Mercedes Grill



I’m thinking of what to buy for my loving husband on Father’s day which is a week (I guess) away. Have I told you that a few months ago, Hubby got into an accident and it hit the front grill of our car? Well, the damage was not that bad, but you can see the effect of the damage if you’re looking at the grill sideways. The above photo was taken when we brought our car for a road trip during it’s first week with us as it’s new owner. So now since father’s day approaching fast, Hubby’s looking into the idea of having it repaired and exchanging it with a new design.


So I’m looking over and it’s fabulous designs for billet grills. He’s looking into a new design like the photo below. Not exactly the same design, but we’re hoping that we could find something that will fit our current grill.


imageor image


These types of designs are suitable with the one that we have. It’s a good thing that CARid offers different types of car accessories that you can find online. Now whenever we want something done with our car, we check out their site. Aside from affordable prices that they offer, you can look for all types of car accessories starting off from Acura to Volvo. A great way to value your time in one click.


This is the first idea for his gift. The second one is looking for some car care products.


For my dad back home, I’m thinking of replacing our grill guard and molded step boards too. My dad is using Toyota. And our car has been in service for us since 1999. It’s about time to dress it up.


So now, I’m off to saving a lot for the big Daddy day ahead.

Wood Dash Kit

IMG_3080Hubby wants to change the wood dash kit of our car. So right now, I’m browsing again some great designs over to check on the latest luxury designs they have. I’m looking over the Mercedes dash kits they have which I believe one of the best dash kits I’ve ever seen so far. Hubby agrees on it too. offers all types of car accessories that you can find online. They have all types of dash kits you could find, start off with wood dash kit up to synthetic wood type of dash kit. Well, Hubby opt to get to a classy one. So we’re calling up toll free at 1-800-505-DASH to get more information on it. I hope he can decide as to what to what to avail since I’ll be looking after for some wind deflectors and xenon lights too – for my dad.

A Car Story

There was one time Hubby and I ordered food in a nearby fast food chain on the way home. Julia was in the midst of being on the negative side already, meaning she’s getting on her I’m-in-a-bad-mood state of behavior. I was sitting at the back when I asked my husband to pass on the fries for me to transfer Julia’s attention to. When the car turned on a hard right turn 2 blocks away from our street, the drinks fell off the floor mats of the our car.


So the desperate husband who so loves his car was now in a bad mood. Good thing we have the floor mats to protect some essential parts of the car. Hubby told me that there are so many accessories you need to put up inside our car. Aside from the additional looks that it’ll bring, it will give more protection to it. Right now our “Angel” have new mat on it because of what recently happened to the old one. Hubby’s looking for other accessories like dash kits, cargo liners and since it’ll be a rainy season in the Philippines soon, we’re on a search as well for a cheap wind deflectors for my dad. I’m checking right now some stuffs online for it, hope I can get a good deal. I came across Car ID and it’s various products being offered. I’ll be showing this to my husband to order to select the types of accessories he preferred to get.