Yehey For New Header

I’m in the mood to twerk, I mean to tweak around codes and I decided to create a header for my blog. I know it’s kinda big, but it’s me. That’s how I want readers that this is mainly my scrapping blog and I’m loving every bit of it.

Well I just hope that I can stick around with this design. I always change my mind every now and then, hahaha! For old visitors, you know how many times I’ve changed my theme. HAHAHA! Now my only issue is the width of this blog. I’m not comfortable for tight post. My layouts comes from 600×600 in size so sometimes I have to resize them when posting. I will have to deal with that again in a later day.

For the mean, I’m happy :)

Loving My New Theme

I’m over the moon right now.

I tweaked my blog once again and will never get tired doing it ;)

I’ve been looking for a good theme and this is what I found, and I’m so loving it! The colors are perfect, the theme format is elegant, and that header is just me.

Well I can’t customized the header, but it’s fine. The font is perfect.

All Dressed Up

And so for the past few weeks, I’ve been tweaking my blogs. There’s a lot of updated WordPress themes and besides it’s cool have a change every once in a while. It’s just like changing a new dress, right? Unless you’re like me who always wants a customized header. That’s a different story. Before it’s taking me like 3 days to tweak my blog (that includes changing the fonts and colors as well). But I’ve learn my lesson – the hard way. I’m convincing myself not to change a lot from the themes since I will probably be changing the mood again and go for a new look. Which I did again now. So, now I’m just looking for a perfect theme and just customizing the header. Now it just took me an hour to think things over. Isn’t that great?

So aside from changing you position indicators (which by the way I know nothing about), why don’t you just stick on what your blog is tackling into? Let’s say “fashion”, then go look for fashion themes. Same with food, shopping etc. It will be very easy for you and will not eat up a lot of your time. Good luck!

New Blog Theme

You see, this is one of the reason why I don’t pay for dressing up my blog’s theme. In that way I can easily change the set up and even customized it on my own. I’m thankful that I know basic HTML codes and through experience, I learned how to read CSS as well.

It’s crazy how many time this blog has changed. LOL! If you’ve been my follower since the beginning, I bet you’d probably think that you’re always visiting a different blog. This is just me and my addiction to blogging. I think it depends as well on my mood.

Alright, it’s a new week again. So let’s hop hop hop everyone.

Expired Domain

I don’t track when’s my blogs expiry dates. I’m not really a tracker with regards to this types of things. Although I know that I should be tracking these dates because it’s really a hassle to renew once forgotten. Imagine opening your blog and you’ll see error like “This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.” – moved?! Reading that looks like a critical situation for me. So call for a HELP – as in HELP KERSLYN! hahaha!

I didn’t know that this blog expiry date was February 4th when a friend checked the reason why I couldn’t open the site. I thought it’s just a hosting issues – which again I don’t know anything about hahaha! Yeah you can call me stupid with regards to this topics. I totally admit and I’m honest that I don’t know anything about hosting. I know how to buy a domain, but about hosting, ah-uh! Everything happens for a reason. I’m happy that I have loyal friends online that helps out in times of need. And I’m really thankful for the soon to be mom Kerslyn for assisting me on this.

Now everything seems to be working fine. I just bare in mind that I need to have all my blogs on my GoDaddy account in order to receive notification if they are about to expire. Lesson learned.

New Domain

I’m thinking of making a new blog. I already have a food & health, iPhoneography and fashion & shopping blog. Aside to this one which I consider, general blog. What do you think would be nice to maintain easily? Maintain meaning, something worth reading about?

I need suggestions please. Help me out on this. Thank you so much.

I’m Still Here

1 week of not updating all my blogs… tsk tsk tsk!

I’m sorry for my Bloggers Comment Exchange groups for seeing no updates. I was quite busy for the last few days. I had a project that I couldn’t turn down. I was even not active for any digital scrapbooking forums that I’m into as well. And I promise to cope up with up with it as soon as I can.

I changed the themes of this blog and my fashion blog as well. It’s the same theme, but I still have a lot of tweaking to do with this one. I want to change the color so that it will not be similar to the other one. I will leave my food blog and iphoneography blog as it is since I just recently updated them. You see, that’s why paid theme is not recommended for me hahaha! I change mind very fast.

Gotta go. This is just a quick update. Be safe everyone.

Loving Disqus

I had this one installed before when I was still in the Blogger (blogspot) platform. But I forgot about it when I moved to WordPress. Well, I’ve joined a comment exchange group that visits other blogs and leave comments to any of their post. As I get along hopping with other blogs, I came across Disqus again. Yes it may have technical issues sometimes, but as a commenter, I find it more easier to leave comments. So I installed a plug-in for this blog. I will install disqus to my remaining blogs as well.

Hooray for Comment Exchange. Let’s keep our rank much lower, and hopefully gain more online tasks hehehe!

Wanna Know Our Secret?

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Fast Way To Read Your Google Reader Feeds

Who among you loves to see updates from their friends? Blog hop? Thanks to Diane, who shared me this easy way to read my subscriptions easily. I created a bookmark specially for the “Bebots” category. It’s much easy reading their stories over their own site. Plus, I’m blog hopping randomly as well. Now, my reads is zeroed out. Hope this helps you as well.

Choose the best one for you. Mine is Trick #3.

Trick 1: Google Reader Play

Google Play is a new toy Google itself has created for Google Reader. It is an impressive way to view the more visual post items from your feeds.


Trick 2: Feedly

Feedly is an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari (it’s also got an iPhone app). What Feedly does is re-design the layout of your unread Google Reader feed items to make it look better in a way designed to be browsed in a leisurely fashion. It compartmentalises each of your folders, showing thumbnails and short snippets of the post with each of the titles.

Plus, Feedly features a couple of items at the very top with large thumbnails in a semi-magazine style. It also links into your Twitter account, making it easy to share the things you find.

Trick 3: Make “Next Bookmark” Toolbar Buttons

These “Next Bookmark” buttons are easy to set up, but people seem to forget they exist. Head to Google Reader and click on “Manage Subscriptions” in the bottom-left corner. Click on the “Goodies” tab and scroll down. You have the option of making a simple “Next” button or to choose a specific folder and create a “Next” button for that folder only.

Bebots Bookmark

Thanks to this article too :) Now enjoy reading your reads dear friends.

Back At One

It was 17 days ago when I expressed my happiness that my blog leaped from PR0 to PR2. And then this evening, a friend tweeted that Mr.G has made some updates again, and now this blog went down 1 rank. Huhuhu! :( I feel so sad. Sad because I only enjoyed the rank for only 17 days. Yet still happy at least 1 is better than 0.

Having to work on increasing a blog rank is a tough thing to do. Especially for a SAHM like me who accept works online. Never the less, I’m still thankful. Alhamdulillah, Thanks be to God always for the chance to write up.

For my fellow mommies who has an update with their ranks whether an increased or decreased, carry on.

Twitter Pregnancies

Earlier this year, I found out that 3 of my Twitter friends are due the same month when I was still pregnant with Julie. Then came 2nd quarter of this year when 2 of them announces that they are on the way. Maileen for her 2nd baby, and Trinity for her 1st baby. And then yesterday, another one is blessed for the second time, my favorite digital scrapper Diane. We’re all so happy for her and we all pray for a safe pregnancy. There’s one more person we’re all waiting to be blessed, hopefully this year these lovely couple will be blessed soon. Always whispering a prayer for her. It’s ironic how we evolved in Twitter. Twitter babies, coming up. Hooray! :D