Night Lights, Corniche Al Buhayra

A friend of mine shared her techniques in taking photos at night. It’s been a while since I last use my dslr. So a few weeks back, I grab my cam and went over SIL’s veranda. Set the manual settings my friend taught me, and voila.

And now I appreciate my dslr once again. So happy that I took this chance while they have this projector set up over the mosque. Believe it or not, the lights over the mosque are just by the projectors. The real color of it is beige. I forgot what the occasion was about. It stayed for a week and lucky us to witness it.

The view over SIL’s place is Masha’Allah so relaxing. Except of bed weather ;) Insha Allah we can find a place like this once we’re on our own.

Leme Leme App

And since I don’t have access to Instagram – and I think will never have the chance to access my favorite app for as long as we’re still here in SAR, might as well think of another iPhone app that has the same effects. I’ve had this app at the same time when I downloaded Instagram. I used it sometimes to edit photos from here, then will use Square Ready then straight to Instagram for sharing (yup! I’m that addicted to Instagram). I love the recent app update, less bugs and much faster than before. One thing I don’t like though, is that you can’t see a preview if you choose any of the lenses/effect. Here are some recent shots of my girls Julie & Julia. Big sister was the one who took the one on the lower left (Julie’s solo). She has an eye for photography.

From LemeLeme.From LemeLeme. From LemeLeme.From LemeLeme.

I don’t have any followers yet. If you’re there, you know my usual username. I love that this app can be shared as well to Flickr, meaning an easy upload to my account. Weeee! I just hope that they don’t block this app in the future :(

20% Off is Extended

I so wish I can avail this offer in Artscow. It will end this 5th of August. I wanted to avail, but I’m refraining myself to do so. I’m saving up right now. And even if I order, I will not have the address to have it shipped. Hayst. I do hope that next time, I’ll be able to order a PB for my kids. I need to do as well our UK trip too.

Gift for Mom

My friends over Twitter are all busy doing their photo book these past few days. There’s an on going promo from Artscow that’s why most of them are busy doing their layouts. Me on the other hand are looking for a perfect photo frame gifts for my mother. She’ll be celebrating her birthday this 2nd of August and I have the perfect photo layout for her. I’m also hunting designs and ideas on how to arrange photos over our wall. Look at the sample below, it’s a good way to post your photos. I love the black frames. Perfect for all colored painted walls.

deluxe wall gallery frame hall gallery frame set

Rainy Days Ahead

I’m always receiving notification from Artscow regarding promotions with coupon codes. I dream to have all my pictures printed with them but our internet is so slow even with uploading, so as much as I wanted to have them print out, I can’t for now. I’m hoping in the future I can do that in line with ordering a Photo book for my digiscrap layouts.

Rainy Days

Anyway, rainy seasons are here already. You can have your umbrellas customized as you like. Here’s a code for you to use if you want.


Don’t forget to sign up with Artscow as well and check out their services.

How To Create A Perfect Wall Display

And since I love photo frames, here’s an idea for you on how to make your own DIY Wall Photo Frame Display. Can’t wait to really print out photos of my kids. My online have done this project already, and it all looks perfect. I hope that once it’s my turn to do this, I’ll be able to find the perfect frame for each photos.

Wall Display

Newborn Photography

My very first attempt. See my Flickr gallery by clicking the image below.

The baby of course is our very own Julie. I decided to make her 1st week shots which I failed to do for her big sister Julia. I was still in the healing process up until her 2nd week last 2008 when Julia was born, reason why I wasn’t able to take a photo of her. She have a few shots – but not that much. Besides, that time I’m still not that keen with photography. I was just a beginner, well actually until now I’m still a beginner. I wish I could do more shots for both of them. But it’s very hard to find the right time with her new born mood swings and the pressure from the big sister’s naughty attitude is coming up as well. But I’m happy with the results – for now. I can’t wait to print one and will put it on their room. Insha Allah God willing.

Instant Stressed With Instagram

Yes, I was stressed for exactly 4 days because one of my favorite photo app which is Instagram was not working properly.


I had to do a troubleshooting just to have it work.

  1. I deleted the application over my iPhone and re-downloaded it again.
  2. I checked for any updates over iTunes – but it seems that the last update was the one I have already.
  3. My current OS for my iPhone is up to date. 4.3.1 so I don’t see any problems with my iPhone itself.
  4. I then restored the original settings for my iPhone. Made a back up first then restored back all apps.
  5. Lastly, Hubby rebooted our router just to make sure that the problem was not with our internet connection.

So what happen then? Well it still didn’t worked. Everything was working fine except for this app. Oh I forgot that my Gmail email was not working too. It’s not receiving and sending emails. So this made me conclude that the problem was with our internet connection. My best-friend said that the slow connection is probably the reason why it can’t feed any new feeds and and the same time can’t do any updates at all.

And so I gave up :(

Then the other day, when I was playing Smurfs Village, I checked if the feeds will work. And voila! Believe it or not, I was able to upload 2 photos that was on queue. Then I said to myself, probably it will work now then later it will not. So I didn’t expect too much. The next day, the first thing I did before going off from bed was to check the feeds again – and another voila! My IG is back to normal. It can refresh new feeds and I can share photos once again. So what was the problem? I really can’t tell. But I really guess it’s the connection just like what my best-friend said.

Well, first thing I did was to update my 365 days project. And that’s the next thing I need to blog. I hope this will not happen again – otherwise, I might get stressed again, hahaha! :D Sorry folks, just addict with this app that’s all.


Well, all of us over Twitter are all now addicted with one of Apple’s top application, which is “Instagram”. As you may all know, I’m using this app to complete my 365 days project. And I’m really glad that I’ve chose this application to comply with this year’s project. Though sometimes I’m using Hipstamatic too – but it depends on my mood, and it depends on the subject. It’s really easier for me to make sure that I’m updated.

Aside from the different filters it offers, there’s a new update with it which is the “tilt+shift” option which creates a slight bokeh shot effect for the photo. Some of us say that it’s the new Flickr on our group. We love leaving each other comments and liking each ones photos. It’s funny how we adore each other’s photos over Instagram. And aside from that, we go over Flickr and view it there too. Isn’t it ironic?

Try to download it, and I bet you’ll keep your photos up like me which now runs up to 103 with 23 followers and following 22.

Beyond The Snow Tops


Just something to share with you when we went traveled the other day to Lebanon. The view was extravagant. Some of the mountain tops still has snow, but it’s about to melt since we’re expecting spring soon. This was taken using my mobile phone only. I just tweaked the colors in PS though just to lighten up the color

Hubby’s Request


When we went up again in the mountains of Bludan last week, hubby requested me to take a shot of this angle. He wanted to make it a desktop background on for his laptop. I’m glad that the result of the shot was almost perfect. I haven’t been taking photos with a good angle recently, I’m glad that my mojo for photography is back again.

Ideal Camera

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a fuji digital cameras which you can use easily in times of special occasions? Well, we have a wedding to attend this evening. I will not take my dslr with me since it’s heavy for me to use now.

I wish as well to take photos on the wedding, but it’s actually forbidden to take a camera inside the hall. I miss taking photos. I miss the zoom in zoom out, haha! :D I wish to go outdoors and take wonderful views of Syria. But it’s really too cold for us now to go around. In a few months from now, summer will be here. Can’t wait for it.


365 Photos Just to make sure that I will not be late with uploading photos for this year’s project 365, I just want to let you know that my photos are all uploaded straight over my flickr account under the “365 Days / 2011” album. I’m so happy that I’ve finally got my flickr under pro (thanks to my Mommy Santa for making my wish come true).

Click on the image above to direct you over my flickr account and view these photos. I love Instagram! I’m gaining friends as well over that application. Before me and dear friend Shey are the only ones on my feeds, now I’m following 10 and have 9 followers. You can follow me too. My name si “Jhari O. or @omjulia”.