Bloggers Meme – How Much Time Do You Spend on Facebook?

PhotobucketWell, this one is not that hard to answer. Right now, I’m busy with a lot of things offline and if you’ll see me online, I’m doing task and updating my blogs. However, I always post photos of dear Julie and Julia to update my family (especially my parents) back home. My daughter’s growing up so fast that a it’s bad enough that they are missing a lot of it. It’s the only way for them so see her. My sister even created an account for my mom – but haller, I know she’s the one doing the update for it. :D You can see me more on Twitter though and Instagram. I love the privacy these to social network has right now. Exclusive for dear friends online where I can rant as along as I want. So there you go, that’s my answer for this week’s meme.

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BC Bloggers Meme

Finally, the BC Bloggers’ Secret is back again. But now with a little twist that made it more exciting.


It is just like any other meme but way better because it’s open 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) so there’s no more rushing to join. Plus, more importantly, participant’s blog will be linked automatically by future participants the following week making link building fun and automatic!

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“What is one tool, tip, secret (or whatever it may be) that you have discovered  that has helped you in your blogging and would like to share to others?”

I’m maintaining 3 blogs right now. And I think a lot of you are already using this tool. I’m publishing my post by using Windows Live Writer (2011 Edition). Uploading photos and publishing them has made it so easy for me to blog.

So there you go.

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