Conversation #2

While I was stretching up this morning, here’s another small talk with the big sister. She approaches the fruit basket and pointed at the banana.

JULIA: Mama, you wan nana?
ME: Me want a banana? Atini wahed (English: Give me one). You want to eat banana? I’ll peel one for you.
JULIA: No no no…
ME: *raised an eyebrow
JULIA: Don worry Mama… it’s okay it’s okay…

I don’t have an idea on why she’s asking me not to worry, but I ended up getting a banana for her and good thing she ate it. MIL laughed so hard because she heard her saying not to worry. It’s like an adult warning me up.

Conversation #1

I’ve been wanting to write about this type of conversations with my toddler soon to be big big sister, but I always forgot about it whenever I’ll start to write a post. I have a friend online who advised me to note on this simples conversation between our toddlers, so that we can always back read at the memories this has left us.

Hubby’s away and will be back tomorrow afternoon. This morning, while I was combing my hair, Julia woke up with a smile as usual. Here’s where the talks came in.

ME: Good morning Mama! How’s your sleep?
JULIA: Good moning Mama… howa you?
ME: I’m fine…
JULIA: (pointing at her diaper) Mama oh, it’s wet :(
ME: Wawa… Okay, stand up we’ll change your diaper na.
JULIA: Okay mama… thank you mama (and gave me a kiss and hug… awww…)
ME: You’re welcome.
***while changing her up, I asked her then about her Papa***
ME: Where is Papa Julia?
JULIA: Where is Papi?
ME: I’m asking you then you’ll ask me?
JULIA: Papa go bye-bye…
ME: Bye-bye? Where did he go?
JULIA: Papa in the ship…
ME: In the ship? What ship?
JULIA: Papa go with Barney and uhm… and uhm… there oh… (pointing at the door)
ME: Ah I see… Papa went to Beirut Mama not in the ship.
JULIA: Papa go Beirrrrruuuutttt (at this point she was actually pouting her lips as if she’s in an Opera house singing, LOL! :D)
ME: HAHAHA! Okay fine. Yallah let’s go out and say good morning to Tete (grandma in Arabic)
JULIA: Yallah na… bye bye pullow (pillow), ay lav you.

Sigh… Everyday she amazes us with all the things that she can do and say. One thing I noticed about Julia is that she loves to sing and dance. I wish I could record her favorite song. There’s this app on my iPhone which she always play with. It’s called “Juno”. And she loves her songs especially the song about Teddy who was missing.

Oh dear Julia, you’ll be a great sister for sure. I can see you singing lullabies for Julie. We love you dearest.