Photoshop CS5

Thanks for Hubby I have an upgraded PS that I can used for my scrapping and editing photos. Though I’m now fond of using Light-room with processing the photos but I’m still using the PS for scrapping. From CS3 now to CS5. Yipee!

I really thank Shey a lot for teaching me on how to use Photoshop. Without her patience with me online, I think I’d still using the old school PhotoImpact. Booo! :D Thank God for angels like her.

Got it!!!!

I finally got the hang of it!!! I was searching tutorials on how to do this kinds of ready made templates. It took me like 30minutes (imagine that?!) to do this template. For the first time! Though I still don’t know a lot of it but at least I was able to come up for something cute and fast!



The image above is linked to the designer for this layout.




And for this. I will be searching for more stuff to scrap with. Yehey! Thanks to my inspirations – my twitter friends.

PS Actions

Thanks to dear friend Chikai, for giving me some of the basic techniques in Photoshop. Before I used to play along the contrast, brightness and lots of guessing with the Photoshop photo editing. But now, it made it easier for me to make a wonderful photo look so real. I love this lamp shade.


DAY 101


Day 101 – The 365 Days Project