GT: Favorite Word

Girls TalkI haven’t been doing memes lately. Can’t even find the time to run pass all my reads over Google. But for this week’s meme, I couldn’t help myself to join in.

My favorite word is: OKI NGAROD

I don’t know any Ilocano words aside from “ngarod” meaning you agreeing on something with it (I think) and “mangan” meaning “let’s eat”. My mother is born in Pozorrubio Pangasinan while my dad is born in Manila but grew up Cebu, but pursued his studies in Manila where he and my mom met. Anyway, I always use this word in replace to just saying “Okay…”. And the funny thing is that my husband will even reply by saying “Sige na ngarod…” hehehe! :)

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GT: The Summer I Won’t Forget

I’m supposed to post this on my meme blog but since it involves a photo of me  my family, might as well post it here on my personal blog then.

For this week, we’ll share our unforgettable summer.

It was last 2008. Hubby’s first time to visit Philippines and his first time to finally meet my parents in person too. It was in July of 2008. We were working abroad and we decided to take our annual vacation before giving birth because of the airline security regarding passengers who are currently pregnant. I was due giving birth November of that year. We were supposed to take our vacation December, but we had scheduled earlier because of our unexpected blessing.

Here’s me and Hubby at People’s Park in Tagaytay. His very first time to see one of the wonders of Philippine’s nature. We were planning to take him to Baguio, but since the travel time is long, we decided not to pushed through with it – especially in my case that year.

People's Park Tagaytay 2008

It’s nice to be with someone who hasn’t been around the Philippines. It was my first time as well to see La Mesa Eco Park that year. If it weren’t for Hubby, I think I can be found strolling in the mall like usual, hahaha! :)

La Mesa Eco Park 2008

And lastly, here’s our recent vacation back home. Our first time as well to see Boracay. We’re planning to go back Insha Allah by God’s will. I was on my 2nd month with Julie here. We stayed in Boracay for 3 days 2 nights. For me, it was like a sleeping Boracay. Why? Because of my pregnancy, it took me a hard time to enjoy our stay. Most of the time, I was asleep. Believe it or not, I will take a nap at 5pm and is supposed to wake up after an hour, but because of my mood and pregnancy swings, I will not wake up instead, will get up the next morning. So borring! Duh! So we really do hope to come back on our next visit, Insha Allah God willing.

Boracay 2010

I miss Philippines! I miss my friends back home. And most of all, I miss the summer breeze. But just don’t put me under the sun. I’m not ready yet for the sun burn. Hahaha! :D