Under The Sea Theme Party

Blogging about last month’s event.

We were fortunate to be a part of Ilaboo’s 1st birthday party. This is the first time that my girls will be attending a kids party for real. A party that involves magic show, games and lots of kids around.


I finally had the chance to meet my super Bebot friends. It’s nice to know that what we are online will still be the same offline – doesn’t make sense hahaha! I’m just happy to see all of them.

Happy birthday again Ilaboo. Thanks for inviting us ate Kaje and kuya Romel.

Thanks to Jojo Francisco Photography for these awesome shots! Check their Facebook Page here.

Expo Mom featured Exhibitor: Dainty Ashley and The Clay Craft Studio

Head over Rockwell Tent to have an amazing journey to shop with our fellow mommies.

WHEN: April 6-7, 2013 (Sat/Sun)
WHERE: Rockwell Tent, Makati City

Expo Mom is the biggest mom event in Manila today, successfully drawing moms and moms-to-be since 2008. It has become a much- anticipated, buzzed-about event as it is known as one of the prime information sources showcasing the latest products and services for moms, babies, kids, & families, it also brings to fore the latest parenting trends such as breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, active parenting. Expo Mom has also been known as the “mompreneur market” as it consistently provides a venue for business-moms to showcase their offerings to their target market. Last year, more than 3,000 attendees came to Expo Mom. In the November edition of Expo Mom, called Mommy Mundo Bazaar attendance almost doubled at almost 6,000 attendees.

Come to Expo Mom and meet and interact moms and dads who share your passion for parenting!

Two of my friends will be opening their booth. And I’m so proud of them! Dainty Ashley will be showcasing their hand made hair bows, hair clips, ponytails, and headbands. And their newest product line is the Belly Bouquet.

While The Clay Craft Studio will provide you customized handmade and heart made charms, tokens and gift items made of polymer clay.They aim to help you make your life events special by offering customized souvenirs for birthdays, anniversaries, christening, baby showers, engagement parties and others.

See you all there!

Hello From Dainty Ashley

A dear friend of ours started a new bow-tique for handmade hair tinkers and bows for your children. And I’m so honored that 2 of her designs where named after Julie & Julia.

Julia is a sister collection of the Lily Headbands. Both have beautiful silk Ranunculus (also known as Ruffled Rannie) flowers only the Julia Headbands are more ruffled and the petals are a bit thicker (but still weighs very light). It comes in 3 gorgeous colors of Green, Brown with a hint of black and Ivory White embellished with different elegant rhinestones and unique soft elastic band colors.

Our Lily collection comes in two sizes:Queen Lily comes with a pink and yellow ranunculus flower measuring 3 1/2 inches wide. It is attached to a custom-sized lemon green soft and stretchable elastic. Princess Lily, on the other hand, comes in a smaller diameter of 3 inches and is attached to a custom-sized dark olive soft and stretchable elastic. Both are accentuated with a 15mm clear rhinestone button completing its radiant and elegant look. The Lily Headband goes along well with your little girl’s dresses, formal and casuals alike.

There’s a lot of more designs to choose from. Please visit her website at www.daintyashley.com for more cute hair dress for your little ones. Her designs are from newborns up to feeling pretty newly-born grown ups like me, hahaha! Kidding aside, like her FB page here too please. Thank you.

Gift Giving

Are you all done with your shopping list for the upcoming exchange gifts with your office mates, friends or families? Well for me and my Twitter friends, we’ve organized a yearly online exchange gifts. This will be my 2nd year to join in. I’m not really sure if my gift will arrive before the deadline, because I just recently updated my shipping address. I was confused between shipping it to SIL’s place (Dubai) or back home (Philippines). But since we’re still stuck up in here, might as well be safe than never – I have it shipped back home. My mom will have it shipped to me I guess. So, if you guys are looking for some good Friends and Family deals, shop now. You don’t want to be in a cramming mode.

Avoid Toxic People

Dear Jhari,

Are there people in your life that aren’t making you a better person?  Avoid toxic people.  Love them, yes, but don’t spend too much time with them.  Life is short!

Be wise,

P.S. Jhari, I’ve provided wonderful people around you to be your friends, teachers, and inspiration.  Look for them.

Yup, I’m following orders. That’s why I stick up with my friends over the blog and Twitter. I haven’t seen them personally (except for Maileen), but I know them by heart. And they don’t treat me like a stranger at all. They are my true friends online to whom I can share with my ups and downs in life. Aside from barkada back home, these are the people which I don’t ever want to avoid in the future. Besides, it’s not right to avoid people who prays for you, who sends you happy thoughts and positive vibes, who encourages you, who inspires you and admire you for your strength. These are people worth sticking with until the end. I just wish that I will have the chance to meet with them. If that happens, I assure you that I will be speechless. I really am a shy type you know – yeah right! ;) THANK YOU BEBOTS FOR EVERYTHING!

Fast Way To Read Your Google Reader Feeds

Who among you loves to see updates from their friends? Blog hop? Thanks to Diane, who shared me this easy way to read my subscriptions easily. I created a bookmark specially for the “Bebots” category. It’s much easy reading their stories over their own site. Plus, I’m blog hopping randomly as well. Now, my reads is zeroed out. Hope this helps you as well.

Choose the best one for you. Mine is Trick #3.

Trick 1: Google Reader Play

Google Play is a new toy Google itself has created for Google Reader. It is an impressive way to view the more visual post items from your feeds.


Trick 2: Feedly

Feedly is an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari (it’s also got an iPhone app). What Feedly does is re-design the layout of your unread Google Reader feed items to make it look better in a way designed to be browsed in a leisurely fashion. It compartmentalises each of your folders, showing thumbnails and short snippets of the post with each of the titles.

Plus, Feedly features a couple of items at the very top with large thumbnails in a semi-magazine style. It also links into your Twitter account, making it easy to share the things you find.

Trick 3: Make “Next Bookmark” Toolbar Buttons

These “Next Bookmark” buttons are easy to set up, but people seem to forget they exist. Head to Google Reader and click on “Manage Subscriptions” in the bottom-left corner. Click on the “Goodies” tab and scroll down. You have the option of making a simple “Next” button or to choose a specific folder and create a “Next” button for that folder only.

Bebots Bookmark

Thanks to this article too :) Now enjoy reading your reads dear friends.