The Love Month

Hello there lovers! It’s the love month. Oh and yes, it’s been a while. I’m really sorry for not updating. I’ve been busy this past few days. Catching up with the store’s new released and did a wedding invite for a friend as well. Will post about it once she confirms that it’s a go.

So anyway, here’s Snoppy’s tweet to inspire us all for this love month.

I hope you all ready for your dates on Vday. Hmmm… I don’t know what my husband is up to this year. Last year we had some visa issues so he went to Oman for change visa and we had to postponed our Vdays date because he flew out February 16 and came back the next day. Then me and the girls had to do the same thing too. So after a few days, we left as well. So Valentines day was not as sweet as we thought it will be. Never the less, we’re still thankful and blessed.

Are you ready for Valentines?

MonChel It Is

If you haven’t heard about MonChel, well it’s about time here. It’s real! And I’m so freaking happy about it! Finally, it’s confirmed. And I’m so kilig because Cory is such a gentleman because he said it first even though there has been too much speculations about it for the past 10 months. Here’s an interview of Cory on The Ellen Show.

So fellow Gleeks, what can you say about it? Isn’t that an exciting news? They are meant for each other and I’m really joining the wagon for their tandem to move on for life.

this Made Me Cry!

You should watch this video. I saw it ate Kaje’s blog, and oh dear I was crying till the end. Watch it and see how these group of family and friends brainstorm on such awesome performance just to make this lucky girl say YES!

I love proposals. I love the feeling of excitement and be surprised. Being in-love is such a blessed feeling. Subhan’Allah! God is good!

For Our 5th Year

Today is our 5th year as husband and wife. I had to made a layout for this day, but I don’t have much time this morning to scrap from scratch. In times like this, a call for QP for the rescue.

Today marks another year for us Sweety. 5 years of being together. Having you every day is already a blessing for us. Alhamdulillah for having you back. Our 4th year was a tough year for us. But we made it through, by the grace of Allah. Now on our 5th, I know that we can do everything together. I’ll stand by your side, love, care and be the best wife for you. I’ll cook for you too, hahaha! Happy Anniversary Sweety. Thank you for the love, care, trust, for being a generous person, and for just simply loving and accepting me as I am. I love you with all my heart and soul.

LO Credits: Blog Train Freebie by Natascha; INDSD "Memory Keepers" collab kit 2011.

The 5 Languages of Love

And this is what I get from taking the 15 minutes assessment from The 5 Languages of Love site.

The 5 Languges of Love

My fellow mommies are answering this when I checked some updates from them through Instagram. So I got curious and took the test as well. And I just wish now that Hubby’s here with me so that I can check his. I will have him take these test soon… till then, I have to wait…

Our highest score is Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Hmmm… he really does a lot to me make me feel comfortable. I never imagined that it’s already a sign of love. And even before, when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend, he asked me first if I’m comfortable with this or that. He’s my Matt Farell IRL.

Acts of Service
Can vacuuming the floors really be an expression of love? Absolutely! Anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on an “Acts of Service” person will speak volumes. The words he or she most want to hear: “Let me do that for you.” Laziness, broken commitments, and making more work for them tell speakers of this language their feelings don’t matter.

Now it’s your turn to take the assessment.

Will You Marry Me?

Not for me, for a friend. Her fiancé arrived from Japan a few days ago and gave her a new engagement ring. I wonder if he looked over those dazzling designer engagement ring for her. I’m so happy for this couple. They will tie the knot by tomorrow. I will just wait for the wedding pictures to be posted on their Facebook account since our presence will not be possible. I made this layout for them by the way. And I’m glad that the bride to be loved it. It’s the only gift I can gave them aside from lots of best wishes.

LO49 - I Do

Our 4th Year Together

An overdue post. Sharing you an LO I made for our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary which was last 19th of April 2011.

LO42 - Looking Back


"It was 4 years ago when I learned that I can’t leave without you. You made each day meaningful. Knowing that a day without seeing or talking to you was the worst feeling ever. And so we decided to get married. Marrying you was the 2nd best decision I’ve ever made in my life. LOVING you was the first.

Who would have thought that someone like you can fall in love with a person as small as me? You accepted me as I am. You believed in my capabilities and most of all, you gave me your words of trustworthy, loyalty and faithfulness.

I’ve never been away from you. If I do, it’s like a feeling of living inside a room without nothing to sit on. Your presence has always been my COMFORT.

2010 was a great year for us. It was a year of challenge for both of us. As parents and as human beings. But inspite of those challenges, I was never afraid. You know why? Because I know that whatever is the outcome, you’ll always be there for us. US as a couple, and US as SOULMATES.

So here we are, 4 years after. Still holding on. You gave me 2 wonderful reasons to be alive again. And meaningful reasons to wake up each day.

First, you gave me 2 adorable children to treasure for a lifetime. Second is that, YOU’RE STILL MY MAN.

I love You so so so much Sweety. Thank you for loving me. Happy 4th Year Wedding Anniversary."

And this is the first time that I’ve used so many papers and elements from different kits.

Papers: Biograffiti Note2SelfAdd Paper02 & Paper05, Maya de Groot’s "Prego" Kit Paper08
Elements: Paprika "Black and Blue" Element33 and Element42, Maya de Groot’s "Prego" Kit Button1, Button2, Circle Spray, Flower1 and Flower2
Template by Fei-Fei’s Stuff Template No8

4 Months To Go

A dear friend online recently held their wedding anniversary. Suddenly I thought of us having our turn. It’ll be our 4th year together as legally married. And 2 more years, Insha Allah, God willing it’ll be our turn to receive our 6th wedding anniversary gift. Looking forward for more years of togetherness. My parents on the other hand will have their wedding anniversary after 2 months. I couldn’t wish for anything else for us married people except everlasting LOVE and good health for one another. I can smell that love is in the air.

3 Years and counting…

Day 96 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 96


We’ve just celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday. Was too busy to blog since after work, I did some cleaning and we just ordered Pizza for dinner. Spent the day as a regular day. We’ll just plan this weekend on what to do and where to go then. Where’s the gift? It’s been with us since November 10, 2008 – the birth of our little one, Julia. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


I love you Sweety! Thanks for being mine…

What’s for Vday?

I had to go to work today so nothing special for today, but for me Valentines days is always everyday. Sounds mushy but true. Spending every night with my family, hugs and kisses from Julia, that’s everything for me.


We went to look for my wish gift for this year’s valentines day last Friday, but the thing I wanted is currently – unfortunately again, out of stock. This is the 2nd time my wish list is delayed. Like last year for my birthday, I asked hubby to buy me a guitar as his gift. The guitar that I wanted was out of stock again so we need to wait like a week, he was able to buy it but not on the same date of my birthday.


Last year, Hubby bought me my abaya, you know the black dress that Arab women used to wear here in the Middle East. It’s an obligatory for Muslim women to wear it (this applies to those Muslim people who follows the rules). It will hide their body shapes and as a sign of security as well. Well for this year, I guess our gifts for each other will have a 2 days delayed. We have plans this Wednesday, if it pushes thru, I’ll blog about it and will let you know.

Happy Hearts Day

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
~Rosemonde Gerard


Happy Valentines Day!

May this day brings you lots of hugs and kisses + gifts from your love ones.