I Love You Mommy!

…and I’ll always will for the rest of my life.

It’s my mother’s birthday next month. I’m thinking on what to gave her. Bag, shoes, new blouse probably, or simply love? It may sound mushy but it’s true. My mom has all the things she needs in life. It may not be material, but I believe that at her age right now, she had what she has always wanted, that’s for us (her children) to be contented with what we have with our own family and to be successful with all our decisions in life. I miss mom. I’m a person who can’t express myself verbally, but I know that she knows that she means so much to me. And I owe my life from her. Looking back when I still working back home, I could’ve gave my parents the best gift ever – that’s for them to have insurance. Both my parents are now senior citizen. Anyway, it’s still not late. I still can give them something to make them happy.

Our Baby is 39 Weeks

Before going through some details about www.wholesaleinsurance.net and it’s services offered to it’s client, let me give you some updates re my pregnancy.

I’m currently on my 39th week. I’m exactly 39 weeks and 4 days. No signs of labor. Though I feel a lot of kicking over my abdomen area and some little tickling too. Most of the times whenever I stand up, I feel that there’s a pain from my back going to my legs. But it’ll only last for a minute. I guess it’s just because of the way I sit most of the times. My tummy is so small and I think baby doesn’t have enough space inside, hahaha! :D

Everything is ready for her home coming. I’ll blog about it as well. And so that’s the update for now.

Updates Updates

Finally! An long missed update. We’re here in Tarlac right now because tomorrow is the baptism of my Uncle’s daughter. So we visited them today to attend this important event.

It’s been years since the last time I saw my cousins from the province. They traveled too from Pangasinan and Baguio. I missed a lot with their lives and all of them are grown up already. Most of them are still in the secondary education and 2 of them are in college already. Being secured with such insurance are really a must these days. My aunt was asking me for some life insurance quotes I know. So I told her that I’ll try my best then to check out some infos for her.

We might be extending our stay here in the Philippines. I’m in the process of renewing my Passport in order for us to apply a visa to go to Syria for a quick visit to my in-laws. Syrian Embassy is requiring us to have at least a minimum of 6 months validity for the Passport. Mine will expire in 2 months. So we’re left with no choice but to renew my Passport. Thank God Alhamdulillah, we were able to find some ways to extend my Passport validity at at the same time to have it ready in 3 days. I’m not sure though if we’ll celebrate Christmas here in the Philippines. I wish we could, but only time can tell.

Accident Do Happen

My online friend’s brother was into a car accident a few days ago. Thank God nothing serious happened to his brother. Just a few scars but if you’ll see the photo of the car, it’s really a total wreck.

I suddenly remember a friend who recently passed away because of a car accident as well. So for that we should be ready and get a cheap car insurance, this is for our security too.

A lesson for us “drive slowly”.

Burned Laptop Keypad

I couldn’t believe that our friend who recently bought his laptop damaged his keypads in just a week of using it. His story was that he was lighting up his scented candle which is a hand away from his place. But apparently the oil spill down and all he remembers after that was that he was trying to kind of like rinse off the fire on his hair, hahaha! Now he’s thinking if the shop he bought offers a laptop insurance. Good luck – that’s all what we told him.

Nursing Board Exam 2010

My nephew just recently took his board exam last July and we’re still waiting for the results. It’ll take a month as per my Mom for them to find out if he passed the exam. I’m praying Insha Allah that he will. He did take a review for a month last April. He doesn’t trust himself, he said. So he waited to make sure that he reviewed well before taking a big step for this exam. If he pass (Insha Allah God willing), he’ll be able to work already since he’ll get his license.




My mom’s a proud grand mother. My nephew followed her footsteps and took Nursing as his major course in college. I regret not taking this course as a matter of fact. But I’m not that good in numbers to be honest and I’m not good as well on memorizing books and theories and procedures and all that scientific terms. That’s why I opt to get Computer Science – programming, since it’s more on thinking logically. Yeah I know it’s weird. But who knows, I might take a 2nd course like my online friends. I’m so proud of them for taking their 2nd chances for education. It’s not too late.


I’ll go ahead for now and will take a deeper look on NC short term health insurance. My sister’s friend is residing in North Carolina and would like to get a quote on this.

Comments CI123 Review

Insurances whether be if for any other reason namely auto, life, health and home are really an important thing to consider especially for a mom like me. Your review for CheapInsurance123.com helped me as well to consider asking these questions for applying an insurance. Thanks for this one.

Heat Alert!

I was saddened by the the news about the Philippines that happened a month ago. I was browsing the local news on the internet while reviewing for an information about fire insurance quotes when I accidently browsed over this page that made me stunned for a minute. It happened in Quezon City, where me and my family are currently residing. I’m so thankful that this incident is way far from our place though. I read that the fire spread rapidly that thousands of families have been left homeless. Thankful again that no one died in the fire though reports said that one person was hospitalized with first degree burns.




To my friends and family back home, please take extra care with your house hold things especially those who have lots of appliances at home. Smoking, kitchen cooking, Hazardous materials, candles, electric fire and heating devices are the common source of fire accidents. Make it a habit as well to practice fire safety precautions.


Day 111 – The 365 Days Project (from my Archive)

DAY 111


I had this picture taken during our vacation in the Philippines 2 years ago. It reminds me of my great grandmother who have just celebrated her 80+ birthday last week (but of course wasn’t able to blogged about it since my Mom just told me recently). I was looking for some photos of her but saw these creepy looking chair that gave me goose bumps on the side. I said to myself, I really need to post this.


My Lola, in English means Grandmother owns this 3 story house in Quezon City. And if I’m not mistaken, she and 3 helpers are leaving in that place. Fellow church members visit Lola’s house for 3 to 4x a week since they have a little chapel on the 2nd floor. We used to celebrate our annual family reunion in their house since the space is enough for 10 families and more. Imagine what a huge crowd we have during our parties. Yah right, crowded indeed.


My dad told me recently as well that after her last birthday, Lola right now got insured by one of best provider for  life insurance leads, with a good package for health insurance and other annuity for her safety as well. I miss my Lola. And we’re hoping to visit her on our vacation again.

Earthquake Hits Philippines

My Uncle and I was chatting a while ago about North Carolina health insurance since he was thinking of moving in that location probably after a month or two, and wants assurance that he’ll be on the safe side once he retires. Speaking of being safe, Twitter friends alerted us that a magnitude of 6.1 hits the Philippines and the epicenter is in Mindoro. I sent an SMS to my parents back home to check on them. But they texted back saying that the shaking was mild, close to magnitude of 4. Some friends were even on 25th floor of one of the buildings in the City and it shook him big time. The last time I experienced an earthquake was last year 2000, I think. I was asleep on the floor bed when suddenly I found the window curtain swaying away back and forth. I stood up seeing my sister knocking on the door of my parents’ room. We all went out in the living room area and then it stopped. We anxiously wait for an aftershock since according to scientists, aftershocks is more dangerous than the first one. Thank God nothing happened after that. It didn’t let me go back to sleep though. Sigh… hope mother earth stay still and let’s all pray for our safety.

Day 69 – The 365 Days Project

“Drive Safely!” – these are the usual words I say to my husband before he leaves the house and after he picks up the little one from the baby sitter. Yes, I’m a very sensitive person with regards to road safety. After giving birth, I asked Hubby if we can talk to an agent that can provide us with an auto insurance quote. So good thing we were able to check something online to get that information. I’ll be giving this information as well to a friend who leaves in California. Hope it helps her out too since I heard that she’s finishing her driving school by May, so might as well be insured before driving.


DAY 69


This a the front logo of our car. We went out to give Julia a ride to the park and thankful that she enjoyed her day. When we reached the house, she’s slept like a log.