Green Mubazzarah Hot Spring

We were here like 2 Fridays ago. And It was really hot. It’s a place where hot springs flows and a good picnic with lots of bbq and grill on each hut. I just wish that we have rice and chicken bbq for lunch. You know we Filipinos feel full with rice for lunch, hahaha!

I wish to come back here – but when the weather is cold already so that the sun will make us feel warm. The sun was too high when we went there and I started to had migraine on our way home – boo! Over all, I love the view and the experience of being on the top of the mountains. Here’s a family photo that we took for the 4 of us. No one was free to take picture of me and my family together, so I had to crop and edit so that at least we are in one collage.

Meet my loving husband and my two adorable girls, Julie & Julia.

On The Road

Sorry I wasn’t able to update. We’ve been busy these past few days. We’ve been doing family visits and eating Iftar with Hubby’s relatives. Then SIL’s husband invited his friends to come over and dine with us. So imagine all day me and my SIL working in the kitchen preparing various Arabic meal.

On the road this morning going to the Health Center for Lily's vaccine. Niligaw kami ng GPS. Going there it took us 1 1/2hr. Pabalik na kami sa bahay, inabot lang kami ng 15mins! Anak ka ng tokwa oh.The photo above was a shot when we went to the vaccination center for Lily’s monthly immunization. We’ll be back on October for the her last shot. The navigator unfortunately guide us going there in the long cut. It took us 1.5hrs going there. When we went back home, it only took us 15mins. Watda… so next October, we’ll make sure not to listen to the navigator, hahaha!

My families back home are all safe Alhamdulillah inspite of the unpredictable weather. Hope you and your family are safe.

On The Road

SIL’s husband will be traveling back to Saudi soon. But we’re still looking for available flights, and the cheapest fare (somehow). After the Eid, prices for airline fare went up. I wonder if he’s considering traveling by land. SIL and I were having a chit chat the other day, she said that since most of her family likes to travel on the road, might as well invest for a moving RV. We laughed by the thought of it. But then we also need to consider the fact to have an available shop that can do rv repair too. Hmmm… and so, we decided to set aside those dreams for a while since right now, it’s impossible for us to have those for real. I wish him a good and safe journey back to Saudi.

Farm Town

Last Friday, I was MIA the whole day with no access to the internet because we visited my SIL at her in-law’s house. I was amazed on the things that grows at their back yard. We stayed there over night and enjoyed our stay since they prepared a lot of food to eat. Here are some photos to share. Roll over the photo to see the names.

Lemon TreeCactusOlivesTinMintTomatoesLettuceParsleyGrapesPearApricotsPlum Tree

Just imagine these growing in your backyard as well. An instant farm town for real. There’s this delicious snack that her family prepared for us. It’s so sweet that they gave me a bottle of it. It’s an Apricot Jam that you have to dip with coconut and almond nuts. So yummy!

Apricot Jam

We are invited over to come by and spend the a night with them. I’m expecting to eat this once again, hehehe! :D

Officially Lebanese

We left Damascus at exactly 6:15am. I wasn’t able to check how long it took us to reach the borders of Lebanon, but as far as I know, it’s only an hour to reach there and another hour to reach to city of Beirut.

The itinerary was to proceed with the processing of Julie’s passport. We went firs to the city Mayor to have some papers authenticated. Then to the National Statistics Office to pass the documents needed. And lastly, to the Foreign Affairs to apply. Personal appearance was needed (as usual) so Hubby took Julie with him inside the building while I wait outside. The security was so strict that no one is allowed inside the building unless you’re there to process your passport. According to Hubby, when he passed the documents for Julie, women officers took Julie from him to carry on his behalf so that he can finish processing documents fast. They adored our cutie patootie Lily he said. Alhamdulillah, Masha’Allah.

We finished around 12:30pm. We ate late lunch at Burger King. Visited Hubby’s grandfather, then went back at the affairs at 3:30pm to pick up the passport. So here you go, our daughter is now officially a Lebanese citizen.

Julie's Passport

Due to time restriction, we weren’t able to go around the city of Beirut. I remember my first time in Beirut. It was year 2009. That time, we were processing Julia’s passport and applying for mine as well. Here are some shots of the city I took via my iPhone edited of course via Instagram.

imageimageDowntown at it's peakDowntown at it's peak

Summer Track

It’s the start of summer here in Syria. And it’s really hot in the afternoon. I wish we can just open the AC 24 hours but my husband will kill me for sure if I do that :D So erase that thought for the mean time.

At these times, how I wish we can go around outside the city and enjoy the nice view there. Hubby said that one of his relatives said that there’s an equestrian track outside the city that we can see and even check the place out even without race. Well, if that’s the case, we need to wear riding boots so that we can feel as if we’re on the right track. Just dreaming ;)

Changing Moods

We’ve been out whole day today with MIL and BIL. The original plan was to go outside the city and was supposed to sit beside a small lake to enjoy the view and to change our moods all together. But we found out that they closed the lake for public for some security reasons.

So what Hubby did was to just find another are within the vicinity. Lucky us we found a great spot near by. We found horses too – but we didn’t ride in any of it since the little one is scared of it. So what else to do? We just took a shot with them.

And here’s the wonderful view from where we sat to drink. All colored type of roses can be found there.


All set of colors. What a beauty!



And here’s an update with my 365 Days Project. So delayed because of my previous problem with the internet connection. All photos are clickable and will open a new page for you on my Flickr 365 Days Set.

Day 86Day 87Day 88Day 89Day 90 
Day 91Day 92Day 93Day 94Day 95
Day 96Day 97Day 98Day 99Day 100
Day 101Day 102

Day 86 – Here’s Hubby with silly smile and pose pretending to be an Asian person.
Day 87 – Milk for Julia, Turkish coffee for Hubby and a hot Choco for me.
Day 88 – Another lazy afternoon milk time for the little one.
Day 89 – Watching “Tangled” for the Nth time.
Day 90 – Missing my BB service. I’m using this phone with my roaming SIM in it.
Day 91 – Quietly smiling watching her favorite Dora to catch Stars.
Day 92 – The Fairest of them all.
Day 93 – A quiet time.
Day 94 – My My 2nd Home, Lebanon at Spring time.
Day 95 – McArabia! I love McDonalds!
Day 96 – OGT Test Results. Glucose passed. Hemoglobin and Calcium low 1% with the normal range.
Day 97 – My little motahajeba (meaning a girl/woman who covers her hair with a hair dress or also know as Hijab).
Day 98 – Just an update from myself now a days.
Day 99 – Julia copying Rapunzel. This was the time when Rapunzel was checking on a new wall to paint at. That’s where she painted the lanterns.
Day 100 – Bump, bump, and a bump @ 30 wks.
Day 101 – Self Service Gasoline.
Day 102 – Our lunch for today is Fried Eggplant and French Fries.

By Land or By Air?

Right now, MIL is not here with us. She went to travel by land the other day to visit FIL and might stay there for a month. Hubby said that she needs to renew her resident visa as well. Aside from that, it’s their wedding anniversary yesterday. So I’m sure they spent a romantic night for that occasion.

Travelling by land was not at all an issue with my IL’s since they’ve been doing this for so many times. It will take them at least 18-20 hours before they reach their final destination. It’s much faster if you travel by your own vehicle. With MIL, she rode the bus. The bus is complete with a built in cabin for passengers who want to make a time out ;) And aside from that, it has it’s own emergency breakdown services just in case it broke down the middle of the road. Not bad right? At least you yourself will feel safe to travel at a long distance like this.

If they will travel by air, it will just take them at least 2 hours. But the feeling of excitement to get to your destination will not be that long. Yeah I know it sounds weird. Well, whatever way you travel, for as long as you’re comfortable with it – go ahead.

For me, I don’t mind travelling by land. Just give me a pillow and a blanket so that I can sleep on the way and lots of food to eat :D

Beyond The Snow Tops


Just something to share with you when we went traveled the other day to Lebanon. The view was extravagant. Some of the mountain tops still has snow, but it’s about to melt since we’re expecting spring soon. This was taken using my mobile phone only. I just tweaked the colors in PS though just to lighten up the color


DAY 11 – This was taken at the hi-way on our way up to the mountains going to Beirut Lebanon Tuesday morning. The snow tops on top of the mountains are such a wonderful view from afar. So sad though we were not able to come up due to the limited time we had to stay in Lebanon. Probably next time we can go up once more and let Julia experience her first time in the snow.
Day 11
DAY 12 – A very happy Julia while having our lunch at Shrimpy – a sea food restaurant, famous for their delicious shrimps.
Day 12
DAY 13 – Just another sunny afternoon play time with Papa dear. My little girl is such a daddy’s girl indeed.
Day 13
DAY 14 – Our last trip along the Corniche of Beirut. We left early just in time for sunrise and view of their light house.
Day 14

We’re Back!

…From Lebanon. No access to internet for days.

I’ll try to update by tomorrow about:
- Philippine DFA’s Passport Renewal Experience
- My Beirut’s 2nd time experience
- Jeddo’s current health situation (Hubby’s loving grandfather)
- 365 days photo upload

Travelling by Land

We’re off soon to Lebanon to apply for a Lebanese citizenship. And my in-laws are planning as early as now as to when we will travel as well to apply for a Lebanese passport for our little peanut. It’ll be a repeat as per hubby. It’s like doing the things we did a year ago with Julia.

We’re planning to rent a big van with those trailers along because it’ll be a long trip for us. We’ll use it as well during our trip to Saudi which I’m not yet sure of. Making sure that we sign for a 5th wheel warranty. May God Bless our future journey for this year.