My IG History

I signed up with today and they sent me cool statistics about my account. I couldn’t believe that it’s been a year since my first post.


And yes, I still remember that Shey and I are the only users over my IG app. I told her to download this app since that time we were so interested with Hisptamatic. Do you still remember those days sis? We said that Instagram is free, so might as well use these filters. But it was too late for me, because a week before knowing Instagram, I’ve already purchased Hipstamatic. No regrets though.

Julie and Julia are the reasons why I have these enormous likes. It’s nice to see that people adore these kids. I wonder who their mom is? OH, it’s ME! Hahaha! Pathetic. Anyway, go ahead and sign up with Statigram and check your stats.

Now On iOS5

With the help of dear friend Shey, I was able to update my iPhone’s OS on the first day of launching. It took an estimated time of 5 1/2 hours for the update to finish though. I had to back it up 4x because of the system error saying that there’s something wrong with erroneous –50 message (something like that). Aside from that, the speed of the internet was so slow that night. But never the less, I was able to update it. And here’s the first screen shot when I was done updating it.

Done. Grabe tagal!

Video Tour: Everything You Need to Know About iOS 5 in Seven Minutes – Here.

For those of you who haven’t updated their OS, it’s the time :) You’ll enjoy each features I’m sure of that.

You’re the Apple of our I’s

When iPhone was launched 2 years ago in the Middle East (Qatar to be specific) where I used to work, I had doubts on buying this phone. I asked for opinions and comments from friends who are already an Apple product users. I said to myself, I’m happy and content with my that time current phone Nokia 6500 Slide. And I still have my Nokia Pink N73 for music and a Symbian phone so why bother upgrade? I was working in sales. And as time passes by, the number of customers buying these units from us made me feel like this product is really worth a try. Not that I’m not confident on what I’m selling, it’s just that as a sales person (not yet that time the end-user) I felt something really different if I’ll have one of these cool and fastest iPhone yet.

And so for my 29th birthday, I bought my very own White iPhone 3Gs 32gb – until now, I love every bit of it.

Julia learned to sing her ABC’s and the sounds of random animals because of my iPhone. That’s why I’m thankful for the creator of the phone. THANK YOU Steve Jobs for sharing us your ideas. He made things possible with the things we thought not possible. May his soul be rest in peace.

You’re the APPLE of our I’s.

Leme Leme App

And since I don’t have access to Instagram – and I think will never have the chance to access my favorite app for as long as we’re still here in SAR, might as well think of another iPhone app that has the same effects. I’ve had this app at the same time when I downloaded Instagram. I used it sometimes to edit photos from here, then will use Square Ready then straight to Instagram for sharing (yup! I’m that addicted to Instagram). I love the recent app update, less bugs and much faster than before. One thing I don’t like though, is that you can’t see a preview if you choose any of the lenses/effect. Here are some recent shots of my girls Julie & Julia. Big sister was the one who took the one on the lower left (Julie’s solo). She has an eye for photography.

From LemeLeme.From LemeLeme. From LemeLeme.From LemeLeme.

I don’t have any followers yet. If you’re there, you know my usual username. I love that this app can be shared as well to Flickr, meaning an easy upload to my account. Weeee! I just hope that they don’t block this app in the future :(

Stressed in Instagaram, Part 2

It was here when I first experienced my loneliness, depression or whatever failure you can call it – for not being able to update in Instagram. And now, after almost 3 months of using my favorite app on my iPhone, here I am again, stressed with Instagram. Stressed because I can’t login. It keeps on telling me that it fails to connect to the login server and that I need to check if I’m connected with the wifi. Hayst! :( I tried all the troubleshooting steps that I need the previous time. It’s been 2 weeks since my last update. I envy my Bebot girlfriends for this. I already submitted a trouble ticket to Instagram Help desk, I hope that they reply soon.Instagram

Here’s a screen shot of the error message. If you by any chance encountered this problem, please let me know how to solve it. I appreciate any troubleshooting procedures you can recommend. TIA :D

iOS 5

I can’t wait for the new operating system for all apple products that will come this fall. Looking forward for more than 200 additional features they have in store for all iPhone, iTouch and iPad users. Click here for more information.

iOS 5

I <3 Instagram

…and for that, I created an LO 2 months ago. I wish I can print out all my layouts. My friend owns an HP Printer and she has all the stocks of hp printers ink cartridges. She prints her own designs as well. As a matter of fact, they recently held a baptismal for their cute daughter, and she printed out her invites using their printer. A very good way to save up and since it’s HP, the result is excellent.

LO41 - Instagram

Anyway, Instagram is one of my favorite iPhone app right now. Me and my friends IG all day. A picture means a thousand words as they say. Besides, it makes us all creative and I’m even exploring my love with i-Phonography. So for those of you who owns an apple device, download Instagram and let’s IG all day.


Day 103Day 104Day 105Day 106Day 107Day 108Day 109Day 110Day 111Day 112

And here’s my update for this week’s 365 Days Project.

Day 103 – It was a quiet day for the big sister. She played with her fishing game that my SIL gave her during her vacation.
Day 104 – When I was browsing my phone gallery, I saw a shot of Mr. Teddy. A stolen shot by the big sister.
Day 105 – And here are the infant clothes for Julie from big sister Julia.
Day 106 – I cooked for the first time “Beef Kare-Kare” also known as “Peanut Butter Stew”. Thanks to a friend’s recipe.
Day 107 – Julie at 31 Weeks
Day 108 – Lunch for today: Friend Chicken ala Jhari. Yummy!
Day 109 – Our 4th Year Together
Day 110 – Lunch for today: “Nilagang Baka” or “Beef Stew”, Beef with Okra and Tomato sauce.
Day 111 – A treat for myself, a cone of delicious yummy Chocolate.
Day 112 – It was raining this afternoon. May God Allah bless and protect Syria.


And here’s an update with my 365 Days Project. So delayed because of my previous problem with the internet connection. All photos are clickable and will open a new page for you on my Flickr 365 Days Set.

Day 86Day 87Day 88Day 89Day 90 
Day 91Day 92Day 93Day 94Day 95
Day 96Day 97Day 98Day 99Day 100
Day 101Day 102

Day 86 – Here’s Hubby with silly smile and pose pretending to be an Asian person.
Day 87 – Milk for Julia, Turkish coffee for Hubby and a hot Choco for me.
Day 88 – Another lazy afternoon milk time for the little one.
Day 89 – Watching “Tangled” for the Nth time.
Day 90 – Missing my BB service. I’m using this phone with my roaming SIM in it.
Day 91 – Quietly smiling watching her favorite Dora to catch Stars.
Day 92 – The Fairest of them all.
Day 93 – A quiet time.
Day 94 – My My 2nd Home, Lebanon at Spring time.
Day 95 – McArabia! I love McDonalds!
Day 96 – OGT Test Results. Glucose passed. Hemoglobin and Calcium low 1% with the normal range.
Day 97 – My little motahajeba (meaning a girl/woman who covers her hair with a hair dress or also know as Hijab).
Day 98 – Just an update from myself now a days.
Day 99 – Julia copying Rapunzel. This was the time when Rapunzel was checking on a new wall to paint at. That’s where she painted the lanterns.
Day 100 – Bump, bump, and a bump @ 30 wks.
Day 101 – Self Service Gasoline.
Day 102 – Our lunch for today is Fried Eggplant and French Fries.

Instant Stressed With Instagram

Yes, I was stressed for exactly 4 days because one of my favorite photo app which is Instagram was not working properly.


I had to do a troubleshooting just to have it work.

  1. I deleted the application over my iPhone and re-downloaded it again.
  2. I checked for any updates over iTunes – but it seems that the last update was the one I have already.
  3. My current OS for my iPhone is up to date. 4.3.1 so I don’t see any problems with my iPhone itself.
  4. I then restored the original settings for my iPhone. Made a back up first then restored back all apps.
  5. Lastly, Hubby rebooted our router just to make sure that the problem was not with our internet connection.

So what happen then? Well it still didn’t worked. Everything was working fine except for this app. Oh I forgot that my Gmail email was not working too. It’s not receiving and sending emails. So this made me conclude that the problem was with our internet connection. My best-friend said that the slow connection is probably the reason why it can’t feed any new feeds and and the same time can’t do any updates at all.

And so I gave up :(

Then the other day, when I was playing Smurfs Village, I checked if the feeds will work. And voila! Believe it or not, I was able to upload 2 photos that was on queue. Then I said to myself, probably it will work now then later it will not. So I didn’t expect too much. The next day, the first thing I did before going off from bed was to check the feeds again – and another voila! My IG is back to normal. It can refresh new feeds and I can share photos once again. So what was the problem? I really can’t tell. But I really guess it’s the connection just like what my best-friend said.

Well, first thing I did was to update my 365 days project. And that’s the next thing I need to blog. I hope this will not happen again – otherwise, I might get stressed again, hahaha! :D Sorry folks, just addict with this app that’s all.

Something Borrowed & Blue

Emily Giffin

Thanks to fellow Twitter Mommy Kaje for lending me these e-books. I’m currently reading “Something Borrowed” right now using my iPhone. I’m totally blind after reading a few pages but I don’t care. I love the trailer of the movie so I’m sure I’ll love the book too. Just what happen to me with “Twilight Saga” 2 years ago. Got addicted to it, that I have to make a reservation for each part. Virgin Megastore was kind enough to call back every time the book is available.

I don’t read much, but once a book is recommended, curiosity strikes. Sometimes the book is much better than the movie itself. Of course because in the movie, apparently they have to cut certain scenes to make the movie length shorter. So I find the book more detailed.

I can’t wait to finish the first edition of Emily Giffin’s collection. To watch the movie? I’m not sure if I can. That’s why for now, let’s all read on.


Well, all of us over Twitter are all now addicted with one of Apple’s top application, which is “Instagram”. As you may all know, I’m using this app to complete my 365 days project. And I’m really glad that I’ve chose this application to comply with this year’s project. Though sometimes I’m using Hipstamatic too – but it depends on my mood, and it depends on the subject. It’s really easier for me to make sure that I’m updated.

Aside from the different filters it offers, there’s a new update with it which is the “tilt+shift” option which creates a slight bokeh shot effect for the photo. Some of us say that it’s the new Flickr on our group. We love leaving each other comments and liking each ones photos. It’s funny how we adore each other’s photos over Instagram. And aside from that, we go over Flickr and view it there too. Isn’t it ironic?

Try to download it, and I bet you’ll keep your photos up like me which now runs up to 103 with 23 followers and following 22.