And so a week for 2011 has just ended. I’m so left behind with the first week. Thank you Tracy for the reminder.

Last year was a disaster. I started off doing well with the 365 days project, but then after our vacation back home, I had to cut it short since I don’t have access to the internet and posting photos was impossible. And so I committed myself to taking shots for this year using my iPhone since most of the times my dslr is not with me and I can easily post it over my flickr account as well. I’ll be using as well some of my favorite photo apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram to twist effects on the photos too.

So here are my share for this 1st week:

DAY 1 – Was not a good start for me. I was dehydrated to due to continuous 6 days of diarrhea. Was on bed rest as well for 3 days. Baby’s fine though.
DAY 2 – Julia’s clothes for the winter that was a gift for her for her 1st birthday now fits her perfectly. I forgot who gave this for her actually. Thank you!


DAY 3 – It’s my dear Father-in-laws 57th birthday. Happy Birthday Papa! We love you! Cheers for a long life.
DAY 4 – Hubby went out with Papa to fix some things for the house and arranged some important documents as well, so while waiting for them to arrive, me and Julia watched Monster Inc for 3x in a row. Waaaaah! See how amazed she is until now even if she watched it for the nth time. Simple joys of childhood. Sigh…
DAY 5 – A healthy brunch. Fried Cauliflower, Eggplant, Chicken Springroll and fresh cucumber and tomatoes eaten with bread or kubus.
DAY 6 – Keeping myself warm enough. Bbrrrrrr…
DAY 7 – Feeling moody on a Friday morning. Mood swings of pregnancy, here we go again. Hubby had to endure the me and my childhood attitudes for today. And for that, I went out with MIL and SIL for an engagement party. Too bad camera are not allowed.

Flickr Pro, Yahoo!

I’m dying to upload photos over Flickr. But the broad band’s speed is killing me over here. I wanted to upload Julia’s 2nd birthday celebration and as well our trip for the past few weeks. I haven’t uploaded photos in London as well. There are quite some photos already over my Facebook account but there are some videos too that I wish to back up as well.

Thanks to my Mommy Santa for making my Flickr a Pro. Because of her gift, now it’s my chance to back up my photos as well. I wish though that our internet is that fast enough right now to have it backed up right now. I guess I have to wait for that.

Thank you Mommy Santa for making this big dream possible. Happy Christmas to you. Can’t wait for the Twitter Exchange gift revelation.

262/365 – New Lenses

DAY 262DAY 262(2)
Our new baby kit lens is here! Yipee! Thanks to twitter friend Khaty for recommending this lens. I was supposed to buy 50mm but even the guy from the store said that this one is much better. And yeah! I’m loving it!

Here’s my first test shots for it:

DAY 262(3)DAY 262(4)
Both shots are raw shots.  I love the bokeh all around it. Now I can shoot closer objects making sure all necessary details are clear. I’m loving it! Alhamdulillah! Masha’Allah! Thank you Sweetie for an advance birthday gift. I have another one to reveal soon. But not now, hehehe!

258/365 – Love, Nikon

DAY 258 

She’s here!!! And I so love her!!! (of course not more than the little one).

We were passing by a mall and I asked hubby if we could drop by to check the price of one of my wish-list for my birthday. He said “okay, no problem. It’s along the way home anyway.”

One question that made my lucky again for this night:

”Sweety, if it’s available, buy it… this offer is only valid for today… grab it or leave it? It’s up to you”

And the rest is history…. Left me speechless living the mall flying in heaven… Sigh… This is an advance gift for my big three-O coming up in 2 mos time. Sigh… So blessed and complete…. Sigh… Thank you Sweetie!

My Inspiration

Look at those wonderful toes. Aren’t they adorable? I had to make sure that baby J’s doing a tip-toe for this shot. Why? For no reason. I just want her to see how cute and chubby toes she has at 22 months old. This was taken at our room window during our short run away out from the city last Eid Al Fitr. I had to make sure to take shots for her in preparation for her 2nd birthday this November. I need to get a good shot for the invitation card, so I’m grab the opportunity to make the little girl pose for a while.


One of the reason for this photo is because I’m checking out the best watermark for the photos I’m taking (yeah right, as if I’m a pro for it, he-he!). Sometimes (not all the time), we have to believe in ourselves, right?


And here’s another one with the rest of the background taken. She was trying to look over the pool outside. May God always save her for us.

Happy 23rd, Adnan!

Last night we celebrated Adnan’s 23rd birthday. It was a quiet and simple celebration. Except of course it could have been quieter if not for the guys shouting for joy because of Germany who won 3rd place for this year’s FIFA World Cup 2010 against Uruguay. They could’ve won (Uruguay) if they continued their defense up to the end. The score was 2-1 when we arrived. But of course the Germany machined kicked off after the 60th minute making it tied 2-2. And then another score ending 3-1. What am I talking about? Ahhh… that’s why the party last night was not that noisy like before. But at least Adnan’s blessings for another year was recognized. Not enough pictures though. I didn’t bring my camera with me because I forgot to plug the battery in the charger.


Adnan is my first model. Last 2008 we made a photo shoot for him. You can find some of his photos here. We had fun taking pictures for his solo. I didn’t know yet how to use Photoshop that time and my hands were still shaking because I don’t have my stand as well. But the photo below was edited now using Photoshop CS3.








And that year as well, we went to the park to unwind 1 Friday afternoon. Me and a friend took photos of Adnan too. This was our 2nd session.






I do hope that we could set a date next time to do his portraits. He’s a very gentle guy with a great pose on and off cam. By the way, he’s an aspiring model. Happy Birthday again to you Adnune.

For Papa

I made a surprise and edit one of my FIL’s photo taken during our last year’s annual vacation to Lebanon. I wanted to send it via email to him but hubby knows then his password on his FB account (since of course he’s the one who taught him on how to use the FB), so we decided to surprise him and changed his current profile photo. I’m so glad he liked the result the of the black and white effect.




Isn’t he a handsome guy? I’m so lucky indeed to have such a loving father in law. I will not forget the first time we met last 2007 at the Damascus International Airport. I was so scared of him, that I couldn’t even looked at him straight in the eye. Well, of course he looks mean – I guess it’s normal for everyone to feel like that especially to a stranger right? But I was able to please their needs by showing them that I respected my husband more than anyone else in this world and for that reason, he trusted me that I’ll take care of his son and they assured me in return that they’ll always protect and will treat me as their youngest daughter. From then on, they spoiled me to the highest level, ha-ha! An official El Oweini. Because of him and Mama, I’m so proud to be part of their family. I’m so proud of them too for teaching my husband to be a responsible and loving partner. Masha’Allah! Alhamdulillah! Thank God for the blessings of love within our family.

flickr Pro

I’m back from a week stay in Jeddah with my in-laws. My husband and I are missing them all. My BIL/SIL as well. I was able to grab a copy of our vacation last year 2009 in Lebanon. I’m thinking of backing up my photos on Flickr and upgrading my account to Pro. Will this be the right sign to do it or no?




I have to think hard on doing this… sigh… I don’t want to mess up again with our photos in the future.