Beat The Heat Collab

One of the best thing working with Mye is the versatility of her kits. This collaboration with Just Jaimee is amazing! So love the background paper with the ocean on it. And the colors with it’s retro feeling is just so cool. Don’t you think?


Beat the heat with a kit that showcases the best parts of summer, when the days are long and the memories last a lifetime. This charming collaboration has it all for endless variety: play with funky, bold patterned and classy neutral papers, or add smooth epoxy flairs beside coarse textured sand. Use the journal cards to document your memories or let the included wordart say it all. Grab this collab and you have the perfect excuse to stay inside and enjoy the air-conditioning!

Save $1.60 using mdl_jj_beattheheat Beat The Heat | Collaboration with Just Jaimee and Mye De Leon
Piecemaker by Zoliofrope – See more at:
Save $1.60 using mdl_jj_beattheheat Beat The Heat | Collaboration with Just Jaimee and Mye De Leon
Piecemaker by Zoliofrope – See more at:
Save $1.60 using mdl_jj_beattheheat Beat The Heat | Collaboration with Just Jaimee and Mye De Leon
Piecemaker by Zoliofrope – See more at:
Save $1.60 using mdl_jj_beattheheat Beat The Heat | Collaboration with Just Jaimee and Mye De Leon
Piecemaker by Zoliofrope – See more at:

LO319 – Carpe Diem Kit

I’m sharing one of my favorite kits now. Combo of yellow and blue is perfect. Scroll down for credits.


Start living in the moment! “Carpe Diem” is a digital scrapbooking kit from Kristin CB and Brook Magee, all about living your dreams and doing what makes you happy. The cheerful colors are sure to put a smile on your face. Take your pick of all the balloons, butterflies, word art, flowers, flairs, sunshine and more that this kit has to offer, as well as alphas to put on the perfect finishing touch. Scrapping with this kit is a sure way to find your happy place!

This digital scrapbooking kit includes 19 beautiful patterned papers and 10 coordinating solid papers; A full uppercase alphabet (A-Z,1-0, and select characters) in 4 colors on .PNG sheets; and finally, a HUGE element pack including awesome embellishments such as: flowers, frames, scatters (stars, triangles), epoxy flairs, string, butterflies, buttons, doodles, paint & splatters, straight ribbons, glitter stars, arrow, word art, word strips, stamps, leaves, hot air balloons, doily, lace, trim, sunshine, hills & mountain, and more!!

Carpe Diem by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Brook Magee
Sketchy 01 – Summer Words by Brook Magee
Garden Variety by Zoliofrope

And for now, I need to search for gold wedding bands from here. A friend will be tying the knot soon and in help to search some bands for her and her future husband.

It’s {inter}National Scrapbooking Day!

There’s tons of sale out there. So if you want to get everything in one click, follow here. There’s a list of stores who are celebrating this day.

Not on the list is from Mye De Leon. So make sure to check out her store by clicking the image below. Gotta love the big discounts everywhere. I wish I have tons of $$ over my PayPal hahaha!

Here’s one thing I have from Traci Reed.


And one for Brook Magee.


And I’m guesting this month for Zoliofrope so here’s one from her and a kit from Lliella designs.


I’ll be uploading these in a while but all of these can be found over SSD shop. Thanks for looking around :)

Hello May!

With just a few post from April, and here we all are. Starting the month of May. Oh sweet May.

May will be a very special month with regards to the world of Digital Scrapbooking. iNSD is just around the corner and look out for freebie blog trains, challenges and tons of goodies for sale.

I’m so excited because this will be my first time to experience such special event for a scrapper like me. I missed all the fun last year, so I’ll make sure to not miss anything this year. Keeping my fingers cross for a more time using the laptop and less crashing events over PS. Ugh! Sigh!

And so see you around and hope everyone is having a blast.

April is Special

April is indeed a very special month for me and my husband. We will be celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary this coming 19th. Amen to that!

So am I now ready to say that I’m passing on the seven-year itch? Have you hear about that?

The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage.[1] The phrase originated as a name for irritating and contagious skin complaints of a long duration. The phrase has since expanded to indicate cycles of dissatisfaction not only in interpersonal relationships but in any situation such as working a full-time job or buying a house, where a decrease in happiness and satisfaction is often seen over long periods of time.

Well, let’s conclude that with a layout instead saying how lucky I am right now married to my husband. This layout is for you Sweety. Thank you for everything you do. For making sure that we have a roof on our head and for securing our family. May Allah continue to shower both of us the patience to understand each other (kasi mahirap makipag away pag English ang salita hahaha!) and to set an example to our children on how a marriage life should be.

LO258 – Lucky To Have You

A Happy Family: Feelin’ Lucky by Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman
Brook’s Templates – Duo 05 – That’s So Wordy by Brook Magee

Julie and Julia

Say hi to my girls, Julie and Julia. We named our youngest Julie because of our eldest Julia (sounds crazy right?). Well, we came up with Julia because my husband is the one who recommended it. Well, I’m a fan of Julia Roberts ever since so I said it’s fine with me to name our eldest Julia – instead of Judy or Jody which my MIL was trying to suggest. I’m not a fan of Juday LOL! Duh!

When we found out that we’re having another girl, it wasn’t that hard to choose another name. Julie & Julia the movie got released 2009 so I suggested that it would be nice to have two girls named alike. And Julie Andrews and Amy Adamas (the one who acted as Julie over the movie) again is one of my favorites. So I told hubby, his suggestion is another go go for me.

So there you are, that’s how we come up naming our girls. We have a name for a boy already. It’s a tradition to name him after his grandfather, so if Julie would have been a boy, it’ll be Hisham.

Julie and Julia

I created this layout using the kit below.
A Tree is Nice by Brook Magee
A digital scrapbooking kit by Brook Magee, A Tree is Nice brings early signs of spring and all things primitive and oh so refreshing! This kit invites you to go back to the basics, retell memories of being with the family and share your stories of frolicking in nature. A Tree is Nice is in refreshing shades of green, navy, turquoise, and cream. This kit has lots of references to nature and a variety of doodled trees, and more references to family and going back to your roots. Create memories by enjoying the simple things that life brings and share your everyday simple stories!
And here’s the template that I used.
Brook's Templates - Singleton 03 - Family Showcase
A digital scrapbooking template pack by Brook Magee. This layered template is great for scrapbooking your memories with ease and style. Templates can be used multiple times to create a variety of unique layouts for your scrapbook albums. Just switch out papers, photos, and add your own special touches!

Our Little Chunker

I made this layout for my dear friend. Whenever the theme is about boys, I have to ask help from her. Her little charmer is so cute I can’t resist to not make a layout for him. This kit is perfect for a little star like him.

Thank you Chief B for allowing me to show off with the other man in your life.

LO251 – You’re A Star

Boy Oh Boy by lliella designs and Meghan Mullens
Happy Clusters No.1 – Layered Template by Scrapyrus Designs

Boy oh Boy is a digital scrapbooking collaboration by Lliella designs & Meghan Mullens. This kit is ALL BOY and perfect for those sweet lovable little men in our lives. With a muted primary color palette and filled with kid’s toys, stars, and denim goodness this is a must have for your scrapbooking collection.

He’s The Man

Say hello the the man of my life. My better half, my husband. It’s been a rough road for us for the couple of years especially last 2011. But through God’s grace and blessing, we’re all alive and well – and that he’s with us too. Alhamdulillah for everything. I’m just so proud to make a layout for him – as always.

I made this layout using the kit and templates below.



Alpha Male, a collaboration by Traci Reed and Brook Magee, takes another look into your little man’s antics or your big boy’s lovely quirks. In richer shades of primary colors and generous references to the alphabet, Alpha Male is perfect for documenting adventures and play time, even memorable quotes, and mischievous moments of the boys in your life.

Alpha Male by Traci Reed and Brook Magee Brook's Templates - Trifecta 01 - Try Angles by Brook Magee
A digital scrapbooking template pack by Brook Magee. These layered templates are great for scrapbooking your memories with ease and style. Templates can be used multiple times to create a variety of unique layouts for your scrapbook albums. Just switch out papers, photos, and add your own special touches!

The credits are above with their respective links. Enjoy :) Oh and I’m getting ready for a project because I want to have it print for her upcoming photo book. An online print solutions is the solution for this. Yahoo!

LO248 – The Love of Family

The second installment of the new line of family-oriented kits from Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman, A Happy Family: Lovin’ Life is invites you to be together in love. Celebrate hugs and kisses, major sweet moments, and the everyday smile with a softer color palette that is fit for the love month with soft touches of spring. A Happy Family: Lovin’ Life is an appreciation of the good life full of love, laughter, and happiness.

I’m so glad that I came up with this layout combining three awesome designers.

LO248 – The Love of Family

I thought I will have a hard time with the template since it’s using a triangular shape mostly, but it came out just perfect – I think. This is how it looks like without the kit. Challenging to look at right? But I’m thankful that Brook and Traci love what I did with the kit and this template together. Awesome! Click the credits below to download these products.

Brook's Templates - Singleton 02 - Looking Sideways

A Happy Family: Lovin’ Life by Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman
Brook’s Templates – Singleton 02 – Looking Sideways

New Siggy

And with all the new designers I’m working with, I’m so proud to create a new siggy that comes under my profile all over the digi world. I’m a work in progress and at the same I’m so happy that work is paying off just fine. I may not be that good in creating layouts full of artwork. We have our owns styles that’s why we are unique. I love clustering and a realistic shadow is I’m after for.

Thank you for the people who trusted me and who believed in my capabilities – most of all, for my digital scrapbooking friends who referred me to the designers out there. I will try my very best to a good layout artist and will continue to inspire people.

Siggy credits to Mye de Leon’s kit Autum Dream.

Autumn Dream

Brook Magee Designs Now On SSD

I’m so lucky that and it’s an honor to be on Brook’s very first team over Sweet Shoppe Design. She recently debut her beautiful templates and kits over the store last February 15th and I’m so happy that I’m a part of it. She also doodles too. Receiving an invite to be on a team always fills my heart with joy and proud.

Doodles means like this.

Here are two new fresh layouts that I made for her.


Confidence is Beautiful by Jenn Barrette and Brook Magee
Brook’s Templates – Trifecta 01 – Try Angles by Brook Magee


Unicorns, I Love Them by Brook Magee
Brook’s Templates – Trifecta 01 – Try Angles by Brook Magee

Thank you so much Brook for the trust and for having me on the team. You can see her shop here. Facebook page is here.