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My mind is far far off since the start of this month. For so many reasons and all I can think is to be positive about it.

April has been a challenging month. First off was when Julia was scheduled for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. We were thinking that we can do the operation next year, but we were told to do as soon as possible. And so we did. Everything fall into place. The date of operation, the insurance’s approval and so does the dates of her absence in the school was approved as well. So we are so thankful for that.

Another thing was a week of Hubby’s travel to Buraydah and then to Tabuk. I survived a week of bringing Julia to school and fetching her with the help Hubby’s co-workers. Otherwise, I could’ve been so tan right now. It’s getting hot in here and as the temperature rises, so does the heat of the air.

Mers-Cov is everywhere. Thank God no reports of casualties here in Rabigh.

We turned 7 years last 19th. Alhamdulillah!

And there’s a lot lot lot of great news received this month. I’m so overwhelmed that my heart sometimes stop beating and trying to wake up if I’m dreaming or not.

And for that, I’ve been thinking all night worrying. But I know in my heart that Allah knows best and he’ll provide. To him we turn and trust that our fate is with him alone.

How about you guys? I hope April is as good as yours. An awesome month it is.


  1. rania says:

    hi ,, hru :) ,,, my name is rania and i ll move form jeddah to rabigh soon. hope to find some cool and good friends there ,, hope to meet u and get to know u.. if u allow may u contact me ??
    best wishes

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