Photo Hunt {Yellow} & {Hands}

Shucks! Missed a lot of PH entry for this week. Sharing mine even late.


Pretty me in Yellow blouse and yellow shoes. Cory Aquino, is that you? This was taken at The Pearl after a month of giving birth to Bb Julia. I miss being me.


This is my entry for the "Hands" – a picture of me and Baby Julia by 1 month old.fingers1

PhotoHunt { Thankful }

photohunterz For this week’s theme, the title is THANKFUL. I wanted to post lots of photos, but I guess these are the important ones.

So thankful for having been blessed with such a wonderful family.

Youngest among 3 girl. So thankful to have my parents, my sisters and

PhotoHunt {Bridges}

It’s time for Photohunt Entry. It’s been a while since my last PH entry. Was so busy with work and Bb Julia so I wasn’t able to have the energy to find pictures for every theme. Anyway, it’s better late than never.


These photos were taken during our vacation to Philippines last year. We took Hubby to see 1 of the wonders of the Philippines, Tagaytay People’s Park. He enjoyed the view since he loves nature and he was amazed looking over the Volcano.

Here’s Hubby with my niece Arra whose taking up IT and will graduate thank God next year in PUP. She and her brother are close to me since we’re just 7 years

My BIL and eldest sister ate Alma. I’m planning Insha’Allah God willing to take my sister here in Qatar once my mother leaves so that someone can look over Bb Julia during my

PhotoHunt { Wide }


Was kind a late for this week’s entry because I was searching for my files to grab the great photo for this entry. I was looking over pictures way back 2007. I’m trying to have only 1 entry for each hunt – stopping myself not to post the other photo, hehehe!


Wide – Open!

This is Hubby and his neice Yara playing around when we visited them at their house during our vacation in Damascus Syria last September 2007. Yara is the eldest daughter of Hubby’s sister ate Rana. I love this moment when they were both playing around. Yara copied what his Khalo {Uncle} Abed was doing, hehehe! Yara looks like Hubby actually. They have the same eye color, eyebrows and nose. So I think when Bb Julia will grow up, she will be like her cousin Yara but different eye color. How I miss this girl. We’ll see them next year for our next vacation Insha’Allah {God willing}.

Until next PhotoHunt.

PhotoHunt { Favorite }

Just in time again for the PhotoHunt adventure. Want to join? Just click on the image below and have fun looking over the photos you have.



The theme for this week is FAVORITE.

Well, this is my favorite shoe ever. I bought this shoe from Milano last January and believe it or not, I only got to wear it TWICE! One was when we visited a friend who give birth last January and second was when me and hubby went out to go mall hoping last February this year. But then came March where we found out that we’ll have our Little Treasure so all the high heels that I have was to be put aside for the mean time and say hello to doll shoes ever.

Yes, I do wear this types of heels since unfortunately I’m lack in height, hahaha! But I only have 2 of these types and as I’ve said one of my bad habit is buying shoes with same style but different color. I have another one similar to this but the color is red which I wore ONCE! Yes, believe it or not again – ONCE! That was last year when we went off for a vacation to Syria. Let’s admit girls, we are so in vain with buying shoes that sometimes we just bought them for nothing. What a girl wants – hehehe!

PhotoHunt { Breakfast }

My entry for this week’s PhotoHunt was taken last year in Damascus-Syria around September 2007. It was the Holy month of Ramadan. This was our first breakfast before fasting on the 2nd day. It was my first as well. This is a typical breakfast for Arabs. Very healthy and simple. MIL prepared it and some are left-overs the other day.
  • Labneh: this is somewhat like yoghurt
  • Martadela
  • Scrambled Egg: cooked with milk – yummy!
  • Sambousa: it’s a must during Ramadan;
  • Soup: it’s actually a Mushroom soup;
  • Maqdoos: it’s an eggplant marinated with corn oil and olive oil. There’s red bell pepper inside it – actually, my Mom likes this so much but I don’t like it, hehehe! Though it’s not spicy;
  • Olives
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • Butter: low fat;
  • Olive Oil: when you dip the Kubus or Bread in the Labneh, you have to dip it as well in the olive oil – yummy!
  • Zaatar: I don’t like this as well and I don’t eat it too though I was told that it’s very healthy;
  • and Arabic cheese

All of these are eaten with Kubus or Bread and hot Tea. Until next PhotoHunt adventure.

PhotoHunt { Metal }

My photohunt entry for this week is this graduation picture of mine that was taken last May 2004. Ever since I had this photo taken, I never removed it from this metal frame that I have since Highschool days – way back Saudi Middle East Life of mine. Me and the rest of my best budies back home went to GreatImage in SM North to have our gradpic taken.
Having this portrait taken was one of my BIGGEST DREAM ever! and Alhamdulillah (Thanks God) with great prayers and perseverance, I was able to achieve this BIG DREAM of mine.
How’s my cobra bangs? Hahaha! I was told that I looked like Jenelyn Mercado here, hehehe!