Time To Update

Hello everyone.

Been away for quite some time. We had family emergencies that needs attention so I had to set aside blogging and group activities as well. But all is well now, Alhamdulillah.

As some of you may know, my eldest was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis a few weeks ago. We were back and forth from the clinic near by for injecting antibiotics. Oral medicines are not helping anymore. After 3 days, Julia’s ENT Doctor advised us to have a tonsillectomy procedure to avoid any further complications and infections in the future. Of course as a mother, I was nervous as wreck – but my husband is more nervous than me hahaha! We were thinking of holding the procedure till next year, but the insurance company has provided us with hospitals that can cover her operation so the next few days, we went to Jeddah to make appointments.

Last April 2nd, we went to 3 hospitals. The first doctor told us that she still need to take antibiotics (orally) for 5 days and will go back to check on her throat again. Well, it wasn’t easy for us since Jeddah is 1.5hrs away from where we are, but we don’t have any choice. Then we went to the 2nd hospital, but we were informed that our insurance company is not covered under their policy. So blah blah blah… off to search again. The 3rd one was in Al-Zahra Hospital. Doctor Ahmed was so accommodating that we felt at ease with him to do the operation. We even told him that we live in Rabigh and that it’s so hard for us to travel back and forth. So he immediately advised us on what steps to do in order to proceed with the operation.

The next day April 3rd, we went back to the hospital early in the morning. They took some blood test, x-ray and we were told that it’ll be done after 2hrs. We were hesitant to come home, so we spent the whole afternoon along Jeddah corniche. We took a nap under a shaded area while the kids play on a near playground.

After 3 hours of waiting, we went back to the hospital and  checked on the results. The doctor studied it and said that he was thinking of doing the operation that night. Alhamdulillah. We were so thankful because it will take us a very great deal of time traveling back again if they will schedule us on Saturday.

So to make the long story short, after 40mins waiting over our hospital room, she came back looking so tired and her IV has too blood spills probably she was fighting back not to be injected or something since she’s so so afraid with injections. But Alhamdulillah all went well.

We got hold of her medical certificate excusing her for 10days of rest. She was under antibiotics for like 15days and now Alhamdulillah Thanks God she’s back to school already. We have to make sure she still eat cold to little warm meals though to avoid infection on her throat.

So there you go. Thank you for everyone who keep us in their thoughts and whispered prayers for a successful operation. We’re thankful that all went well.

Have to bring my blogging mojo back though. I lost it somewhere… have you seen it? ;)

Julie and Julia

Say hi to my girls, Julie and Julia. We named our youngest Julie because of our eldest Julia (sounds crazy right?). Well, we came up with Julia because my husband is the one who recommended it. Well, I’m a fan of Julia Roberts ever since so I said it’s fine with me to name our eldest Julia – instead of Judy or Jody which my MIL was trying to suggest. I’m not a fan of Juday LOL! Duh!

When we found out that we’re having another girl, it wasn’t that hard to choose another name. Julie & Julia the movie got released 2009 so I suggested that it would be nice to have two girls named alike. And Julie Andrews and Amy Adamas (the one who acted as Julie over the movie) again is one of my favorites. So I told hubby, his suggestion is another go go for me.

So there you are, that’s how we come up naming our girls. We have a name for a boy already. It’s a tradition to name him after his grandfather, so if Julie would have been a boy, it’ll be Hisham.

Julie and Julia

I created this layout using the kit below.
A Tree is Nice by Brook Magee
A digital scrapbooking kit by Brook Magee, A Tree is Nice brings early signs of spring and all things primitive and oh so refreshing! This kit invites you to go back to the basics, retell memories of being with the family and share your stories of frolicking in nature. A Tree is Nice is in refreshing shades of green, navy, turquoise, and cream. This kit has lots of references to nature and a variety of doodled trees, and more references to family and going back to your roots. Create memories by enjoying the simple things that life brings and share your everyday simple stories!
And here’s the template that I used.
Brook's Templates - Singleton 03 - Family Showcase
A digital scrapbooking template pack by Brook Magee. This layered template is great for scrapbooking your memories with ease and style. Templates can be used multiple times to create a variety of unique layouts for your scrapbook albums. Just switch out papers, photos, and add your own special touches!

Exam Week

It has been a busy week here. My daughter just took her Sixth Written Exam this week and we had to review. So it took me a while to sit back and update all my blogs. Haven’t been doing layouts as well. Hubby had to reformat the laptop due to slow system response. I hate it whenever the laptop always hang in the middle of something, especially Photoshop. Good thing that there is always a recovery, but the last step you make is not always the saved recovery. Starting all over again is a hassle. Right?

Anyway, I’m happy that it’s all over now. Will go back to school on the 26th for her report card. I hope the result of her exam is good enough to let her pass to the 1st grade.

All By Herself On The 2nd Day

Oh her 2nd day in school, I went home because I wasn’t feeling well. I left her sitting down on her chair looking at her classmates while in tears. I couldn’t look at her straight in the eye because I was holding on to my tears myself.


After a few hours, we picked her up from the school and this is what she showed me, her first 3 stars! I’m sure it was all because of crying hahaha!

She took home a lot of homework for her 2nd day. She even had to write from 1 to 50. She’s pressured I know, and so am I. I’m not a perfect mom, but I’m trying very hard to be one for her.

First Star and Moon

This is a late post.

This photo was taken after Julia’s 1st official day in the School. She took her admission test well but wasn’t able to finish writing her letters because she kept on crying the whole time. She doesn’t want me to leave her side so I’m glad that the teachers allowed me to stay beside her while she took her test. She was able to write her letters but only until “Kk”. The test was hard actually. Because there are some that she wasn’t that familiar yet. Like number from 80 to 90. After and Before series.

Julia knows her phonics, but doesn’t know how to read that well. I was told by the teacher to go back from pages 1 to 15 for her to be familiarized and get back on track. Oh btw, the school year started last April. So Julia is 5 months late already.

After a very tiring day for herm she got a her first star and moon — all because her teachers wants to make her smile. But she wasn’t fond of them too. She still kept on crying.

Well right now, we’re getting the hang of it all. She is starting to participate but her teachers are still giving me feedback that Julia is a slow writer. Again, we’re in a work in progress hehehe!

First School Uniform

As you can see the date is way back weeks ago. Here’s my Julia officially wearing her school uniform. It’s one size bigger than her actually, but we opt it this way so that she can move freely and will give her enough time to grow.

It’s been an up and down week for us in school. A lot of adjustments and we’re still catching up with her subjects, especially her skills in writing. Just last week, her Math teacher told me that she writes very slow. Well as a mom of course it’s hard to accept that our kids are having a slow start, but I’ve already spoken to fellow mommies and they all said that it’s very normal especially since she’s a beginner and that it’s her first time in school. Anyway, in sha Allah God willing, through our help she’ll cope up well and I’m praying that she’ll love school more than we hope for.

You see, this is one of the reason why I gave a month break for all my digital scrapbooking duties. I’m still balancing myself and at the same time dealing with life’s challenges too. But all is good, Alhamdulillah Thanks be to God.

I miss scrapping though. My CT Leader said that I should go back and probably and scrapping therapy will do, but whenever I open the PS, the mojo is not there at all. I guess, it’ll come sooner or later. I’m just happy and proud that they are all there to support me during this tough times and of course, advices has been given. Thank God for online friends.

So that’s it. I’ll make it short again and hopefully will show more pictures of Julia’s development in school. And yeah, we have a 4 day holiday – started yesterday, Friday. But it’s Exam week starting Tuesday so I will start reviewing my daughter on Sunday in sha Allah God willing.

Have a safe holidays to everyone who is here in Saudi Arabia.

Taking The Time Off

Lost a lot of task today. All because our eldest started schooling already. Tomorrow is Friday and it’s our 2nd week to have our weekends from school. Still have time to search on things that are thermoplastic though.

Anyway, will be writing a post regarding Julia’s first week in school probably today or tomorrow. I’m just signing in to update.

TGIF everyone. Be safe.

All Because Of Barbie And Her Pink Shoes

My daughter is so obsessed on doing ballet steps every once in a while. I really don’t mind. As a matter of fact, I always encourage her to do tip her toes up. But whenever I say something to boost her up, she’s like a “makahiya” plant from the Philippines that once touched, it will close up it’s beauty for some time and will open up when no one is looking.

And this is all because of Barbie and the Pink Shoes movie that I downloaded for her a couple of weeks ago. Too bad that there’s not enough curricular activities here in the Kingdom for children to enjoy with. But it’s fine. She’s still young and in the process of exploring what she wants. But in time, I’ll get myself ready looking for a ballet recital gifts here and there.

Oh and yeah, her steps on the photos looks like doing the 70’s right? Hahaha! Blame it to Guru of Despicable Me. LOL!

List of Encouraging Words and Phrases

I so need this… my patience is running low right now with my 4 year old. I’m grabbing all the patience and praying for it because she’s off to school by September. And as a mom, I need to review all these encouraging words as well. Oh God help me on this.

Encouraging words can be as simple as, “Thanks for your help!” or “You really worked hard!” Here are a few more examples to try around your house:

Thank you for your help!
You should be proud of yourself!
Look at your improvement!
That “A” reflects a lot of hard work!
You worked really hard to get this room clean!
Thanks for helping set the table, that made a big difference.
I noticed you were really patient with your little brother.
What do you think about it?
You seem to really enjoy science.
Your hard work paid off!
That’s a tough one, but you’ll figure it out.
Look how far you’ve come!
I trust your judgment.
The time you’re putting into your homework is really paying off.
I love being with you.
You really put a smile on her face with your kind words!
That’s coming along nicely!
You really worked it out!
That’s a very good observation.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I see a very thorough job!
That’s what we call perseverance!
I can tell you really care.
You make it look easy!
You’ve really got the hang of it!
I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking this through.
I really feel like a team when we work like this!

The best part about using encouraging words with your kids is the glow of happiness you’ll see on their faces. After all, “Your hard work is really paying off!” says you noticed their work, while, “You’re so smart,” might be hard to live up to next time. Try a few of these encouraging words with your kids, and watch their behavior—and effort—improve.

Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice

I so love the title for one of the word art that Victoria Feemsters has on this kit. My subject for this month of February is my only husband. But I had to be off with the month’s subject because of this wonderful kit.

So this is what I came out after grabbing a template using Cut it out by Jamie Seaward Designs too. I love that there are moments that I can capture sweet memories for my 2 kids.


For my daughters, Julie & Julia.

Lucky Sisters by Victoria Feemster
Acrylic Alpha by Victoria Feemster
Cut it out by Jamie Seaward Designs

Highlights of 2012

WARNING: Photo overload hehehe!

So here we go. Before I totally forget. Just to summarize the year of 2012.


It was our first family photo to be complete after what happened last 2011. I can’t believe that we’re finally here in UAE and looking forward to start our new life. This was the month that we first see the beauty of Burj Al Khalifa (that still give me jitters up until now whenever I see it in person).

Day 7/366 - Dubai Mall to meet up with friends and to see this amazing building Burj Al Khalifa.01.01.12 - US at Sahara Mall. Our first family photo for this year. Alhamdulillah!


Had the opportunity to finalized or visa. In return, we had to exit UAE and stayed overnight in a hotel in Muscat Oman. Hubby went first and within that week, me and my kids flew to Oman. My MIL arrived as well to stay for a short visit.
It was this month that we experienced life in Dubai through riding the means of transportation: Bus and Metro.

Our flight going to Muscat Oman. Feb28/12MIL's first time in Dubai Aquarium and to see the beauty of Burj Al Khalifa.Our first ride over Dubai Metro w MIL.Nahuli sa parade ng National Day ng UAE ✌✌✌


Everything was back to normal. Hubby started to look for a job while I on the other hand are still coping up with our new life.
Yazan celebrated his 6th birthday too. It was a month of roaming around because MIL was here and then she had to leave and go back to Rabegh that time too.

At Dubai Festival City. Alhamdulillah! To God be the glory.❤Julie & Julia❤Goofing around during their cousin's birthday.


Opportunities come and go. We still don’t have work and we’re still looking for chances as well. But we know that Allah’s with us. We may not have what we’ve always wanted to have, but we’re still blessed that we are complete and we’re together through thick and thin. Met with my cousin and they showed us more of Dubai’s finest places. Burj Al Arab was very beautiful.

While waiting for Papa, me and the kids stroll down along Jumeirah Beach Residence. Nagutom lang ako pano puro restaurants. Mag lu-lunch pa naman. After strolling for 30mins, Julie and Julia's face were so pink. Even when walking under the shades, ang iniTGIF w my cousins at Souq Madinat Jumeirah. First time to see Burj Al Arab.Ansaveh ng Rayban?


It’s my SIL birthday month. We treat her in Applebee’s Dubai and she loved their steaks. But I wasn’t impressed with their service though. Nothing can compare the hospitality of Applebee’s Qatar. Having a SIL like ate Rana is one of the best gift I’ve received from God. My family-in-law are the best and I’m one lucky WIFE indeed. Masha’Allah.

Taken last Friday: (L) Hubby, Yazan, SIL and her husband + their "Still-thinking-what-to-order" faces.Celebrating SIL's birthday. Her Cake topped with the free Syrian flag. We love you ate Rana!!! @ranaowainy5.25.2012 • Julie & Julia • ApplebeesSIL and I


Our dearest Julie turned 1. Hubby’s cousin celebrated her birthday as well for this month. Went out to Zaabeel Park with cousins and Hubby was preparing to leave to Jeddah this month as well. It was a heartbreaking month because we will not be with him for a month.

Julie's Cake

I miss you Sweety! Come home soon.Taken during the last week of June. We visited Hubby and SIL's cousin for a surprise birthday cake. photo snag from SIL @ranaowainyFinally went boat riding at the corniche. Our first boat ride experience was in Doha Corniche last April 20, 2007 (Our first day as husband and wife) Now after 5 years, here we are with our two lovely treasures.TGIF with cousin Cyrille. Naipit ko ata si Lilypot


Hubby left to Jeddah to find work. While his brother, Ahmad arrived and stayed for a week since he’s going to Riyadh to finally Alhamdulillah start working there. Hubby went to make Omrah in Mecca that month as well. Hubby arrived at the end of the month too. You can see the last photo my girls giving him a welcome kiss. They sure miss their dad. Oh by the way, this was the month that ScrapMatters accepted my application as a Guest CT for their store for the month of December. It was a such a happy/sad/exciting month I believe.

All his bags are packed and ready to go...✈ Hubby's leaving again tomorrow. He's off to Jeddah to make Omrah in Macca and to also try his luck to search for a job. He'll be welcomed by my parents-in-law. Kagabi pa ako nagiiiyakBIL is here! We missed him. Sayang hindi sila nagkaabot ni Abed.He's in Mecca now. Alhamdulillah!Sensya na, masaya lang ako talaga. Hehehe!!! Kahit na mali username ko dito ok lang. Basta may JHARI pwede na sa akinBIL's tour at Dubai Mall. First time to see the Waterfall Atrium as well. Gondo lang!And Papa's home


It’s my mom’s birthday month. And Hubby got his gall bladder removed as well. He was confined in the hospital for 3 days for that procedure. Alhamdulillah he’s all fine up until now. Harry died on me the previous month and he was revived after being taken to another local store. Thank God! And August was a month of getting ready for Eid. A job opportunity knocked on my door. I thought that was it. Until now I’m still hoping that they’ll give me a callback. But I guess, it’s not okay to let your hopes up too much.

Mommy and DaddyThank you for praying with us.WB Harry!"I promise... Do you?"C is for Cookie. Stocking up for the Eid.


It’s Yara’s turn to celebrate her birthday. She turned 9 that month. The call that I was waiting for came in that month again. 2nd interview. It’s summer time so we went to Bab Al Shams and a swimming at Dreamland.

Waited for 3hrs and this was my view this afternoon. Sumakit ang fwet ko hahahah!⌚One Monday night at Bab Al Shams.After 2yrs, nakapag swimming rin. Hindi ko na uulitin. Ayoko na mangitim. Huhuhu!!! Yup, that's one of our ways to cover up. Exclusive Muslim Swim wear but there's one i want na Speedo ang tatak. Para may protection talaga sa sun. Hanap kami ni SIL next t


Hubby’s birthday month. Hoorah! He turned 32 last year and Alhamdulillah he’s with us and praying for more years to come. We spent the day along the beach with SIL’s family. Thankful for another year. We brought Julia to her 2nd dental Check-up too for this month. Went up to Green Mubazzarah a well. Picnic with Hubby’s family. And lastly, this month was a hectic month for our dearest Lily. She was nebulized for the first time. Wawa baby. Suffered due to cold and cough.

We're here. Alhamdulillah.2nd Dental Check-upMy ex-boyfriend cc: @abedoweiniMorning kisses from Julie and Julia for dearest Papa. Happy birthday Sweety @abedoweini. I hope you enjoyed your day with us from sunrise to sunset.Went this morning to the health center para pa-checkup si Lily. Nebulize ang bagsak. Ubo, sipon and teething stage nagsabay sabay kasi. Wawa naman sana ako nalang may sakit pag ganito. She cried too much that it hurts seeing her in pain.


The weather started to change this month. I started to arrange our clothes and pull out the winter ones. This was the month for the end of Twilight Saga. And hubby surprised me by buying a ticket for the first day showing here in UAE. I was really surprised and was shouting like crazy LOL! Our pretty Julia turned 4. Alhamdulillah. I couldn’t ask for anything more except for her to be safe and to grow up with full of respect to elders. We experienced our first dine in at the famous Golden Fork in Dubai. Hubby’s cousin and her husband took us there for a treat. Over all, November was  good month.

The celebrant with her birthday cake. Happy 4th birthday ate Julia!!!
A day at the park.Julie & Julia at Al Mamzar Bay. ❤ 11.26.2012Passed by the big tent on our way to the park this afternoon. So excited! Weeeee! It'll be my first time na makakita ng circus live!And there goes the end of Twilight Saga... Forever❤ 11.15.2012Golden Fork. Sarap ng Seafood soup nila. Grilled shrimp, the best! Treat from hubby's cousin.

Finally, December

National Day for UAE falls on the 2nd day of December. We experienced how patriotic Emirati all are. UAE flags are all over the place. And the Corniche was unbelievably crowded. The traffic enforcers had to close the whole street just for all families to be safe to cross back and forth. My birthday month. I was sick and it’s not a good sign at all. Got infected with the stomach flu. Me, my husband and my kids suffered with it for 2 1/2 days. Ugh! We had to move my birthday celebration on the 7th.  We dine in for the 2nd time in Applebee’s with and first time at Chilli’s. Thanks for the generous family of SIL. Oh yeah, this month ended with removing lice and nits. Yup, you heard it right. SIL’s kids got it and 2 of my kids obviously had it too. Good thing we were able to remove them all after 3 weeks of curing and shampooing everyday. Ugh! What a stressful month.

Oh yez! Traffic along Corniche. Saya ng National Day dito sa UAE. Ramdam mo hangang kahapon pa. Parang fiesta sa park dahil ang ingay and super dami ng tao. Families all group together for a picnic. Ang saya lang! Hehehe!Sick at 32Will be blowing my cake for my 32nd birthday. We call this, "dress up party". Kasi wala naman party. Hehehe!With cousin Hiba at Applebee's Dubai. [12.13.12]Untitled

That’s it. 2012 was a tough year for us all. Health, marriage, financial and relationship with each of us here in the house has been challenged a lot. But Alhamdulillah, things are great and Allah never put us down in times of need. We’re striving hard and we’re coping up as well. We can do this and we will not give up until we’re up on our own. We’re blessed and we’re thankful.

Julia At 4

My daughter turned 4 last November 10th. I made a collage of photos that I have on my phone since 2009. And as I look into the details on each photos, I said to myself “Gosh! My daughter has grown up already…”. And I feel like I’m not ready for it.

Happy 4th birthday ate Julia!

You’re the reason why I have more patience in life.
You’re the reason why I believe that I’m tough enough to handle things that I never new I can handle.
You brought me a new world – you made me a MOM for the first time.

Thank you for being a good girl and for always listening to mama and papa. I love you and your sister so much! (And I’m so emotional right now, I’m crying as I write this post… Hormones! Hahaha!)

You may not have the grandest birthday ever again, but believe me, the world is celebrating always for your existence.

I pray that Allah will always keep you and your sister safe.

~Love Mama & Papa