIA for a couple of days. Family first and I know that it will be best to at least be on a quiet mode from time to time.

I wish you all to have a very Merry Christmas and looking forward for a Happy New Year. We don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m a Muslim but with respect to my Christian Family and Friends, I still greet them. Besides, December is still the most wonderful time of the year.


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Summer Fun

It’s summer time here in the Middle East. We’re already experiencing 100-110 deg F of temperature in the afternoon. My sister-in-law said that it’ll be hotter by August. Oh my goodness!

We’re currently residing on a building with a health club on the top level. A pool, gym and sauna facilities are available for all tenants – the good thing about it all is it’s free. I’ve heard that there are some residential towers that you have to pay for these amenities if you want to enjoy the use of it.

Because of the weather right now, I feel like the pool has a running raypak pool heaters already. The water is like 80% warmer than the usual. My kids are enjoying it though. That’s what matters most.

So how’s your weather there right now? Wherever you are and whatever is the weather, be safe everyone.

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Who Loves To Float?

I’m so proud of her. She started off being scared just by dipping in the water. But after a few minutes of getting used to it, she can be left alone floating with the help of course of her floating vest, and even kicking herself to move from side to side.

She went out of the pool so red, and now her color is tan. Like as if she went to under the spray tan, hahaha! :) I do hope that someday, Insha Allah God willing, I can enroll her for a swimming lesson too – just like what I did one summer vacation during my high school days. Never the less, good job ate Julia! I hope that you’ll conquer your fear of water again on our next dip.

Summer Time

Thank God for a free pool. My kids and Hubby’s nephew and niece went up to the roof with my SIL as well to deep inside the pool. It’s getting hot in here, and I really wish that I could swim with them too. But I’m not into swimming to be honest with you all. I hate being under the sun. And I’m so vain with getting a darker skin.

Seeing my daughters having fun and enjoying the water is enough for me. Back home I know that it’s much hotter. A blogger even posted a pan with raw egg and a cooking oil and left it outside her backyard, and after hours of living it there, she went back seeing a cooked sunny side up egg. Wow! That’s really hot. Have a safe summer everyone.

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Custom T-Shirts

Holiday season is just around the corner. Have you organized your wish list already for your family and friends? Well, a friend of mine did. And I’m proud that in spite of her busy schedule, she managed to have everything sorted before the end of this month. For instance, she have a group from her work team that are all fan of the Big Bang Theory, so she decided to have a custom big bang theory shirts for each of them. So I look into their Café Press for their designs, and I was really impress by their ideas, since they have huge selection of t-shirts. I even suggested for her to have hoodies as a gifts since it’s almost winter time in the US. I looked around and guess what I found? Breaking Dawn customized t-shirts. OMG!

Well, the 3 images above are the ones that I liked most. Simple and will look cute (hopefully) on me or for my friends as well.

It’s nice that this days, it’s very easy to have your gifts customized. That’s one good idea to have a straight and easy moments to have your gifts done in no time. Plus giving gifts even from the smallest ideas will mean a lot to the recipient, especially if they found out that you did it by yourself. Small things can mean a lot, right? From buttons, magnets, iPhone cases, jewelry, home décor or even business cards; these are just unique ideas that you can offer to have the best gift for holidays.

And so, go ahead and have a good start ahead. Think positive that you can have all ready before the shopping spree start in chaos.

Rainy Days Ahead

I’m always receiving notification from Artscow regarding promotions with coupon codes. I dream to have all my pictures printed with them but our internet is so slow even with uploading, so as much as I wanted to have them print out, I can’t for now. I’m hoping in the future I can do that in line with ordering a Photo book for my digiscrap layouts.

Rainy Days

Anyway, rainy seasons are here already. You can have your umbrellas customized as you like. Here’s a code for you to use if you want.


Don’t forget to sign up with Artscow as well and check out their services.