Christmas Songs

If you love Glee, aside from watching the show, it’s a must that you have all the 6 albums of their songs. I didn’t download the volumes for Madonna and the Horror Show though. I’m happy with the 6 Volumes, the Warblers and the 2 Christmas albums that they have. Still waiting for the release of their 7th volume. “Someone Like You” mashed up with “Rumors Has It” I heard will be included.


And so for my playlist this month, it’s all about Christmas songs. Let’s all be merrier this season and feel the love and spirit of having our family around. And of course, the big sister’s a Gleek too.

For All OFW

Jhellai, a dear friend of mine way back college, will soon depart with her family. A new journey ahead for her, and soon she’ll be officially an OFW – just like me, a year ago. She shared me this video that made me cry and missed my family back home. There’s truly nothing more special on a Christmas day, but to be with our family. Watch it, and see for yourself.

I really love how Coca-Cola Philippines made this one. The best! And Jhellai, thanks for sharing this video. Good luck on your adventure. Will be praying for you Kambal. You very well know I’m just a chat away.

Holidays In The Mall

I so miss the holiday season back home. I’m sure by now, malls are all tangled up with those cute ornaments and beautiful lights. I even have some friends who registered to sell off their loots for some big sale event. They have those trade show display booth that looks all so amazing. I think they’ll do well with sale. I can imagine the piled up people going around with their daily errands to make sure that everything on the wish list are checked up. Most of all, I miss my family. December is such a good month.

And so for that, you guys should take extra good care. Shopping spree indeed, but watch out for those pockets and wallets. You’ll never know when the bandits will show up.