Custom T-Shirts

Holiday season is just around the corner. Have you organized your wish list already for your family and friends? Well, a friend of mine did. And I’m proud that in spite of her busy schedule, she managed to have everything sorted before the end of this month. For instance, she have a group from her work team that are all fan of the Big Bang Theory, so she decided to have a custom big bang theory shirts for each of them. So I look into their Café Press for their designs, and I was really impress by their ideas, since they have huge selection of t-shirts. I even suggested for her to have hoodies as a gifts since it’s almost winter time in the US. I looked around and guess what I found? Breaking Dawn customized t-shirts. OMG!

Well, the 3 images above are the ones that I liked most. Simple and will look cute (hopefully) on me or for my friends as well.

It’s nice that this days, it’s very easy to have your gifts customized. That’s one good idea to have a straight and easy moments to have your gifts done in no time. Plus giving gifts even from the smallest ideas will mean a lot to the recipient, especially if they found out that you did it by yourself. Small things can mean a lot, right? From buttons, magnets, iPhone cases, jewelry, home décor or even business cards; these are just unique ideas that you can offer to have the best gift for holidays.

And so, go ahead and have a good start ahead. Think positive that you can have all ready before the shopping spree start in chaos.

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