Chosen One More Time

This kit is on sale now for only $5.59 – I got it all for free.

Gina of Digital Design Essentials recently made this as sneak peak before her launch. Leave a comment and she’ll choose a random winner for the kit. There were 58 commenters, and I was the lucky one among them. Hihihi! This is the 2nd time for me to win on giveaways like this. Keep it coming!

Good thing that ate Jen told me that she saw my name when this showed up on her feeds. I on the other hand was offline that time. I wouldn’t know that I won if it weren’t for ate Jen. I checked on my recent activity as to which page I last commented on to. And voila! I really did win after all.

Digital Design Essentials

Lucky indeed are on my way. Thanks again Gina for the chance. If you wish to see more of her creations, LIKE her page on Facebook. Or vsit her blog for more details.

“Let’s Party…Jes is Thirty” {Giveaway}

An online friend and a fellow mommy is turning 30. Join her contest and try your luck to win fabulous prizes. Before that, we need to answer her question here:

What is your memorable birthday experience and How did you celebrate it?
It was year 1999 when I turned 19 years old. It was my first time to celebrate my birthday in the Philippines. The last was when I turned 6 years old. My parents are OFWs working in Saudi Arabia. 1987, my dad took me and my mom to stay with him abroad and so since that year onwards, I celebrated my birthday abroad.

So there you go. Join Jes by greeting her a warm birthday celebration. Below is her requirements. Goodluck to us all.

1. Please make a post about my birthday giveaway starting with the answer of my question(2-3 sentences or more): ‘What is your memorable birthday experience and How did you celebrate it?” followed by the Invitation then invite others to join and don’t forget to include in your post a copy of my SPONSORS list from HERE.

2. Be my FOLLOWER and LIKE  Me on Facebook (Click the links below):
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3. Grab my Birthday Giveaway badge (found on top of my sidebar) and post it to your sidebar.

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