e Pickpocketing

Do you know that your credit card now be easily be stolen by someone without even knowing? That’s if you really didn’t leave it behind somewhere. Last month, one of our online friends was charged with full blown amount over her credit card account without her consent. The thief was able to get a copy her credit card details and made a replica of it. They suspected that the e pickpocketing was done when they paid via cc over a restaurant after dining in. They’ve already solved the issue with her bank, but of course the perpetrators are still on the loose. So dear friends, be aware and responsible with using your credit cards in public. Don’t let them charge you over without you actually seeing them swiping the card on their machines.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook

Just a warning to all of FB users out there. Beware and read along these important don’ts below. You’ll never know what FB can do to you – and your family. Trust me, I know!

1. Post About How Much You Hate Your Job

- It’s tempting to air out your grievances on Facebook, but remember your employer could be watching. Who on earth don’t have a Facebook account? I’m sure even CEO’s have their account and being handle by assistants, right?

2. Show That You Support Underage Drinking Through Your Pictures

The police are now scouting Facebook pictures for evidence of underage drinking, so before you post that fun night out, you might want to think twice.

3. Post Evidence That You Cheated On Your Significant Other

News flash: Divorce lawyers know how to use Facebook too. So imagine this as one of the evidence once you’re in the court with your ex? So be extra careful on this one folks.

4. Update Your Status While Robbing A House

If you’re going to do something illegal, it’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t leave evidence – which also includes logging out of your Facebook profile if you so happened to check in while robbing a house. Had this thief not stopped to check his profile on his way out, he may have never been caught. Instead, now there’s irrefutable evidence he was in the victim’s home illegally.

5. Ask For Help So You Can Plagiarize

Asking people for what the homework assignment was on Facebook is fine, but when you start copying answers from posts on walls and groups it becomes plagiarism. (I guess these applies to teenagers).

6. Post Naked Pictures of Your Ex

If you’re angry at your ex, don’t take it out on them by posting private material shared between you two – and especially don’t post in on Facebook. (Exactly! Move on because doing this will just make things worst and will be a negative effect on you anyway).

7. Extort People Through Facebook

Extortion is always illegal, but doing it through Facebook leaves digital evidence that a criminal will find hard to erase.

8. Admit You Aren’t Going To Be Home For While

Burglars are now becoming tech savvy and checking Facebook to see if you are out of the house.(Facebook they say is the best way to have a stalker. So if you don’t want these to happen to you, be wise enough to write your where about).

9. Brag About All Your New, Expensive Items

Yeah, we know you want to tell all your friends about that cool new computer, iPad and iPod you got for your birthday, but remember there may be some disingenous people reading your Facebook update as well. (I guess it’s okay to brag about it, especially if it’s really worth it and you bought it by your own sweating money, but just be careful because you’ll never know the eyes of those envious people out there).

10. Admit To A Crime On Facebook

Admitting to a crime can get you in legal hot water. (Now, why on earth would you admit a crime over a hundreds of people who can read it? Duh!)

So, do you think you’ve done any of the above list? This is just a beware. All of us has it’s own points of views with regards to privacy and stuff to say in a social networking site like this. Just be responsible for your actions and the words that may affect other peoples lives. In other words, don’t be sira ulo! Hahaha! :D Check the rest of the side notes here.

A Zugo Virus-Free

Internet browsing is one of the major things I’m into as time passes by. Doing work is not the same if I’ll loose connection. There was a time when my laptop got infected with some bugs over the net. It took us a hard time to remove it. Good thing my husband is aware with most of the anti virus software application there is.

Nowadays, companies are growing up to fight these types of viruses. Zugo for example provides a spyware and malware-free solutions for it’s clients. They have this Zugo virus which is an anti-virus product and very well tested to serve a 100% virus-free at all times. As I search deeply about Zugo, I found out that it’s not just a support for anti-virus but a one-stop-shop for all software and web publishers that can provide a highly customized search products in order to add and create a revenue streams as well as to extend their brand offering. Zugo is partnered (non-exclusive) with the most commonly known search providers like Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. It flexibility with it’s platform allows a user to achieve it’s best experience possible. Believe it or not, it also has it’s own toolbar that you can install easily. This made me more excited since it’s a web browser add-on that allows you and some user to search through Zugo search providers whilst being able to still access Facebook (admit it, you’re always online there – me too! :) – Twitter, and other social networking services with just a click. And so what are you waiting for? Go and have a try then.

Free Open Source Download Manager

When it comes to downloading stuff over the internet, I always seek help from my other half. My hubby’s very particular with downloading a lot of things over the World Wide Web. He’s very keen and very observant with what to download in particular. We’re trying to avoid internet viruses as much as possible. For a SAHM like me who download free loads of digital-scrapbooking for example, he advised me to use a download manager to make it easier for me.

Here are some Open Source Software that Hubby is familiar with aside from the download manager that he’s using now.

For uploading and transferring files over the internet, he uses a FileZilla File Transfer. I might be using this since it’s the most convenient way to do a lot of things especially for a blogger like me who uploads files over the internet.

Freemind is another useful Java application which we can use if you’re a working mom for example and in need of a mapping application. My friend uses this since they need to construct a step by step process over their work before. I wonder how it went?

Here’s what I love most, GIMP Photo Software. Since I’m using a Photoshop with scrapping and editing photos, this one is an alternative application that will do a lot and retouch digital images too.

With regards to money matters, GnuCash Software is the best open source software to manage personal and small business finances. I wish I have tons of finances to think about. It’ll be nice to be organized with company bank accounts, income and expenses or even stocks (if you have) with this software. Dreaming on.

And last but not the least, Download Youtube Videos. Who don’t own a Facebook account here? Well, with this powerful utility, it can help you download videos from Youtube easily. The good thing here is that you can change the formats of the video so that it’ll be compatible with your gadgets. Cool right?

It’s all for free. Go ahead and try it.

Instant Stressed With Instagram

Yes, I was stressed for exactly 4 days because one of my favorite photo app which is Instagram was not working properly.


I had to do a troubleshooting just to have it work.

  1. I deleted the application over my iPhone and re-downloaded it again.
  2. I checked for any updates over iTunes – but it seems that the last update was the one I have already.
  3. My current OS for my iPhone is up to date. 4.3.1 so I don’t see any problems with my iPhone itself.
  4. I then restored the original settings for my iPhone. Made a back up first then restored back all apps.
  5. Lastly, Hubby rebooted our router just to make sure that the problem was not with our internet connection.

So what happen then? Well it still didn’t worked. Everything was working fine except for this app. Oh I forgot that my Gmail email was not working too. It’s not receiving and sending emails. So this made me conclude that the problem was with our internet connection. My best-friend said that the slow connection is probably the reason why it can’t feed any new feeds and and the same time can’t do any updates at all.

And so I gave up :(

Then the other day, when I was playing Smurfs Village, I checked if the feeds will work. And voila! Believe it or not, I was able to upload 2 photos that was on queue. Then I said to myself, probably it will work now then later it will not. So I didn’t expect too much. The next day, the first thing I did before going off from bed was to check the feeds again – and another voila! My IG is back to normal. It can refresh new feeds and I can share photos once again. So what was the problem? I really can’t tell. But I really guess it’s the connection just like what my best-friend said.

Well, first thing I did was to update my 365 days project. And that’s the next thing I need to blog. I hope this will not happen again – otherwise, I might get stressed again, hahaha! :D Sorry folks, just addict with this app that’s all.

Another Expiring Domain

My meme blog will be expiring by next month. Good thing that Google emailed me since they were trying to renew it automatically over my credit card. But my CC is no longer active so they failed to take the amount needed to renew my domain. It was a coincidence as well since my latest reviews was about seo link vine. That’s why I suddenly remember to about this blog.

Anyway, I will try to catch up with renewing my domain within this week. Kerslyn to the rescue transferring it to WordPress. Thank you sissy! :)

50 Hours

…of no internet access.

I was on MIA for 50 hours over all social networking activities of mine. The internet went down last Sunday after eating lunch. We thought it will resume back within the day just as usual, but to no avail. We heard that there was a problem with one of the station’s satellite within our area. Thank God Alhamdulillah, it’s up and running now.

Need to do a lot of back reading over Twitter and start reading updates from fellow blogger over my Google reads.

A Profitable Website

My site is back to PR0 when Mr. G made an update. I was saddened by this news since I was trying very hard to have it up rather than bringing it down. Boosting traffic is the hardest part of being a blogger. I really need something to make sure that once my ranking is back to 1, if there’s a need to look for an seo consultants, I will – for the sake of making my site more profitable.

iPhone’s Radio App

I’m so thankful that I was able to download an iPhone app recently and it’s called “Radio PHI”. It’s connected via wireless and it has this buffered features that enables a listener to enjoy live music played locally in the Philippine FM Radio stations. Feeling myself like home. I suddenly missed having a real surround speakers that I can use while listening to the songs over the radio. Sigh… sorry for ranting. I feel home sick right now. 

Blog Hosting

2 of my blog domain will expire by next month. I’ve already asked some help from an online friend Lourdez regarding some ideas about hosting. Right now I’m reading some ideas as well from pci hosting for more details.

I’ll be transferring soon to another blog support. But I’m still in second thoughts for that. I’m totally not sure if I’ll continue with it. I need to clarify some stuff first before ending up my loyalty with the big “B”.

Low Coverage

The current partner that we’re using right now for our local SIM packs has a very weak signal. If we try to do a manual search, it will not do as well since the provider will tell you that the official partner for the SIM that you’re using is “blank”, please try again later. Ugh! We were out of town for a night in Batangas, and we don’t have a signal at all with all our 3 phones from abroad. Good thing there’s Blackberry service in the area, 2 of our local SIM card is working fine.

I asked hubby to bring with him the laptop on our journey since I was planning to do some online task while there, but as usual, broadband’s signal is weak too. Well, what can I do? I suddenly remember an incident with a customer when I was still working. He bought a broadband device from me. He came back after a month and was asking for help. He was looking for a device or a gadget called cell booster antenna, it was a first time for me to hear that type of device. I wish I could help him with his inquiry, but we don’t sell those types of devices. And now I’m thinking if they have the same one here in the Philippines. Why do you need to call it a broad band connect every where if you limited signal strength in the city? Right?

On the other hand, I wish they could improve the signal for their services.

Online Courses

My niece who just graduated last month is thinking of taking courses online again. She has a diploma for taking Information Technology which she finishes for 4 years. I recommended her to take a look on taking sat prep courses as her first choice of online training. Imagine the convenience of logging in anywhere, taking online classes with others (which can allow you to socialized with others as well), getting more strategies and techniques on subjects you wished to take and want to learn more on to, and lastly the ability for them to track your performances for the whole course. They could give you and idea on how you performed on daily basis or even monthly. How exciting is that? I think she’ll take a chance on taking Math courses.
I will take these courses if I have time. I will not regret taking chances for these types of online courses. Education is the only way I can share my children too so that they could have a better future.

Online Booking

We had a great deal with our flight booking on the way here to Jeddah. My credit card bank has an offer of 25% off if you made booking online. Lucky us that hubby booked our flight at the right time. Life is easier thru credit card processing. Imagine the time we saved during this short period of time? According to hubby, the bank will credit the discounted air fare ticket by September. I hope we could get another offer then by November for our annual vacation to Philippines. I can’t wait – they (my family back home) can’t wait to see baby J.