No Laptop :(

I’m currently blogging using my phone right now. Our laptop, died on me yesterday (sumunod ata kay Mang Dolphy. It’s the 3rd time that it died on us for this month. I thought it’s just another software failure or might have been affected by malware. But as I run a self test check, it shows “Quick Hard Disk Error 303″. I googled it, and it says that the HDD needs replacement or can undergo repair. This usually happens with all laptop, but it takes like 3-5 yrs before it dies out. Us took shorter than that. “Harry” (our laptop) stayed for 2.5yrs.

Hubby already asked me to check the nearest HP Service Centre here in Dubai. But I opt to wait for him and bring Harry himself. I’m not a techie person (eventhough I hold a degree of CS, how ironic is that???).

I have tons of things to do. Checking emails, blog hopping, checking out scrapbooking kits, and online task that I would like to finish soon. I was even thinking of creating a layout for the kit that I recently got as a prize for SWL’s Monday Sneak Peek. SIL asked me to use her laptop. I refused to. Working in a different device or work station is not the same when you’re working on your own. It may sound odd, but I feel different. My imagination I guess.

Anyway, I’ll try to work using my iPhone for the mean time. If there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Downloading Problems

Our next door neighbor has been calling for me to fix their downloading problem over the internet. This is the 3rd time that MIL has requested for me to check over it. Our neighbor’s daughter was about to download video from youtube, when her laptop suddenly stopped responding. Well, thank God for having a husband who is a geek with computers. After doing a little troubleshooting with her laptop, I was able to fix the problem. But of course, that doesn’t end there. I know in the next few days, they’ll be ringing the bell again for me. There’s actually no issue for it, it’s just that their laptop language is set in Arabic, which is giving me a hard time to navigate with the menus. Sigh. Why can’t they just switch to the common language instead right? But anyway, it’s not their fault. Blame it on the school over here, because they don’t introduce English as one of the means of communication. Anyway, enough of the rant.

Organized Scrap Kits

I’m currently organizing my folder kits. I thank my Hubby for teaching me how to customized my folder icons. He has this software that changes pictures to an icon format. Now I can easily identify which kits I have and the names of the designers. I already customized the first 3 folders, and I still have a lot of folders to do. As you can see, I organized them by kits, then my templates.

And for each sub folder, thanks to Suzanne for the tips. I can easily preview the kits. I honestly can say that I’m an “OC” for the first time :D


Since there is nothing else to do (for now), might as well be busy with this. Thanks again Sweety for helping out.

New Laptop or Desktop?

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to buy a new desktop, but I’m hoping so. I’m looking over Ordinateurs de bureau products and services that they are offering. Acer, Compaq and HP – all types of brand. I think I’ll go over HP again. I really wish. Let’s just hope that there’s a good vibes on each of our plan so that this dream of mine will be true. Because if not, I’ll forever be borrowing Hubby’s laptop.

Laptop Stand

I’m in search of a laptop stand. I’ve decided not to buy a desktop, instead to just buy a new laptop. The current laptop that I’m using is really for Hubby, but he let me used it for the mean time because the processor is much faster compare to MIL’s laptop which he’s using right now. He already formatted MIL’s OS to Windows XP because it used to run under Vista making it slower, but I need a number keypad separated from the QWERTY keyboard so here, I’m using Hubby’s laptop.

Anyway, the stand that I’m using right now is a laptop stand of my BIL. I wish we could find something that can be placed on the bed so that I can sit up straight properly. Hubby suggest to buy a computer cabinet instead. But the space here in my in-law’s house is not enough for that. I guess once everything is ready in the new house and that we’re ready to move in, we can arrange something like the photo below.

I need a big monitor. Why? because I’m blind :D It’s hard for me to work on things if the screen is not that big. That’s another reason why I chose to borrow hubby’s laptop too. It’ll be nice to do a scrap if you have this big screen right?

Burned Laptop Keypad

I couldn’t believe that our friend who recently bought his laptop damaged his keypads in just a week of using it. His story was that he was lighting up his scented candle which is a hand away from his place. But apparently the oil spill down and all he remembers after that was that he was trying to kind of like rinse off the fire on his hair, hahaha! Now he’s thinking if the shop he bought offers a laptop insurance. Good luck – that’s all what we told him.

My Cyber King

My husband is the world’s geek (for me) if we talked about computers, devices, gadgets and all those stuff on the web. He’s the only person I know who loves to format his laptop for like once every month. I always joke around with him telling him that I’ll be really blogging something about him one day, and this is the day. Hahaha! If he’ll read this post, I’m sure he’ll laugh. The funny thing is that he usually formats his PC every Monday. How did I know? Because that’s the time that I need as well to back up my files and he’s the only one who does it for me. We call it a Cyber Monday for us both. I’m a computer graduate but I barely know 30% in the hardware part of the computer. 60% of it is blogging and net surfing and 10% on HTML codes, hahaha! Call it a degree!

By the way, I’ll be announcing a good news soon… for now, I’m off to sleep. Need to take a rest for a big day tomorrow at work. My last week for the month of October. Wish me luck.

205/365 – Up & Down

DAY 205


Life is an up and down cycle. When you go down, try to push yourself up. When you go up, try to remember the people who put you up. I’ve learn today to appreciate the people who puts me where I am right now. Thank you for those people who made me realize that they are not worth it to be called as friend, and thank you for those people who gave meaning to our lives. What a manic Monday it is.

Comment on Video Conference

I’ve read this review about Web conferencing and it made me realized that our technology is really growing. A very competitive price are being offered and I believe that it’s helping every one to get connected with their loved ones. If you’re a business minded person, it’s really a great deal to offer too. Thanks for this review.

Good Finds

Over the meeting today, we talked about how to increase our sales for this month. We contributed some ideas in order to promote some good stuff. Our target has been increased and we need to do something in order to reach our that target. So, I was looking over some gadgets that is for sale, because I need to check some electronics especially cool computers in order for our project manager to have ideas to endorse to. We need to come up with plans on or before Sunday afternoon so we’re using our time to gather ideas and brainstorming with some colleagues too.


Anyways, what are your plans for these coming weekends? For us, we’re just snooping around with hubby’s friends. They play PSP while I do some online task and coping up with my 365 days project too. Need to update my sidebar as well. I’m off for now. Have a safe weekend.

Day 75 – The 365 Days Project

As you may have noticed, most of my photos for this week can be found near my computer – or should I say, things to use for my computer. Well, it’s because it’s almost end of the month and I need to update a lot of reports. This is my second time submitting End reports to the big boss and I’m thankful that I find no hassle on the way – throwing away that jinks. The transition of my previous supervisor and I was smoothly done, that he prepared me in an earlier stage handling reports already. It was an advantage on my side especially since he made me more ready to become and handle the position that I have right now. Blessed and very thankful for a job well done.


DAY 75

On Blog Advertising

I’ve just signed up with one of the popular sites that get paid to post. Few weeks ago, I posted a journey on how to have additional income with just blogging and an online friend of mine ate Faye referred me to visit

I’ve been blogging for more than 2 years. Blogging about anything under the sun, blogging about stuffs that may include personal life or blogging about my whereabouts. Staying home right now since I’m still on my Maternity Leave makes me think twice to sign up for the said site. I was not into writing as well since I’m fond of reading or shall I say blog hopping. But then again, why not give it a try and explore the world of opportunities online. It will increase the number of visits on your site as well if you’re into writing good topics.

So how does blog advertising work? The first thing that came into my mind when reading the words advertising and blogs was that you should have a company of your own and that company should have a blog or an official site. Never imagined that you can do blog advertising by having a personal free blog of your own. Wow! Once you have your blog set up, they will give you task to write about. That will be for approval of course and based on that post, they will pay you back in a fair way. Another thing is that some advertisers can promote their products and services by simply having their banners on your blog site itself. Haven’t done this one yet, but I’m in the process of exploring the opportunities for this. Another challenge for me. It makes blogging fun.

I thought it will be that hard to sign up with PayingPost but it just took me a minute to complete the registration, though it took I think 3 or 5 days the least to approve my blog, hehehe! I was previously rejected before but with another site that pays you to blog since my blog was just a week old that time. Have deleted 2 blogs in the past already, probably if I continued with blogging those time I could have been approved a long time ago and probably earned a lot already.

Anyway, you may click on the image above to sign up and enjoy more of blogging. They have a new layout that is so welcoming to the eyes. Made me inspired to change my theme layout as well. It made me think why I didn’t choose to have sky-blue color as a layout. Knowing my mind which is so unpredictable, who knows I might change my theme again in coming months or weeks? Kidding aside, good luck on signing up!