Julie and Julia

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Say hi to my girls, Julie and Julia. We named our youngest Julie because of our eldest Julia (sounds crazy right?). Well, we came up with Julia because my husband is the one who recommended it. Well, I’m a fan of Julia Roberts ever since so I said it’s fine with me to name our eldest Julia – instead of Judy or Jody which my MIL was trying to suggest. I’m not a fan of Juday LOL! Duh!

When we found out that we’re having another girl, it wasn’t that hard to choose another name. Julie & Julia the movie got released 2009 so I suggested that it would be nice to have two girls named alike. And Julie Andrews and Amy Adamas (the one who acted as Julie over the movie) again is one of my favorites. So I told hubby, his suggestion is another go go for me.

So there you are, that’s how we come up naming our girls. We have a name for a boy already. It’s a tradition to name him after his grandfather, so if Julie would have been a boy, it’ll be Hisham.

Julie and Julia

I created this layout using the kit below.
A Tree is Nice by Brook Magee
A digital scrapbooking kit by Brook Magee, A Tree is Nice brings early signs of spring and all things primitive and oh so refreshing! This kit invites you to go back to the basics, retell memories of being with the family and share your stories of frolicking in nature. A Tree is Nice is in refreshing shades of green, navy, turquoise, and cream. This kit has lots of references to nature and a variety of doodled trees, and more references to family and going back to your roots. Create memories by enjoying the simple things that life brings and share your everyday simple stories!
And here’s the template that I used.
Brook's Templates - Singleton 03 - Family Showcase
A digital scrapbooking template pack by Brook Magee. This layered template is great for scrapbooking your memories with ease and style. Templates can be used multiple times to create a variety of unique layouts for your scrapbook albums. Just switch out papers, photos, and add your own special touches!

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