We Moved Officially

I have mixed emotions actually. I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m scared. But the most important feeling is that I feel at ease and in peace, knowing that things will get better as we officially moved out and will now live within our own Kingdom. This will be a new start for us. After 2 and 1/2 years of being here and being there, this is our time to finally have our own place. And will In Sha Allah God willing be a way for our family to grow more closer and mature in some ways as well.

I can now say that truly I’m a stay-at-home-mom and soon will be cooking food for my husband – and even preparing it – that’s the scariest part hahaha!

Well, I’m changing our keys now.

Had to put “E” aside and start with a new one. Say hello to my loot that I got last 2010. The Cullen Crest it is, hehehe! Gotta love Twilight.

And now, I can say “Truly, there’s no place like HOME”.

New Abode

A dear friend of mine recently moved in to their new humble abode. And we’re all so happy for her. God willing me and my family can find a new abode over here as well.  We are looking for new a career path then if we get lucky, we can get something to shelter us  as well. Not that we don’t have a place to stay in right now, but it’s still different if you have something to call as you “own”, right? I can’t wait for this coming May. We’re waiting for something that will change our lives forever. We keep our fingers cross and we lift it up to Allah. If it’s meant for us, then it’s for us. If not, then I guess, there’s something much brighter and special for us. Allah knows everything and knows what’s best for us. Speaking of home, have to check out this mobile homes for sale.

Feels Home in Ikea

Ikea is loved by many. Every time we pass by that place, I can’t help myself missing our abandoned home back in Syria. We feel sorry for it because it’s empty and doesn’t have life right now. Oh it breaks my heart looking over the photos over my EHD. I know that Allah has it’s reasons and I guess, we just have to wait and find why these things are happening.

For now, I’ll just keep on taking photos over these lovely and elegant furniture in Ikea. Hubby promised to provide the best for me and the kids once we’re fully settled. But I told him that as long as we’re all together and all of us our healthy, with a comfortable bed to sleep on, everything is just perfect. I said that in the right time, when both of us are earning already, that’s the time that we can provide and rewards ourselves with this. For now, Alhamdulillah Thanks be to God, we’re together. That’s all that matters – for now.

Alright, truly a drama princess. Need to check on some packing list envelopes online. I have to prepare some notes for SIL. Have a good week ahead everyone. Be safe.

A Happy Home

I’m praying for the safety of the people of Syria. And at the same time I’m praying for our home to be safe.

This is the first time I’ll be sharing a photo of our humble abode. With the help of my in-laws, we were able to fulfill our dreams. But because of the current situation right now in Syria, our home needs to wait for us to come home. But our heart will always be with it. I pray that the current political issues on involving Syria will soon come to an end. It seems like yesterday when Hubby’s just looking for switch plates that will match our wall décor. Time flies so fast and we thank Allah God almighty for always guiding us when we were still building our home. Anyways, that’s it for now. Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Housewarming Gifts

I was hoping that I can order a gift for a friend’s new house, because they moved in a few weeks ago to their new apartment. Aside from her, since I’m here staying with my SIL, their apartment is still new as well. So might as well order two gifts then. It’s nice to give something for them and to welcome a new journey ahead for their new abode. Below are some photos that I’m thinking to give. What to do you think?

Live, Laugh, Love Clock Embossed Metal Tile Wine Inspired Photography Framed Prints

I just hope it can be delivered before the end of the month. Christmas is 3 days from now, so I know that they will not receive it within this week, but hopefully before the end of the month.

We Need Curtains and Draperies

These are the things that we need for our home. I’m thinking of getting curtains from Brylane Home. Their designs are wonderfully made. The colors that I’ve chosen matches our wall designs and particularly the furnishings. Their prices are reasonable as well. Choose between $0-$39.99. From all types of colors from Beige to Yellow. Right now they have a 20% off with the highest priced item of your choice + free express shipping upgrade. Great deal, right? Aside from those deals, what I love about them is that they have all types of things that you need for your home sweet home. Beddings, bath, kitchen appliances, storage, furniture & décor, window and dinnerware sets. It’s like a one stop shop over the net. What else do you need to make everything complete for your humble abode?

Going on with my curtain wish list. We have 3 verandas. And I’m eyeing on either of these two photos below for the kitchen door.

Batiste Semi-Sheer Door Panel Scenario® Sheer Voile Door Panel

And here are my choices for the for the salon.

Waverly Collection Country Life Rod Pocket Panel Waverly Collection Imperial Dress Rod Pocket Window Panel

Having draperies in the home makes the surroundings cozy. It’s like having a feeling of being at peace. There’s no place like home.

Dining Table Ideas

We need an idea for a dining table for our home sweet home. We have a limited space though, so I browsed some ideas. I hope that hubby will approve any of this style. I’m looking for a 4 sitter set with 2 more extras just in case my family-in-laws comes for a visit. A visitor may come along as well, so we’ll never know.

So here are some ideas I chose. What do you think? For the 2 photos below, I want the 2nd option. I like the idea of having a small stool (this will serve as the extra – just in case).

1st Option2nd Option

The dining table for this one is cute. I like the combination of baby blue, mahogany and white. But ours is chocolate brown and off white, so we need to stick to that color.

And this one is very elegant. More on like a condominium style. But I like their dining area. So I have this as one of the options.

5th Option

There you go. At least I blogged it already. So just in case we’re ready to have it made, I’ll just look over my archives for this designs.

A Place of Our Own

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”
“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to”
“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes”

This is our blessing. A door house of our own. We’re thankful for this blessing. Most especially for the support of my in-laws. Without their guidance, this door will not be possible now. Our home is ready for us. But due to unexpected circumstances, we opt not to move in right now. I’m giving birth in a few weeks and we need someone to be with me. So we’re still staying with in IL’s house. Aside from that, the building is not yet fully occupied. We’re still waiting for some residents to occupy the available flats within the building and for them to build it since our building is more on a owned thing, you get what I mean? Build is as you want it to be. Designed it as you like.

What’s inside? Close friends have seen what we have in store for us. Hubby and I chose everything from A-Z. From the fixtures and furniture, the color of walls. FIL is our foreman. He organized the group of people to build the house. We’re lucky because the electrician in charge is Hubby’s cousin too. This house is built by the guidance of Allah God Almighty. I thank my friends for the support and for all the wonderful compliments we received. Thank you thank you! We await for a generous person who can give us a new samsung lcd screens to complete our living room, haha! :D Just kidding.

HSH Updates

As much as I wanted to see the updates over our HSH, I couldn’t. :( Hubby’s cleaning the floors and window for 2 days in a row. I would like to help him to do it but since I have this big belly on the loose, he refused to. He said that he can manage and he’s doing it 1 day per room. Yesterday, he came home around 9 o’clock in the evening. The bedroom is ready for delivery tomorrow so he had to clean the master bedroom yesterday.

Today, he came earlier. 7 o’clock. He cleaned the salon and the veranda and had to remove a lot of cartons out of flat. I think the living room set will be delivered by 1st week of next month. The lights in the house are all working. Good thing our contractor is Hubby’s cousin, he was able to make sure to use an energy efficient outdoor lighting, as well in the inside.

We were planning to visit tomorrow to check on the house. But again, had to delay it probably by Monday or Tuesday. Julia’s bedroom set are scheduled to be delivered on Sunday.

The excitement is killing me really. But success comes to those who wait :)

HSH Update

The other day, Hubby took me to see the updates on the house. I can’t believe that in 3 months time, they were able to finish a lot. A big change has been made since my last visit last end of December 2010.

  • Floor tiles are done.
  • The walls in the entrance and living room are painted already – but with the first coating only.
  • They are currently painting the doors as of the moment. Sliding doors for the pathway going to the rooms are already in place, they will then install the doors once done with the painting.
  • The places for the roll-up are ready for installation too.
  • The ceilings are all done. Ready for painting and the wirings for the light bulbs are ready.
  • The verandas are up too.

I found out that the veranda are too high. This was made for security reasons. I asked hubby that we can buy a rack to hang the clothes and just placed it just at the exit of the kitchen veranda. Or we could still hang the clothes at the veranda itself but we need to buy a step stool for me. Yeah, I’m that short! :d Otherwise, Hubby will be the one to hang the clothes which of course he don’t agree. So I searched for some step stool design that hopefully we can find here.image

Lastly, I thank God for all of this. Alhamdulillah, Masha’Allah for the blessings. I’ll update soon on our next visit.

Dining Lights

So here are the pendant lighting that we are thinking to put in our dining area.


Simple designs that will reflect a good and simple ambiance around us while eating. I wanted to have a darker colored steel, I’m not sure if we can see one here but if there is, I’ll grab it. The other day, Hubby and MIL visited the on going construction for the Sweet home but as usual, I was too lazy to go up and go with them, so I decided not to join and asked Hubby if he could just update me once he arrived. He wasn’t able to take photos for now, but next visit, I’m looking forward to take some shots. Thank God for the blessings.

Have a safe weekdays for you dear friends.

The Girl’s Room

image I love this idea for a head to head bedroom design for my girl’s room. Since Julia will be staying for quite some time alone, we might put a sofa on the other bed, what do you think? I’ve already saved this image for reference. Baby #2 will be sleeping on the crib anyway. I hope the idea will be liked by hubby.

There’s another a lternative for it if Hubby didn’t’ like the idea.

And to occupy the space for her school things, this will do great too.

Thinking of these designs makes me hungry. Let me think of some ideas for the mean time about some appetite suppressant that works and then I’ll go ahead to search for some home ideas once more.

Outdoor Lights


Our bathroom mini-renovation is almost done said my mom. It’ll be okay in 2 days Insha Allah, God willing. By next year, I’m hoping to have our dream house back home in Syria ready as well for interior decorating. So I’m gathering all the photos and ideas from everywhere in the net for an example.


And one of the most essential part of the houses in Syria are the verandas. Especially after a dinner, families will sit together in a quiet cozy evening drinking Turkish coffee. So I’m in search for good outdoor lighting to put up. Hope we can find the good and best deals.