Dream Watch

I don’t collect watches. As a matter of fact, I have dozens of watches which are not branded. As long as I love the designs and the price is right, good enough for me. I have Fossil, a gift from my husband and DKNY which I bought for myself. But these watches are something worth collecting. And I’m drooling over this michael kors watches. They deserved to be drooled at.

The prices are ranging from $300-$150. Gulp! Kill me now, hahaha!

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Ideal Birthday Gift

Well, this is not for me since my birthday has ended. But if you’re thinking of buying probably for your love ones, then go ahead and check out Reeds for Movado bold watches. Their designs are awesome. So elegant that you’ll never regret having one for sure.

Movado Bold Mid-Sized Rose Gold-Tone Link WatchMovado Bold Large-Sized Black and Green Leather Strap WatchMovado Bold Mid-Sized Silver And Rose Gold-Tone Link Watch

The colors are so beautiful. From gold to silver, oh gosh! You can go to the sporty look if you’re not in that formal type of watches. Like my picks below.

Movado Bold Large Museum Chronograph WatchMovado Bold Extra-Large Grey Sport Blue Dial WatchMovado Bold Large Black and Olive Silicone Strap Watch

Or probably go beyond teenage years?

Movado Bold Mid-Size Crystal Museum WatchMovado Bold Large Blue Sandstone WatchMovado Bold TOUCH Dual-Time Digital Watch

What’s your bet?

Elegant Homecoming Dresses to Watch Out for 2013

Four years after you graduated from high school, most of your classmates are now professionals. Although some have pursued their medical course or doctorate degree, all systems go for your school homecoming. But are you ready to show your achievements? Most probably you are getting nervous with how you will look at this special moment. What if, your former beau will see how you have produced those unwanted fats or you look a little mature a decade after?

Whatever your apprehensions right now, you should have selected some cheap homecoming dresses to wear. Buying the dress for the homecoming is a bit tedious because you lack time to visit the retail shop or by this time, you are already a mother whose time is stretched between work and home. A better option is to purchase your dress online.

Before you do the shopping, make sure that you got the exact measurement of your body since you have increased your weight and not your height to be exact. Be wary of the type of clothing material because some may cause skin irritation and you will be distracted during the reunion. DressFirst provides you with a lot of dresses that will bring out the best in you. You can still look sexy in a pink princess sweetheart A-line short in mini tulle dress or look like an 18 year old with a light blue empire sweetheart chiffon knee-length dress.

Want to look like a ballerina? Then you can wear an empire sweetheart mini tulle knee-length dress or look fabulous in a shimmering red A-line princess V-neck short and mini taffeta dress. Turn your evening into elegance with blue and white empire strapless knee-length taffeta lace dress and expect your ex boyfriend to rekindle his feelings to you. Make the most of your party night by wearing affordable, yet chic and comfy homecoming dress.

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Business As Usual

Most of my friends are doing very well with their own business. From polyester clay, hair dress for toddlers (and feeling toddlers LOL!), business card making, real state, food stalls, event photographers, and now some are into doing their own DIY bead bracelets. Well, looking at those bead bracelets at SoIcyJewelry.com makes me want to do my own DIIY bracelets too.

Hello From Dainty Ashley

A dear friend of ours started a new bow-tique for handmade hair tinkers and bows for your children. And I’m so honored that 2 of her designs where named after Julie & Julia.

Julia is a sister collection of the Lily Headbands. Both have beautiful silk Ranunculus (also known as Ruffled Rannie) flowers only the Julia Headbands are more ruffled and the petals are a bit thicker (but still weighs very light). It comes in 3 gorgeous colors of Green, Brown with a hint of black and Ivory White embellished with different elegant rhinestones and unique soft elastic band colors.

Our Lily collection comes in two sizes:Queen Lily comes with a pink and yellow ranunculus flower measuring 3 1/2 inches wide. It is attached to a custom-sized lemon green soft and stretchable elastic. Princess Lily, on the other hand, comes in a smaller diameter of 3 inches and is attached to a custom-sized dark olive soft and stretchable elastic. Both are accentuated with a 15mm clear rhinestone button completing its radiant and elegant look. The Lily Headband goes along well with your little girl’s dresses, formal and casuals alike.

There’s a lot of more designs to choose from. Please visit her website at www.daintyashley.com for more cute hair dress for your little ones. Her designs are from newborns up to feeling pretty newly-born grown ups like me, hahaha! Kidding aside, like her FB page here too please. Thank you.

New Trousers

If God will give me the right work at the right time, I’ll be needing trousers for work. A friend recommended me to check over Gray & Osbourne’s website since they have fabulous in line with Gardeur trousers. While browsing over their designs, I noticed that they have good designs for straight leg trousers which is just the right thing for me. I want a cut that will make me feel comfortable and I’m thankful that I found the best ones on their site. What do you think about this one below?

It looks very elegant right? I love the color too. Just perfect for work. It’s so nice that you can easily shop online for these type of clothing. It makes life easier especially for a stay-at-home mom like me. Now I just need to look for the right size for me. Their sizes are from 8 to 24. Hopefully I can identify as to which size I fall into.

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New Prescription Eyeglasses

Hubby needs a new pair of eyeglasses. The current one that he uses have to much scratches on the frame. It fell off the floor for several times already. And so I asked my friends as to what is the best glasses we can find right now. Most of my friends are using this Zenni Optical as their choice for getting a prescription eyeglasses. And since it get great coverage in the media and on the web, it’s much easier to get the best deals. I was reading for reviews about Zenni Optical and as to much surprise, it’s not that expensive at all.  As a matter of fact, their prices are not that expensive at all. Ranging from $6 to $46 per frame, a massive deal.

I love these frames below.

And for hubby, he needs a progressive type of lens like this one below.


What I love about Zenni opticals are the variations that you can choose from the prescription types that they have. Whether be it single vision, bifocal or progressive one (just the frame that hubby needs right now). What more can you ask for? I’ve read as well that they have a lot of satisfied customers because of their great value and affordable eyeglasses. And so, I’m in search for the best frame now and hopefully to avail one from them.

The Loots Are Here!

This is actually a long overdue post. These are my loots from a friend in the US. Remember this post? Well it arrived last week. It’s been with my father in law for like 2 weeks I think, but he will not come over here, not until end of August. Good thing their neighbor will have a short vacation home so he gave it to them and my mother in law met with her here.


Hubby even surprised me by not informing me that the loots are here already. I was so happy when I got the box. Actually it’s a mixed emotions. Happy and at the same time excited.

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Dear Coach

I was busy reading some new topics about an update on health insurance in nc while browsing some good reads over the internet, when a friend buzzed me and said that there’s an ongoing sale in Coach Factory in her place. Oh dear, oh dear!

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.  ~Franklin P. Jones

How lucky are those who can shop all they want. But for me, workless and all – I’m really thankful for the tasks that I’ve been given to complete. I have a budget for giving a little something for myself. Just enough to treat a pregnant woman – teehee :D And hoping that there would be another one. I’m trying my best to earn more to get the next one. It’ll be a big big big gift for me if I can save up for it. I cross my fingers though that it will still be available once I have enough savings for that.

And here are the loots. Shot courtesy of my friend who went shopping on my behalf. Shooting 2 birds by 1 stone. Gosh! I really am a bag-ahollic. What the husband said? He even helped me choose which one to buy. I think he feels sorry for me because there’s no way for me to go shop here.

Shipment? That’s the question. I’m still in the process of getting hold of these loots. I even purchased a pre-loved Coach the other month from a fellow Twitter mommy. That reminds me, I need to send her my shipping address as well. I know my priorities, and I’m a responsible shopper. People might think that I have all the money in the world to spend these much. But I’m just lucky that I have an extra income for now to buy these things (an income which I don’t  have on hand – just floating $$$ somewhere). In the end, I’m still blessed and thankful indeed for having the opportunity to buy something to make me happy. Alhamdulillah.

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No, I’m not talking about the famous comedy series on TV, but I’m referring to one of the uniforms that I used to dreamed of wearing some day some where in the past. My mom’s a retired Nurse. But when she was still working, that time all of the nurses are wearing all white. With matching nursing caps on their heads. I used to play around my mom’s cap when I was still young. But I was too scared to take a nursing course at that time so the dream will always be a dream.

Right now, nursing uniforms are going to stylish and looking more comfortable than before. I guess, comfort is the really the right term to describe if you want to be happy with what you’re doing. Good thing that some one thought of designing such cute uniforms like these, especially in this kinds of fields, where pressure at work are unknown.

I have 2 friends who wears colorful scrub suits at work right now. And both of them look cute on it. Look at these designs right now. Aren’t they stunning?

Cherokee Here We Grow Stretch Split Neck TopCherokee M-i-c-k-e-y Side Panel Scrub TopPeaches Inner Circle V-Neck TopCherokee H.Q. Metal Mouth V-Neck Top

And it’s never too late, if you’re expecting while on duty, imagine that maternity scrub suits are also available now? Wow!

Cherokee Burst of Blooms Maternity TopCherokee Garden Botanica Maternity TopCherokee Dot's Wonderful Maternity TopCherokee Flexibles Maternity Wrap Top

I feel like I want to take  2nd course just by looking at these cute uniforms :D

My Ideal Sophisticated Wedding Gown

I couldn’t help myself to not talk about weddings with my husband. We got married in a civil court last 2007. Our families weren’t with us when we said our vows to each other. We were just with another friend of ours who got married the same day, and just 2 witnesses who were close friends of Hubby. So every time I attend a wedding celebration with my MIL and SILs, I couldn’t help myself to not cry whenever the girl meets her husband to be on the door of the hall way. I always say to Hubby that one of the most thing I like in an Arab Culture Wedding are the elegant gowns that the bride and guests are wearing. I wish I could share some photos with you but it’s not allowed to take photos during the celebration. Except the official video and photographer.

If I were to be the bride again, what would I wear? I would love to wear a simple off shoulder gown. I don’t want to show up my arms that much. A hair dress will be worn when the male guests who are not related to the bride comes in to congratulate the couple, so I might as well choose a lace or somewhat see through arm length gown. I don’t know. I can’t picture myself.  So I browsed some photos of my ideal Wedding gown.

I love this design most especially. I’m petite so I think a shoulder type like this will be fine. Right? Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown. Source.

 Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown

This is the 2nd one. I love the simplicity and the design of the lace over the shoulder. Empire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal Gown. Source.

Empire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal GownEmpire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal Gown

This is my 3rd choice. I’m not sure if I have the same “V” thing they call in this dress, LOL! They call it Empire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal Gown. Source.

Empire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal GownEmpire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal Gown

Now this is the last design I would pick. I’m not sure if this one will be good on me since I don’t have the that much in front to flaunt. LOL! A-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal Gown. Source.

A-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal GownA-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal Gown

The color will be Champagne since I don’t like to wear an all white or an ivory colored wedding gown – hahaha! As if it’s real. Sigh… in time, I’ll have my dream wedding. Insha Allah, by God’s will it’ll happen. Which one do you think will look good on me?

Missing Screw

I just blogged the other day that BIL has a new frame for his eyeglasses. Well, there was a jinx roaming around. Hubby’s sun glasses got broken. One of the screws are missing. We have to take it to the optical shop to have it repair or buy a new cheap eyewear if Hubby finds a good design. We should do this within this week. Summer is just 2 months away and we don’t want to have problems during our journey in the day by then.

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Looking for the Right Boots

I just want to share that during our stay in London, people are wearing boots because of the weather. It was cold and raining hard there during our visit. Me and my friend had to go shopping for the best boots in town since the one that I originally had the first day is not enough to hold the cold up to my feet. I was looking for a boots that can keep my legs warm enough during our journey. I was opt to get the boots which is 1/4 below the knee, but my friend said that it looks like I’m ready to join the equestrian team and ready to do the horse tack. And so we decided to buy another stylish boots yet will funky at the same time. Will have the chance to wear it in Syria during winter season too.