Cosmetology Schools

I still remember when I was young that my sister tried enrolling in a cosmetology school back home. She wanted to have a business of her own, and the fastest growing career that time is in the cosmetic section.

Now I have a friend in the States who is a stay-at-home-mom like me, and she recently enrolled in one of the Regency Cosmetology Schools in her area. Good for her because I’ve heard so much about Regency. It’s one of the leading beauty center that provides unique learning system, stunning facilities, partnered with other Salons as well and lastly a standardized franchising facilities. If you’re in the area and want to know more about their admission, you can visit their website at

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Face and Skin Care

When we went to Lebanon the last time, I bought some facial products that I’ve been using for quite some time now. However, I’m too lazy to put deal with my face ever since I got pregnant. My hormones are definitely crazy. Right now, I have a pimple on my right cheek. I really need start with my 3 steps remedy as soon as possible before it get worst.

I’ve been reading reviews and feedback from users who use the same product that I’m using, and they confirmed that it’s one of the best acne treatment they’ve used so far. I can’t wait to pamper myself after giving birth.

Lack of Sleep

I don’t know why but it’s been a week that I’m experiencing sleepless nights. I don’t have any problems lying down the bed, but my thoughts are wide awake when I’m about to sleep. I’m thinking probably because of me being pregnant or simply because I’m thinking too much of things I wanted to do.

I have a pimple right now on my right cheek. I’m afraid that it’ll leave a dark spot again :( For now I’m trying to find the best and effective eyesential that I can use. I don’t want to end up so tired after giving birth.

I Love Clinique

I pampered myself the other day. Instead of buying a gift for my husband for his birthday, I bought (for the first time) my ever Clinique products. I was in doubt for using this product since let’s all be honest, it’s very costly. But after trying a lot of beauty remedies, I gave up already. I have a dry skin and lots of blemishes under my eyes. Don’t forget the dark spots that was left behind by pimple scars. So I’m trying my luck and hopefully this time, I’ll get used to one product.
3-Step Skin Care SystemLast night, I washed my face for the first time with the Clinique Liquid Facial soap, and I honestly can say that there’s really a big difference with the previous facial foam wash I was using. With Loreal, I feel like my face is all dried up though there’s a cooling sense of feeling for the skin. And another thing using Loreal products is that you can still feel like your face is all dried up again. But with Clinique, I can say that my face feel smooth after using the liquid wash and the toner as well.

I’ve read in some articles that Clinique works like a miracle. I hope it works for me too. Even better Skin Tone correctorI also purchased as well this Clinique Even better Skin Tone corrector. Recommended to virtually undo the visible evidence of sun damage, dark patches, skin stresses, age spots, even the darkening that follows acne scarring which is one of my major problems on my face.

And then since I was there already – might as well buy a moisturizer. I categorized my skin as very dry to dry. So the girl recommended me to buy Clinique Super-defense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer.Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense MoisturizerLastly, I bought this Clinique All About Eyes moisturizer to diminish the look of under-eye circles, shadows, fine lines-instantly.All About Eyes™ Rich Yeah, I know – I’m so vain! Hahaha!

Perfect Skin

I’m getting close to get a perfect skin – in my dreams. He-he! To be honest, I’m starting to be vain with my face right now. I’m buying products that will make sure not to irritate my pores that might cause pimple. So right now, I’m in search for a good pill by browsing on to and checking the overall performance for each pill. I hope someday soon, I can a be this close to having a fairer and perfect skin.

Best Acne Treatment

I’m still in search of looking for the best acne there is. My friend challenged ourselves 2 weeks ago to buy a certain product and to check if the dark spots we have will really disappear in 4 weeks. So far, the results for me are doing pretty well. The spot is still there, but for a 2 continuous week of using twice the cream we bought, it’s living me satisfied for the mean time. I need to continue using it though to really know the effect. If you’re looking for some products to treat acne, click here.

Comment on PSusa Review

My eldest sister had training when she still had the time and took a short courses for cosmetology and she had plans to have a business after taking the said course. They were able to canvass hair salon furniture that time, but the plan wasn’t pushed thru since my BIL had to move out of the country to work, so their plan has been postponed. I’ll refer this review on the other hand, just in case they would like to go with their previous plan.

The Vanity in Me

I was looking over Michelle Phan’s (not updated) blog page and I’m finding myself watching her make-up tutorials every now and then. I wish I have the guts and that fashion in me to love make ups. I just recently posted my make up purse on my other blog actually, so I really do want to learn more on putting make up on my face but I’m scared of the result it will do after I put it in. I was browsing of ideas from her on how to remove those unwanted dark circles under eyes but I guess I’m not that ready yet to show up in public with a too much make up on my face, or I’m just too coward to face that fact that my face will still look dull, ha-ha!


So for the meantime, while readying myself with this make up thing challenge, I’m looking for some remedies to have a fairer and whiter skin. Oh my! Vanity vanity, not!

A Beauty Within Her

I was browsing Lady Gaga’s YouTube when I found a link of Michelle Phan’s YouTube Channel. Wow! This girl is really amazing and I so adore her lovely skin. So perfect! I need to find an acne solution to look like her though. Michelle Phan I believe is taking natural medication as she introduced making ingredients for your face with organic honey, sugar and organic olive oil for a healthy lovelier skin. Well, I wish I could find those ingredients so that I could make my own cream. For the mean time, let me go back to her channel and enjoy lots of girly tips.

Home Sick

Day 108 – The 365 Days Project


DAY 108

My brother-in-law texted me this evening saying that he’ll be leaving soon for a quick vacation. I was sitting in front of my PC and when I looked up, I saw our family picture. I suddenly felt home sick. Nostalgia. I miss my parents most especially. I’m sad because Julia’s growing up so fast with all those marvelous things that she’s doing right now, I hope that my parents can witness those little things that she’s learning to do everyday. Her first words. She’s a copy-cat now a days, haha!


Julia’s the youngest grand daughter they have right now and I’m jealous sad because they were able to take care of my nephews and nieces and witness their moving up events and all of those things a toddler’s amazement can show you, but with our little one, since we’re far from each other right now, we all have to sacrifice being separated for a while, and all they can see right now are photos of her and videos I can share with them online. Sniff… Sigh… life can be cruel sometimes, but hey – that’s life.


Anyway, enough of the drama moments. Need to check on some ideas about one of the top list wrinkle cream in the market. So I’m checking on some prototype 37-c reviews so that I could share these ideas to an friend online who’s making a thesis right now.

Eye Cream

I need one.

When was the last time I slept for more than 8 hours? Or even rephrase it by asking, when was the last time I completed an 8 hours sleep? Hmm… I wonder.

I was with colleagues this afternoon for an hour training at work then had a little chit chat with them after lunch. I let my friend do my eyebrows for me too. Hubby’s complaining that I look like a man again, haha!

See those puffiness under my eyes? Ugh! A sign of stress and a lack of sleep. And for that, I need to hold of those wrinkle eye cream that I can apply each night. I need to do something with it before it gets worst.

By the way, I ordered something special online today. And will get hold of it within 7 to 10 days if there’s no custom delays. Can’ wait to start with that product. Yehey!

Best Acne Treatment


The two photos above are the photos that I myself can’t believe that I’m actually looking at myself.

During my first 6 months here in Qatar. I really don’t know how it happened but it’s was like every morning is a nightmare for me. As I prepare for work and will look up in the mirror, there’s this tiny little circle that will form in all parts of my face. It all start of in my cheeks, then on my forehead. 2007 was the worst of all. My wedding day was a disaster. But I’m thankful and blessed that even during my ugliest days, Hubby loved me as I am. Awww…

So I gathered some information for the best acne treatments I could find in the market and did some researched too as to what to buy and what to consider first.

The result as you can see was a success. Early 2008, my pimple face started to heal and apparently left some scars, but it’s okay for me rather than having those red circles around my face. And again 2008, I was chubbier then because on this photo I was 5 months pregnant carrying Julia. So in 2009 and up to now, I still maintain the medicines I took before and the rest is history. I’m so thankful for those medicines I took.  So don’t loose hope my dear lads. If I were able to do it, so can you.

Beauty Products

My brother-in-law will be leaving for a week vacation next month in lieu of her daughter’s graduation. Mommy’s asking me to send her some beauty products which includes the best anti wrinkle eye cream I can find. Mom’s in her senior years already, so I’m very particular of giving her the best ones in the market. I spoke to her a few week ago and not to my surprise, she have this buy-me-this list, haha! So, here I am, doing my best to get all of them just in time for my BIL’s flight.