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And since the winner for the The X Factor USA has been declared, there’s one thing that reminds me about it still, a snare drum. I wonder if the super talented Alex knows how to play one. That would be an additional bonus for his awesome if he does.

I’m really so happy that they won. I’ve been listening to their songs since day 1 and hoping that Simon can build them up like One Direction. UK fans is hard to target, but I’m sure with the humbleness of the couple, they’ll win the hearts of the UK fans too – fingers crossed.

How about you, what’s your favorite song that Alex and Sierra sang from the competition?

The Winner Of The X Factor USA Season 3 Is…

ALEX and SIERRA!!!!!!!!


You have to watch their final performance, Alex cried OMG! I so love their team. Before Sierra was the one crying and Alex will be there to hold her hands and say “It’s alright babe…”, and there for their final performance you can see how supportive Sierra is to Alex. Oh I pray that end up together and that they will mean what they say while singing that song “Say Something”:

“I ain’t saying goodbye…”

Alex and Sierra, Best Song Ever

I don’t watch the show but when my nephew post a video clip of them over Instagram and said that their version for Best Song Ever was amazing. So of course, it’s One Direction’s song, I had to listen to it. And no doubt, it was indeed amazing. I’m now head over heels with these two. I hope they win, otherwise my heart will be break. You judge, watch their video below.

Of course, the reason why I’m posting this is because I’m believer of love and their love is simply amazing. I hope they end up with each other forever – no break ups I mean. You should watch their audition. Alex ask Sierra “Do you like to be on stage with me?”, and she replied “yes..”. And he asked “why?”, she answered “because you’re my favorite person…” —- FAINT! BLAGAG! :)

In Loving Memory of Paul Walker

The world was shocked when news like this comes up. Me and my husband are a fan of Fast and the Furious. He loves the action while I love the actors.

Production on Fast & Furious 7 has been halted, following Paul Walker‘s death last Saturday, but the franchise has put together a video tribute to its star. The video compiles clips of Walker from Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6, the three films from the franchise that Walker starred in. Get ready to feel a lot of feelings.

A Tribute to Paul Walker. Paul Walker’s family appreciates the outpouring of love and goodwill from his many fans and friends. They have asked, in lieu of flowers or other gifts, that donations please be made to Paul’s charity Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW). Donations can easily be made through their website at

Thank you Paul Walker for the action pack you left in this world. Rest in peace idol.

We Love You Lea

I guess it’s really not easy to be a star. Here I am again in tears for the loss of Cory Monteith because finally Lea Michelle breaks her silence after tweeting this cute photo of them together. It may probably their last photo on her phone before he died. Oh gosh!!! I’m such a cry baby!!!


Sorry for being so corny on this stuff, I’m just a normal person who watches TV series too :(



I couldn’t believe that I’m blogging about this. I’m obsessed with One Direction right now. Ugh! I can’t get enough of their accent. And yes, their voice is beautiful and they perform very well. This is like the 3rd night that I’ve been watching their random videos over their YouTube channel and oh dear, Liam’s so cute! One of the reasons why I fall in love with them is because of their British and Scottish accent. They are doing like Indian British accent from time to time because of Zayn, hahaha! He’s a Pakistani English descent. The rest are pure English.

I recently downloaded their 2 albums and will be on repeat soon on my phone. Until when will this craziness end? LOL!


I’ve been on this road already. Virtually in-love with James McAvoy’s Scottish accent last 2011. What’s up with you English guys?! So freaking hot! Liam’s accent is terrible. I barely understand a word he’s saying, but it sounds music in my ears hahahahah!!! Look at what I’m saying. I should put a hashtag here #FeelingSingle and #TeenagerPeg.

The Impossible

Nothing is more powerful than the human spirit.

I love recommending movies especially if they are good ones. Have you seen you “The Impossible”? If yes, how’s your eyes after the movie? and if not, you’re missing a lot.

My husband who cried after watching “Dream House” once again was touched with such a very good story and cried along with me. I love real life drama. And of course, Ewan and Naomi are just the best ones to portray the roles for this story. I don’t like to spoil too much and I don’t recommend you to watch the trailer even. Feel the suspense of everything so that you’ll have that special moment of excitement. The excitement on what to expect. I swear, I’ve never been so touched in any movies except this. It made me cry just after 15mins and all the way up to the end. And running time for the movie is 113. Yeah, I couldn’t even open my eyes after watching it hahaha!

I took my revenge though. I asked my sister in law who is not a cry-mama like me on movies. But with this, she swear that she’ll never listen to me again if I recommend another movie for her to watch. She was crying too much as well hahahah!

Alright so enough drama-rama, have to check out those Hydraulic Power Units that I’m working into right now. No it’s not my job, it’s just something I need to read about for now.

Let me know your feedback about the movie. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

Earth Harp Performer Was Here

… and he performed for 3 days over Al Majaz Water front which was a walking distance from our place.

William Close was an earth harp musician act from Season 7 of America’s Got Talent. He finished the competition in 3rd place. Amazing performance. Here’s hubby taking a video of him. While the fountain in the background are in sync with his music.

He played for 3 nights. That means, 3 nights of booming sound as well from our building. Ha=ha=ha! But it was fun seeing international performers like this. I hope they could bring a Philippine entertainment show over here. Most of the concerts are done in Dubai. Bring ‘em here in Sharjah. He=he=he!

Bethenny’s Tips for the New year

Want some simple tips for New Year? Here’s one good advice from Bethenny when she guested at The Ellen Show a few weeks ago. And I’m doing her number 1 suggestion already: “Give Yourself A Break”. It’s nice to have a “Me-Time” every once in while. And I’m so thankful and blessed that my husband and my sister-in-law are pushing me to do this everyday. It’s nice to change in a good and positive way every once in a while. So before you check out best cigar magazine in town, watch this video first. You’ll never regret it.

And of course, I hope it helps you too.

MonChel It Is

If you haven’t heard about MonChel, well it’s about time here. It’s real! And I’m so freaking happy about it! Finally, it’s confirmed. And I’m so kilig because Cory is such a gentleman because he said it first even though there has been too much speculations about it for the past 10 months. Here’s an interview of Cory on The Ellen Show.

So fellow Gleeks, what can you say about it? Isn’t that an exciting news? They are meant for each other and I’m really joining the wagon for their tandem to move on for life.

Dream House

I don’t know why they rated this movie 5.8/10 where in fact, I find it very good. I rated it as 9/10. It’s the first time that my husband cried on a thriller, mystery and a drama movie like this. I myself always cried (like usual). I guess it breaks our hearts seeing these girls fate in the end of the movie. If you haven’t seen it, well watch it now. It’s not freaky as what you think it is. It’s not a copy cat of a Korean horror story. There’s always a twist.

Gleek-ember Count Down

Fellow Gleeks, are you ready??? Glee Fan page over FB has been posting countdowns for the last 3 days. Making me more anxious to see the comeback of the New Direction – most especially of course (the reason why I don’t watch twice Season 3’s last episode) FinChel.

I so can’t wait!!!

American Idol Season 11 Live Tour 2012

Are you a fan of AI? Well if yes, then you have to get ready and see them perform in the Philippines on September 21, 2012.

The last time I watched AI was when Jasmine Trias was in for a battle. I don’t know which season is that. She didn’t win though. But we were cheering up for her and hoping she gets the title. This year, another Fil-Am contender. She may not have won the title as the American Idol (again), but she’s an idol to the Philippine society now. And we’re proud of her. Proud to be Pinoy.

See below for more details for this event. Save the date if you want to see them perform live.

Just as powerful as their voices are, I have to read on and check out these Hydraulic Power Units too.