I. Am. Maryam.

For some people, they call be my Muslim name “Maryam” which I believe is a very beautiful name. But ever since I started blogging, I got use to type my nickname which a lot of offline and online friends know, which is Jhari. But then again, I embrace and respect it as well because it brought me back to where I should be. My friends over the Islamic Centre calls me by this name. I have to get used to it though. It’s an honor to be named after a very special person in our history of religion. Maryam by the way is translated in English as Mary.

LO214 – Maryam

One Hawt Mama by Stolen Moments
Garden Variety by Zoliofrope

Before ScrapMatters closes, I took the opportunity to work with Stolen Moment’s kit “One Hawt Mama” kit. So there’s my layout.

Migraine Attack

Last night reminded me that being pregnant saved me from one of my weaknesses. I was free of migraine for the last 8 months. I was experiencing a slight headache, but a paracetamol like Panadol and Biogesic can take the pain away easily. But last night, my biggest fear came back.

I started to feel pain at my nape then running up to my forehead and down to my t-zone area. I thought it’s just signs of a possible cold since I’ve been sneezing as well for the last few days. But I was wrong. I wasn’t able to sleep last night because Lily had a hard time sleeping. So me and Hubby was awake the whole night. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I had a migraine yesterday.

I threw up for like 6x. I tried to shake it off by sleeping, but when I woke up, it got worst.

I tried eating, but it was no use. It went out again obviously :(

I tried eating watermelon – thinking that since it’s something cold it might give me a boost, but then again, I threw up.

As of this time, I feel much better now. 3 tabs of Extra Panadol, 1 Biogesic and 1 Zumigraine – yeah, got addicted to drugs last night. I was in a hurry to be okay because I was shy for Hubby to look over our two kids alone. Lily’s a little bit fussy and the big sister wants to be the center of attention ever since her little sister was born. Thank God Alhamdulillah for having a husband who has a long patience with kids. He was able to look over them while I was trembling with pain. Anyway, I do hope that the next migraine attack will not be soon. I’m not yet ready for it.

Random Updates

I’m sorry for not updating. As you know, I’m currently on a job hunt these past few days. I need to use my free time searching jobs online. Since I’m still working and my last day for work will take effect 1st week of next month, I can’t go and apply as walk-in applicant, so for now, I’m searching the ads online. I’ve already submitted my resume for like 30x already for X companies. It doesn’t matter if the company can give a good compensation – right now, my focus is to find a fixed working schedule, a work that I can improve my self more, and a work that God wants me to use my knowledge and apply it on. I lift it up to him already. While submitting my applications, I always seek his guidance and always ask or rather say – LET HIS WILL BE DONE. If the job is mine, he’ll do miracle for it to be mine – it not, then carry on, and search again.

I haven’t told my dad about me quitting my job – which by the way I’ve hold for 4 years. But I’m sure mom informed him already because I called in this morning to check on them. But sometimes, we really have to let go of something which I believe is not mine anymore. I’m coming home for the past few months un-ease, stressed, angry and most of all, not in the mood AT ALL. Good thing my husband is here to stand as the punching bag every now then. He’s catching all my complains in life. But in the end, he puts an end to it and just say “Pray sweety… time will come…” – I know what he means by that. Sigh…

Sorry for turning on the rant mode again. Anyway, I’ll be updating within this week, I promise. I need to publish my 365 days project. 94 photos to go! Hooray!

I need as well to push my self to make an invitation for baby J’s 2nd birthday. Time is running fast. Insha Allah God willing, I’ll run by scrapping mojo too. For now, please say a little prayer for me as I search for a new career path. Thank you!

Best Acne Treatment


The two photos above are the photos that I myself can’t believe that I’m actually looking at myself.

During my first 6 months here in Qatar. I really don’t know how it happened but it’s was like every morning is a nightmare for me. As I prepare for work and will look up in the mirror, there’s this tiny little circle that will form in all parts of my face. It all start of in my cheeks, then on my forehead. 2007 was the worst of all. My wedding day was a disaster. But I’m thankful and blessed that even during my ugliest days, Hubby loved me as I am. Awww…

So I gathered some information for the best acne treatments I could find in the market and did some researched too as to what to buy and what to consider first.

The result as you can see was a success. Early 2008, my pimple face started to heal and apparently left some scars, but it’s okay for me rather than having those red circles around my face. And again 2008, I was chubbier then because on this photo I was 5 months pregnant carrying Julia. So in 2009 and up to now, I still maintain the medicines I took before and the rest is history. I’m so thankful for those medicines I took.  So don’t loose hope my dear lads. If I were able to do it, so can you.

Girl’s Day Out

I’m excited to go out this afternoon with girlfriend Mojo. We’re planning to have a day out + baby sitting too *insert a big grin here, at the Mall. Hubby’s at work the whole day so I asked Mojo if he can like come with me to the salon to have my hair fixed, repaired, treated – I can’t describe any adjective to say for the condition that my hair has right now. For all I know is that, I need it fixed.


Hopefully, by the end of this day, I can say “Finally! Welcome me with my new dressed, repaired, fixed, not curly hair anymore hair!” haha!