Free Open Source Download Manager

When it comes to downloading stuff over the internet, I always seek help from my other half. My hubby’s very particular with downloading a lot of things over the World Wide Web. He’s very keen and very observant with what to download in particular. We’re trying to avoid internet viruses as much as possible. For a SAHM like me who download free loads of digital-scrapbooking for example, he advised me to use a download manager to make it easier for me.

Here are some Open Source Software that Hubby is familiar with aside from the download manager that he’s using now.

For uploading and transferring files over the internet, he uses a FileZilla File Transfer. I might be using this since it’s the most convenient way to do a lot of things especially for a blogger like me who uploads files over the internet.

Freemind is another useful Java application which we can use if you’re a working mom for example and in need of a mapping application. My friend uses this since they need to construct a step by step process over their work before. I wonder how it went?

Here’s what I love most, GIMP Photo Software. Since I’m using a Photoshop with scrapping and editing photos, this one is an alternative application that will do a lot and retouch digital images too.

With regards to money matters, GnuCash Software is the best open source software to manage personal and small business finances. I wish I have tons of finances to think about. It’ll be nice to be organized with company bank accounts, income and expenses or even stocks (if you have) with this software. Dreaming on.

And last but not the least, Download Youtube Videos. Who don’t own a Facebook account here? Well, with this powerful utility, it can help you download videos from Youtube easily. The good thing here is that you can change the formats of the video so that it’ll be compatible with your gadgets. Cool right?

It’s all for free. Go ahead and try it.

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