BBM Ban in UAE and KSA

OMG! This is not a good news at all. We do hope that Qtel the #1 leading service provider for Blackberry service here in Qatar will not be affected with this issue. It will be a big loss for the people and a big loss for our current sales as well. Blackberry handheld phone are top of the list and #1 salable item every month and next is iPhone 3Gs. People are so gaga with the Blackberry Messenger features and I’m one of those people. It’s one of the cost effective way to communicate with my friends. I don’t use text messaging anymore. We all crossed our fingers for this.


Two Gulf states to ban some Blackberry functions

 imageThe UAE denies censorship is involved

Two Gulf states have announced bans on some functions of the Blackberry mobile phone, claiming security concerns.


The United Arab Emirates is to block sending e-mails, accessing the internet, and delivering instant messages to other Blackberry handsets.

Saudi Arabia is to prevent the use of the Blackberry-to-Blackberry instant messaging service.

Both nations are unhappy that they are unable to monitor such communications via the handsets.

This is because the Blackberry handsets automatically send the encrypted data to computer servers outside the two countries. – source

iTech Qatar Exhibition 2010


DAY 122


And here we are for the last day of our exhibit in Qatar Expo. Me and a colleague was assigned to promote the Starlink Products and services. It was a great exhibit to promote the services that our company has to offer for the people of Qatar.




Day 1 and 2, I wasn’t able to attend since Hubby was so busy with their new project that launched last Thursday. I even brought Julia with me last Saturday at the exhibit and left Maricel work for more than 2 hours alone since a friend who volunteered to baby sit on her failed to do the task. Julia was not cooperative with him that she vomited on his clothes from the time they picked her up from her day baby sitter until they reached us from the exhibit which was a long drive that took them an hour to get to our place. I really thank Sajid for the efforts though. I’m sure he’ll be a great dad in the future.


So back to the exhibit, we had a good sales for day 1, that was yesterday. But today, we closed our sales only around 4k I think. But the good thing was we enjoyed our time and we learned a lot from our competitors in this type of business. I can’t wait to have an exhibit like this. And I hope that next time, the schedule will fit my sched.


Here are some more photos to share with you guys.


This was taken when we were wrapping up and ready to leave.



With big brother kuya Lino, in-charge of the Facilities and drivers.



Looking over his phone, hehe!



This guy is lucky to have us both in his side, haha!