Ideal Birthday Gift

Well, this is not for me since my birthday has ended. But if you’re thinking of buying probably for your love ones, then go ahead and check out Reeds for Movado bold watches. Their designs are awesome. So elegant that you’ll never regret having one for sure.

Movado Bold Mid-Sized Rose Gold-Tone Link WatchMovado Bold Large-Sized Black and Green Leather Strap WatchMovado Bold Mid-Sized Silver And Rose Gold-Tone Link Watch

The colors are so beautiful. From gold to silver, oh gosh! You can go to the sporty look if you’re not in that formal type of watches. Like my picks below.

Movado Bold Large Museum Chronograph WatchMovado Bold Extra-Large Grey Sport Blue Dial WatchMovado Bold Large Black and Olive Silicone Strap Watch

Or probably go beyond teenage years?

Movado Bold Mid-Size Crystal Museum WatchMovado Bold Large Blue Sandstone WatchMovado Bold TOUCH Dual-Time Digital Watch

What’s your bet?

Black Friday

So everybody is up and ready? All your cards now are ready to be scratched and be used for this day?

Get ready because you might find the roland vk-8 combo organ that you’ve been looking for a long time now. I’m sure that aside from gadgets, appliances a lot of there are into music and are all hoping that they can find the best deal. It’s a once in a lifetime event so I’m sure a lot are excited to spend and save. Goodluck to everyone.

Hardcover Photobook With Free Shipping

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Home Décor Ideas

My sister will be moving to a new place of their own and I’m thinking of giving a house warming gift. How about giving them an outdoor glassware? They already have appliances that are still working fine and they have all kitchen stuffs too. I hope that I can find a good deals over the net just in time for their house warming celebration. I can’t wait to see their place as well.


I might go and shop for some souvenirs soon. But I haven’t decided on what to buy. We might travel back in a month or two and I’m hoping that I can buy some pasalubong for my family-in-laws. I know that they will not bother if I have something for them, but it’s the thought that counts :) Might get lucky to see some of those american gold eagle coins.

This I Promise You

Promise ring, is that what you call rings for couples these days? Hmmm… me likey. I was browsing for some promise rings for couples, probably looking for good ideas as well. A good friend of mine are planning to tie the knot like next year, so I’m helping her to check out good deals for their wedding. And I’m really loving the details on each rings I’m looking at right now. But the prices are quiet expensive. I guess, it’s not bad to just take a look and see what a jeweler can do to create a good design from it.

I guess promise ring are not just for couples. Can be for a daughter/mother relationship. Or sisters. Because I noticed that they can do dual birth stones for each designs. I love the ones below.

Duality Birthstone Ring Sterling SilverSterling Silver Love Script RingCorazon Birthstone Ring

Here are sterling silver that are good as well.

Sterling Silver & Gold-plated X & O CZ Ring1/3 CT TW Cubic Zirconia Heart RingSterling Silver CZ Eternity Three Ring Set

Sigh. It’s a nice feeling to get married.

Christmas Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I’ve been watching The Ellen Show and her amazing 12 days of Giveaways. Oh dear! I can’t stop crying every time she shows her gifts to her audiences. Noise Cancelling Headphones at guitar center is one of the things that I’m looking forward for her to give out. That will be one of the best thing that you can wear to listen to the good holiday music. Right?

Are you done with your Christmas wish list?

Do You Believe in Fairies?


My 3 year old daughter is a fan of Tinker Bell and the Fairy Diaries. And I myself is a fan. Who wouldn’t love Tinker Bell? Well, would you believe that I believe in real fairies too? And that he visited me in order to help him spread joy and happiness for those bloggers like me. Work hard and you’ll see him dropping by in your blog soon.

This is such a good news for me. I’ve been hearing his visits from fellow believers too. They said that Fairy Hobmother is a generous person that will grant you a wish even if it’s as big as a Fridge Freezers. All because he knows that you deserve it and that he believes that no one can compare the happiness of a person receiving it.

And I’m so so lucky to have him see me. A few more months and it’ll be my birthday. This is and advance birthday gift for myself. I can ‘t wait to see him more often on my blog. Thank you so much Fairy Hobmother for the gift of joy and with this post I hope that it’ll help you to carry your mission.

Comment on this post because there’s a lot of chances that you can receive fairy dust too.

Batteries Not Included

Hubby’s niece will be celebrating her 8th birthday tomorrow. And here we go again on what gift we should give her. I told my husband to find rechargeable batteries by maha imedion since I’m sure most of Yara’s guest will give her something to play with that needs batteries. And glad that he agrees on that idea. Tomorrow we’ll try to search for one, otherwise, I might as well order it online.

Hello From Dainty Ashley

A dear friend of ours started a new bow-tique for handmade hair tinkers and bows for your children. And I’m so honored that 2 of her designs where named after Julie & Julia.

Julia is a sister collection of the Lily Headbands. Both have beautiful silk Ranunculus (also known as Ruffled Rannie) flowers only the Julia Headbands are more ruffled and the petals are a bit thicker (but still weighs very light). It comes in 3 gorgeous colors of Green, Brown with a hint of black and Ivory White embellished with different elegant rhinestones and unique soft elastic band colors.

Our Lily collection comes in two sizes:Queen Lily comes with a pink and yellow ranunculus flower measuring 3 1/2 inches wide. It is attached to a custom-sized lemon green soft and stretchable elastic. Princess Lily, on the other hand, comes in a smaller diameter of 3 inches and is attached to a custom-sized dark olive soft and stretchable elastic. Both are accentuated with a 15mm clear rhinestone button completing its radiant and elegant look. The Lily Headband goes along well with your little girl’s dresses, formal and casuals alike.

There’s a lot of more designs to choose from. Please visit her website at for more cute hair dress for your little ones. Her designs are from newborns up to feeling pretty newly-born grown ups like me, hahaha! Kidding aside, like her FB page here too please. Thank you.

The Birthday Boy’s Wish

As I’ve said on my previous post that Hubby’s nephew celebrated his 6th birthday. We asked him what’s his birthday wish was. He said that he has all the toy cars already and that he had always wanted to learn how to play the yoyo. He’s in the 1st grade and all his friends in school (aside from bay blade – the spinning top), are playing the yoyo during break time.

I checked out the yoyofactory for their varieties of yoyos. Below are the ones that he choses. I hope that he’ll take care.


May Allah bless you with good health and may you grow up happy as always. Study hard and enjoy each day. We love you dearly! ~Khalo Abed & Tont Mary

Gift Baskets

We recently celebrated the birthday of Hubby’s nephew. And we’re so happy that even if we designed everything and prepared all the details for his birthday, all guest left happy. Most of the guests are Hubby’s relatives so it’s easy to please them with the food. SIL did all the cooking. Hubby and I designed the party hall, put up all the balloons and made sure that the games that we prepared will be loved by the kids. Thank God it was a success.


How I wish that we have the best gift baskets. I will make sure to order these items for the next celebrant. Mrs. Fields is loved.

Birthday Gift

Hubby’s uncle will celebrate his 60th birthday. And he asked him on what gift he wants for his birthday. He said that he have always wanted to have those classic cigars. So we’re looking into it and we’ll have it shipped as well since he’s in States. I just hope that he’ll get it in time and hopefully there will be no delays with customs.