246/365 – Hipstamatic

DAY 246

My friend Shey has been talking about this application for over a week over Twitter already. And I myself have been wanting to download this app as well, but good thing they have an offer right now for only $1.99 for download. So here’s my first test shot today on the way to the office for our weekly meeting. I’m not yet familiar with the settings but this one ended up pretty good. I’m loving this app too same like her now, hehe!

Comment on Sourcebits.com Review

I’m using an iPhone 3Gs and I may say that I’m addicted to all the apps available in the Apple store. Because of these reviews and experience with Apple products, as a graduation gift for my niece, I’m planning to give her one of those iPod and download a lot of iPod App on it. Great review by the way, thanks for sharing this for us.

My Rainbow Collection

35395_405764179437_775324437_4155193_4540085_n copy

I received this package from a friend who helped me ordered it online. Thanks to Diane for helping me out with this order. What I will do with it? I’ll sell it of course… joke! Just an added collection for my iPhone. I’m using the yellow right now and I think I’ll be using a different color by next week.

iPad Lover

The iPad is here!


My first impression was, it’s big! And it’s handy of course. But in my opinion, it’s not practical enough for a user like me to buy this gadget. It’s more on a I WANT IT not the I NEED IT device.


Day 104 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 104


I don’t want to disappoint you guys, I know that iPad now a days is one of the hottest gadgets in town. And it’s really a good one, but it’s not really practical enough for a typical person like me who spend more than 12hours online. I guess, a person who’s always on the go and is really in need of accessing his online thing, iPad is good to go. I hope that they can have the flash application ready for this though. If that’s the case, Facebook users will definitely but this in order to stay online with their FB games, haha! You need to learn more if you want to know the product and to maximize it’s uses. I love my iPhone but in the end, all of us has it’s own points of views in life. Buy it or not, it’s still an Apple product so in the end, I still love it.

iPhone Apps – Games

I love Apple Store!!!

Since FB games is not on my list, I find myself addicted now to iPhone games. Yesterday I just downloaded again another games name “Chocolate”. And I’m loving every phase of the game. It made me pissed of because I’m getting a perfect score though. Just reached round 9 and from then on I can’t have a perfect score.

It’s so hard not to mention that I’m just on the Easy level. Ugh! What more if I shifted to like Medium or Hard category. Don’t like to think about it – not now.

I’m done with Farm Frenzy, Diner Dash, Cooking Dash and Tower Bloxx. It’s time to clear up another record for Chocolate.