Harry’s Brand New Battery Pack and Keyboard

Harry is back to normal once again. We picked him from the service centre last night. And here’s the old space bar that I was complaining about the other day. I do agree with all that it’s really a hassle working without a laptop, especially that blogging is one of my income these days.

The new keypads are not that glossy unlike the original one, but glossy it may not be, as long it’s working it’s fine with me. The battery works fine Alhamdulillah. Harry’s been working with power for a year now. Glad that I can now tag him along wherever I want without tagging the power chord as well.

Anyway, it’s Friday tomorrow. Hope everyone will enjoy your weekend.

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Living On His Own

We spoke to my brother in law the other day via Skype and we’re so happy to see that he’s coping well alone. He was able to secure a place to rent and has his own bed, closet, stove, fridge, washing machine and even a TV for his past time. He’s asking now for me if I can check out the price of an oximeter because he needs one for his work. I hope to find a good deal for this one.

e Pickpocketing

Do you know that your credit card now be easily be stolen by someone without even knowing? That’s if you really didn’t leave it behind somewhere. Last month, one of our online friends was charged with full blown amount over her credit card account without her consent. The thief was able to get a copy her credit card details and made a replica of it. They suspected that the e pickpocketing was done when they paid via cc over a restaurant after dining in. They’ve already solved the issue with her bank, but of course the perpetrators are still on the loose. So dear friends, be aware and responsible with using your credit cards in public. Don’t let them charge you over without you actually seeing them swiping the card on their machines.

PC Tablet For Her

A friend of mine who recently turned 32 was so happy because her husband gave her a Blackberry Playbook as a gift for her birthday. She was so happy that she even said that if being 32 is like this, she would have thought of advancing to the future for it, hahaha! I wished to have an iPad 2. Shall I wait till I reach 32 for it? Guess there will a new tablet by that year. Looking for the best pc tablet now a days is a hard thing to decide, since there’s a lot of competitive tablets in the market. Anyway, I’m so happy for my friend for having her dream gadget.

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Make Back-up!

The other day, I cried over my 1 1/2 year old EHD. I was using it just fine, then when I was about to use it again, suddenly had an error message saying “Reformat needed…” :( I asked helped from Hubby. He tried all the applications there is to try not reformatting it but to no avail. After 2 hours of trying, we both decided to just reformat it and we’ll just try to recover – which was the last option we had. All my personal files (Blogging issues, CVs), Digi-scrapbooking kits (since 2005), photos over the years (2005-present including travel photos and newborn pictures of Julie and Julia), software and movies are all stored on my EHD. I cried first of all for the newborn photos of my kids, personal files and my kits.

Alhamdulillah! Thanks God for having a techy husband. He was able to recover 85% of my files. But most of the photos taken January-April 2011 are all corrupted. Good thing I have it all uploaded over Flickr already. Movies are all gone except for 6 movies which thank God again are a few of my favorites (Sleepless in Seattle, The Proposal, Leap Year and Notting Hill + 2 Tagalog Movies). All software are all corrupted too. 80% of my total kits was recovered as well. I have to check though with one of my favorite designers regarding a template that I purchased last year. The file that I have got corrupted too. I’m still waiting for response though.

“I learned my lesson – the hard way…” I said to my Husband. From now on, I’ll make sure to back-up my file at least once a week. Thank you Sweety for helping me out with this issue. And for you out there, if you don’t have any back-up yet of your files, do it now. You’ll never know when your EHD will fail.

Laptop Stand

I’m in search of a laptop stand. I’ve decided not to buy a desktop, instead to just buy a new laptop. The current laptop that I’m using is really for Hubby, but he let me used it for the mean time because the processor is much faster compare to MIL’s laptop which he’s using right now. He already formatted MIL’s OS to Windows XP because it used to run under Vista making it slower, but I need a number keypad separated from the QWERTY keyboard so here, I’m using Hubby’s laptop.

Anyway, the stand that I’m using right now is a laptop stand of my BIL. I wish we could find something that can be placed on the bed so that I can sit up straight properly. Hubby suggest to buy a computer cabinet instead. But the space here in my in-law’s house is not enough for that. I guess once everything is ready in the new house and that we’re ready to move in, we can arrange something like the photo below.

I need a big monitor. Why? because I’m blind :D It’s hard for me to work on things if the screen is not that big. That’s another reason why I chose to borrow hubby’s laptop too. It’ll be nice to do a scrap if you have this big screen right?


If you’re interested to join us with the 365 Days Project for this year, click on the image below to know the mechanics.


Tracy and the whole group can still welcome you even if we’re on the 2nd quarter of this year already. So go go go!

I don’t want to have too much blog back log on my 365 project so here goes the rest of the photos that was not included before.

Day 113Day 114Day 115Day 116My first EHD. I love it. Kakatapos lang nya mag clean-up.

Day 113 – The big sister’s gift for her baby sister.
Day 114 – My little girl all ready to take a nap.
Day 115 – Nesting mode on my 32nd week. Julie’s infants clothes are all ready. Her bag going to the hospital as well. But for my hospital clothes, not yet.
Day 116 – Feverish that morning due to running nose. Poor baby of mine.
Day 117 – My first EHD. Just finished reformatting it last night. It has a bug. Good thing that all files were not affected. It’s back to a new start w the same old content.

Instant Stressed With Instagram

Yes, I was stressed for exactly 4 days because one of my favorite photo app which is Instagram was not working properly.


I had to do a troubleshooting just to have it work.

  1. I deleted the application over my iPhone and re-downloaded it again.
  2. I checked for any updates over iTunes – but it seems that the last update was the one I have already.
  3. My current OS for my iPhone is up to date. 4.3.1 so I don’t see any problems with my iPhone itself.
  4. I then restored the original settings for my iPhone. Made a back up first then restored back all apps.
  5. Lastly, Hubby rebooted our router just to make sure that the problem was not with our internet connection.

So what happen then? Well it still didn’t worked. Everything was working fine except for this app. Oh I forgot that my Gmail email was not working too. It’s not receiving and sending emails. So this made me conclude that the problem was with our internet connection. My best-friend said that the slow connection is probably the reason why it can’t feed any new feeds and and the same time can’t do any updates at all.

And so I gave up :(

Then the other day, when I was playing Smurfs Village, I checked if the feeds will work. And voila! Believe it or not, I was able to upload 2 photos that was on queue. Then I said to myself, probably it will work now then later it will not. So I didn’t expect too much. The next day, the first thing I did before going off from bed was to check the feeds again – and another voila! My IG is back to normal. It can refresh new feeds and I can share photos once again. So what was the problem? I really can’t tell. But I really guess it’s the connection just like what my best-friend said.

Well, first thing I did was to update my 365 days project. And that’s the next thing I need to blog. I hope this will not happen again – otherwise, I might get stressed again, hahaha! :D Sorry folks, just addict with this app that’s all.

Ideal Camera

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a fuji digital cameras which you can use easily in times of special occasions? Well, we have a wedding to attend this evening. I will not take my dslr with me since it’s heavy for me to use now.

I wish as well to take photos on the wedding, but it’s actually forbidden to take a camera inside the hall. I miss taking photos. I miss the zoom in zoom out, haha! :D I wish to go outdoors and take wonderful views of Syria. But it’s really too cold for us now to go around. In a few months from now, summer will be here. Can’t wait for it.

My Cyber King

My husband is the world’s geek (for me) if we talked about computers, devices, gadgets and all those stuff on the web. He’s the only person I know who loves to format his laptop for like once every month. I always joke around with him telling him that I’ll be really blogging something about him one day, and this is the day. Hahaha! If he’ll read this post, I’m sure he’ll laugh. The funny thing is that he usually formats his PC every Monday. How did I know? Because that’s the time that I need as well to back up my files and he’s the only one who does it for me. We call it a Cyber Monday for us both. I’m a computer graduate but I barely know 30% in the hardware part of the computer. 60% of it is blogging and net surfing and 10% on HTML codes, hahaha! Call it a degree!

By the way, I’ll be announcing a good news soon… for now, I’m off to sleep. Need to take a rest for a big day tomorrow at work. My last week for the month of October. Wish me luck.

My Rainbow Collection

35395_405764179437_775324437_4155193_4540085_n copy

I received this package from a friend who helped me ordered it online. Thanks to Diane for helping me out with this order. What I will do with it? I’ll sell it of course… joke! Just an added collection for my iPhone. I’m using the yellow right now and I think I’ll be using a different color by next week.