As 2013 leaves,
My Pray To Allah (SWT) Only For You All
may it take away with
it all your sorrows & all worries.
And As 2014 arrives,
may it bring with
you unadulterated..
happiness & prosperity.

Christmas 2013


noun: Christmas; plural noun: Christmases

  1. 1. the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth, held on 25 December in the Western Church.
    "he was a vehement sabbatarian and iconoclast, who denounced the observance of Christmas"
    synonyms: Xmas, Noel; More

  2. LO215---Merry-Christmas

    I hope you guys had fun celebrating the most wonderful time of year with your love ones. I on the other hand had fun and had teary eyes watching my family back home via Skype. Thank God for technology. These greetings is from Dioso Family which I’m always grateful because they always allow me use their photos to create layouts.

    Here’s a snap shots of my family back home.

    Aren’t they all look so cute? My mom cried, like usual hahaha! Made me cry too :(

    LO215 – Merry Christmas

    Wish Come True | Papers
    Wish Come True | Embellishments
    Wish Come True | Smears by Mye De Leon
    The Picture Book | Vol.1 by Cyrstal Livesay and Mye De Leon

    Great Night For Fright

    A few days from now it’ll be the most exciting and I believe scariest season for all children out there. Halloween. Wahahahaha… *I really don’t sound funny here, hahaha!

    Anyway, since we don’t have much activity for Halloween, I snagged a couple of photos from a friend – and I’m so glad that it’s ok for me to grab some photos of her and her lovely kid.

    Aren’t they look so adorable? She’s such a cutie pie and she’s lucky to have such an awesome mommy. Right Chief B?

    I love Scrapyrus Designs. So I decided to match her template and kit together.


    LO188 – Wicked

    Howl At The Moon | Kit by Scrapyrus Designs
    In Burst Mode no.1 | Layered Templates by Scrapyrus Designs

    I wonder when will my kids experience such even in their lives. I was hoping to doll them up with costumes. Oh life. In sha Allah in the future Smile

    George Ferris Gets A Google Doodle For Valentine’s Day

    This is what Google front page welcomed me today. I said to myself, who is George Ferris?

    By the last name I really think he’s the inventor of the ferris wheel. And I was right. Here’s what Google has to say about him.

    It’s really nice to know that Google is recognizing history as it embarks a new day for all of us. We are entertained with how doodle interactive is all about + we get to know more about our World’s history.

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!

    Sui Sui Ping An!

    It’s Chinese New Year!

    Happy New Year to my friends and families who are celebrating this occasion.

    Wan Shi Ru Yi: means everything follow your will
    Ji Xiang Ru Yi: means harmony and follow your will
    Sui Sui Ping An: means harmony and safely year around
    Gong Xi Fa Cai: means Congratulations and be prosperous. Mostly used in southern China.

    The Love Month

    Hello there lovers! It’s the love month. Oh and yes, it’s been a while. I’m really sorry for not updating. I’ve been busy this past few days. Catching up with the store’s new released and did a wedding invite for a friend as well. Will post about it once she confirms that it’s a go.

    So anyway, here’s Snoppy’s tweet to inspire us all for this love month.

    I hope you all ready for your dates on Vday. Hmmm… I don’t know what my husband is up to this year. Last year we had some visa issues so he went to Oman for change visa and we had to postponed our Vdays date because he flew out February 16 and came back the next day. Then me and the girls had to do the same thing too. So after a few days, we left as well. So Valentines day was not as sweet as we thought it will be. Never the less, we’re still thankful and blessed.

    Are you ready for Valentines?

    2 Weeks

    Hi there! I’m back. Here’s something to look forward to as well.

    I’m sure a lot of kids out there are all so excited to unwrap their gifts from Santa. Hoorah! We don’t celebrate Christmas though. But we still recognized it since my family back home are all Christians. So I may not be a part of this celebration, but I feel the happiness and cheers to all the joys of spreading goodwill and peace all over the world.

    Christmas for me is gift giving. Yehey!

    Rock ‘n Roll Party

    While searching for  the best Gibson guitar online, I remembered that a fellow online mommy is celebrating her daughter’s 7th birthday today. And their theme is Rock and Roll party. I’m sure that they’ll have lots of things in order to entertain their guests. I can’t wait for the pictures to see how the party will look like. The celebrants dad is such a hands=on for this party. They did everything from A-Z. I salute them both for keeping eye on the details. I wonder if they’ll have a live band? I’ve never been into a party theme like this one.

    Happy birthday dearest ate Bella! You’re a great kid. Enjoy your party later.
    ~ Julie & Julia El Oweini

    Gifts for Easter

    I know it’s too early to plan this, but I was looking for some flowers online and came across some plants as Easter gifts. I then realized that it’s really a good idea to give this as gifts for next year’s Easter.

    Teacup OrchidPotted Fragrant GardeniaSweet Spring Breeze Bulb Garden

    We don’t celebrate this since we’re Muslim but I know you guys out there who are Christian can simply get an idea from this. Hope it helps.