All By Herself On The 2nd Day

Oh her 2nd day in school, I went home because I wasn’t feeling well. I left her sitting down on her chair looking at her classmates while in tears. I couldn’t look at her straight in the eye because I was holding on to my tears myself.


After a few hours, we picked her up from the school and this is what she showed me, her first 3 stars! I’m sure it was all because of crying hahaha!

She took home a lot of homework for her 2nd day. She even had to write from 1 to 50. She’s pressured I know, and so am I. I’m not a perfect mom, but I’m trying very hard to be one for her.

First School Uniform

As you can see the date is way back weeks ago. Here’s my Julia officially wearing her school uniform. It’s one size bigger than her actually, but we opt it this way so that she can move freely and will give her enough time to grow.

It’s been an up and down week for us in school. A lot of adjustments and we’re still catching up with her subjects, especially her skills in writing. Just last week, her Math teacher told me that she writes very slow. Well as a mom of course it’s hard to accept that our kids are having a slow start, but I’ve already spoken to fellow mommies and they all said that it’s very normal especially since she’s a beginner and that it’s her first time in school. Anyway, in sha Allah God willing, through our help she’ll cope up well and I’m praying that she’ll love school more than we hope for.

You see, this is one of the reason why I gave a month break for all my digital scrapbooking duties. I’m still balancing myself and at the same time dealing with life’s challenges too. But all is good, Alhamdulillah Thanks be to God.

I miss scrapping though. My CT Leader said that I should go back and probably and scrapping therapy will do, but whenever I open the PS, the mojo is not there at all. I guess, it’ll come sooner or later. I’m just happy and proud that they are all there to support me during this tough times and of course, advices has been given. Thank God for online friends.

So that’s it. I’ll make it short again and hopefully will show more pictures of Julia’s development in school. And yeah, we have a 4 day holiday – started yesterday, Friday. But it’s Exam week starting Tuesday so I will start reviewing my daughter on Sunday in sha Allah God willing.

Have a safe holidays to everyone who is here in Saudi Arabia.

Why Choose Iowa preschool?

Factors to consider when choosing the best preschool for your kids

A CT preschool is the best option for single moms or working parents as a safe place where they can leave their kids as they go to work. Since the daycare is the place where the kids will spend most of his or her time, it is but natural for parents to be vigilant when choosing the best daycare or preschool for their kids.

So what are the important factors then that parents should look for when choosing the best CT daycare:

  1. Certification. Before parents entrust their kids to a daycare center, they should check first if the center has passed all the requirements set by the concerned agency. Parents can ask the manager for the latest certification of their center to ensure that they have passed the inspection to be considered as a safe place for children.
  2. Qualification and dedication of staff. Parents should check the experiences and background of the staff who are running the daycare. Some preschools display these qualifications in one corner of the center for the parents to see. It is important that staff are also dedicated and shows genuine love for the kids so parents will have peace of mind that their kids are well taken cared of while they are away. Parents can also check for trainings and certification of teachers and managers to know if they have the skills needed to deal with emergency cases.
  3. Child to Teacher Ratio. Since kids being put to preschool are still young and would need all the attention to ensure their safety, it is ideal that there is no more than 4 kids per caregiver. The smaller the ratio is, the better as this means that the caregiver will be able to give as much attention and care per child.
  4. Cleanliness and Child Friendliness of the center. Make sure that the center pass hygienic standards and that the center is safe for children by looking at things like safety gates, rubber mat in the playground and the like.
  5. Activities for the kids. Parents should also put importance on the early education of their kids so they should also check for the different activities and curriculum being offered by the center for each age group so kids will also learn and gain basic knowledge while in the center.

All these factors are what you can observe in Iowa preschool. Iowa preschool is under Apple Tree Children’s centers which has been operational since 1982 serving 2000 families across 3 states. They have trained and professional teachers and managers that are very passionate with the work that they do. The center is also safe and comfortable and offers a home-like environment so kids will feel at ease as they learn, explore and have fun.

What’s important also is that they are not just a center where parents can leave their kids. Caring and Educating – that is their goal as they not only take good care of all the kids in the center but they also provide a venue where kids can get the best early education which will put a huge impact on the child’s overall development.