Favorite Free Fonts

I sent my friend who is just new in digiscrapbooking some free website that offers free font download. Well, here are some collection The Daily Digi’s favorite font.


I love the Sketch Block, Traveling Typewriter, Pacifico and Lauren Script. To see the full article and where to download, check out their blog here.

25 Days of Christmas 2011 Template

It’s the start of December. Hurry hurry and be update with Road Side Design’s give away for this month. Click here.

I’m keeping my fingers cross that I’ll be able to do a daily photo for this month. Even just for this month. I thank Suzanne for the heads up. Will this be my first PB? Hmmm… good luck to me.

Dearest December

December is here. And this is will be my laptop wall paper for the next month. I download it of course from Shabby Shoppe Blog. Click here for more info.

I added a text saying “All I want for Christmas is YOU…”. Aside from the holidays, December is a very special month for me. My birthday is coming up soon. I’m blessed with a supportive family-in-laws. But there’s just one thing I wish for my birthday. That is for US family to be complete. That’s all I want as a gift for my birthday.

I miss you Sweety…. come home soon… :( My birthday wouldn’t be the same without you. Ya rab… Ya Allah! Bring him back…

Free November Desktop

Wow! Where did October went? It’s seem like yesterday I was just posting a photo of over the first week of October, and now we’re in the last 2 days of this month. 2 more months and we’re here to welcome year 2012. Now that’s great news.

So everyone, here’s a new change for the new month. Download this month’s desktop wall paper from of course my favorite Shabby Shoppe blog. Click on the image below to view their site. Don’t forget to comment and say thanks.


I miss scrapping. I lost my mojo sometime last September, and I’m still looking for it. If by any chance you came across with it, share some with me please? Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

QP Freebie

While I was checking up some orders for Padron cigars, I decided to blog hop under my digital scrapbooking websites. Look what I found: a hopping Halloween QP freebie from Sahlin Studio’s blog.

I’m a fan of her creations. Her designs are simple and always a clean layout. With a little bit of that and a little bit of this, voila! Click on the image to be directed on her site and download the freebie. Don’t forget to leave a comment and give thanks.

Meet My X

James McAvoy is my official “X” from now on. After seeing X-Men: First Class, I’ve been obsessed with McAvoy. And when I say obsessed, literally obsessed. I made his photo for next month’s desktop wallpaper. And below are photos of him as a wallpaper for my iphone lock screen using Lemeleme app.

And I’m currently downloading all his hit movies. And I hate “Becoming Jane”. It made me sad watching that movie. I should’ve read the reviews before watching it so that I will not expect too much. I thought the ending will have the same endings like her novels (“Pride & Prejudice” and “Sense & Sensibility”), a happy ending. And so it hurts a lot knowing that Lefroy didn’t end up with Austen. I so love McAvoy in his 2006 movie “Starter for 10”. Made me think that he really is a versatile actor. Next to watch is “The Conspirator”. I love his accent – even though sometimes most of the times, I can’t understand what he’s actually saying. But still, I love his Irish/British English ever!

Anyway, for next months wallpaper, download it here. Cheers mate!

Ber Month

“Wake me up when September ends…”

My golly! Tomorrow is the start of the Holiday countdown back home. Can’t imagine that the next months will be bery ber – LOL! So dear friends, update your desktop wall paper and download Shabby Princess’ free here. The theme is about school – I guess, it’s the start of the school year in some regions already.


But since both of my girls are still not yet in school, might as well put a photo for my family. The photo was just a snap shot goofing around with Papa.

Free MAY Desktop Wallpaper

Before doing a research on Branson real estate for a quick holiday, have you downloaded the recent free wall paper from the Shabby Shoppe blog? If not, go and visit them on the image below. Here’s mine for next month’s wallpaper.


I chose these 3 photos because they are the most memorable photos for the month of April. 1st was our 4th year layout, the 2nd is me and baby bump on our 31st week together and the last one is a photo of Julia wearing her sunglasses which I found when I took her infant clothes from the my IL’s shop which turned in to a storage room for the family. So there you go. If you downloaded the wallpaper, don’t forge to leave a comment to say thanks.

Free March Desktop

A few more days, we’ll start the last month for the 1st quarter of this year. Was able to grab on time Shabby Shoppe’s free desktop wallpaper for next month. Click the image below for the link.


Here’s my wallpaper as of the moment. It’s a picture of me and my family up in Bludan before the snow melts on top of the mountain. A memorable day for us in remembrance for the month of February.


Show me yours if you grab the freebie. Please leave a comment on this post so that I can get back to you too.

Fei-Fei’s Giveaway

I love Fei-Fei’s stuff in Oscraps. I love her designs and I love her simple combination with all her layouts. Most of free template that I have are from her store. Once my CC is up, I’ll definitely shop under her stuffs.

So for the meantime, let’s all hope to have the luck to grab a kit from her. Answer the question below. What is your guilty pleasure?

My pleasure in life is buying shoes and bags and clothes. Yeah right, women! Hahaha! It’s a girl thing you know. But I know my limits :)

The Giveaway

The mechanics are easy. One lucky person will win a free kit from her by doing the following.
1. Comment on her post about it here.
2. Tweet about this giveaway and post the link here
3. RT (retweet) her Tweet about this giveaway and post the link here
4. Post on your Facebook Wall about this giveaway and post the link here
5. Blog about this giveaway and post the link here

Giveaway will close on the 28th of February. Hurry up and let’s all try our luck.